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iFanboy #35 – Comic Books About History

Show Notes

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. But learning history is not so bad with these books. This week, Josh, Ron, and Conor are talking about comic books based on real life history. ‘Ain’t none of that made up, flyin’ around, space alien crap in this one; just good old fashioned, “tell it like it was” real life stories done on a comic book page.

Come on in for Stagger Lee, Fax from Sarajevo, Project X: Challengers – Cup Noodle and more.

And that show is… history! Hello…? Is this thing on?

If you like history like we do, check out some of these books. They won’t do you wrong, baby!


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  1. Ron is out of control!

  2. This episode is going to cost me a lot of money because I want to read just about everything you guys talked about and the only one I have is Torso

  3. DARRELL!!!!! WHOO HOO!!! At last, we meet…at last….

    Oh, and of course I am leaving here to go to Amazon to get “Stagger Lee.” Being from Missouri, it’s gonna still be educational. Yet, the only version of the song I remember is from the ’50s by Lloyd Price.

    So, after watching this show… is THIS the real reason Josh went to Ireland? To escape the madness for a bit?

    Seriously, great show!

  4. This episode could not have been more timely. My wife is writing a paper for her grad English class on historical graphic novels. We’re getting all of those!

  5. I said it before once and i will say it again here, and at an appropriate time considering Josh’s recent trip. “Ireland: a Graphic History” is amazing, it is as the title suggests the complete story of Ireland from the time of the early celts to 1994. The art is kinda wooden but it gets the work done and Will Eisner himself worked on it as well.

  6. Hey! My drawing of you guys made it into the end credits! I’m quite happy with that.

  7. Great show, I couldnt agree more about the diversity of comics. Its books like these I want to give to people in my family who scoff at my enthusiasm for the medium.

    I’d love to see you guys do a show on Matt Wagner, particularly the Grendel books. Hunter Rose, Christine Spar, and the following incarnations of Grendel are outstanding anti-hero stories.

  8. Great show guys!

    As a space buff, I really liked ‘First In Space’ by James Vining. A great, great read…

    And who doesn’t love a monkey in space…

  9. I just bought a premium plan on godaddy… Thanks for the 10% Discount…

  10. HOLY HELL! Your Invincible TPBs are cheap as chips! I paid $35-40 per trade!!! and I’m missing two 🙁 but I have the singles

  11. which were $10 each…. and that was only because I buy a ton of comics at a time, they’re usually like $12-14

    damn New Zealand prices

  12. huh…. and I posted those in the wrong topic…

  13. That was Darrell? No way– The only book I’ve checked out was Cup Noodle but the others look fantastic, I’ve got a list of required reading now. Dug it when Conor came out and said “I love comics…” because I was feeling that right then just from hearing about these books. I remember as a boy, reading Wizard, seeing ads for Fax From Sarajevo and realizing I didn’t know they made comics like that. I feel like I’ve missed something having not read it now. I mean where else is that story told? It seems like a really important book.

  14. I’m with cormano, all these books sound fantastic!

    But what was up with Ron???… Seriously, he was like a child dizzy on lemonade!

  15. It was a case of Bizarro world, or more accurately, Beerzarro world.

    Bottle full – Ron dizzy. Conor not.
    Bottle empty – Conor dizzy. Ron not.


  16. Great episode. I love these books, well the ones I’ve read anyway.

    Are you guys falling into the product placement trap? Don’t whore yourselves out to Sam Adams it’s not worth it.

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