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iFanboy #33 – WizardWorld Chicago 2007

Show Notes

All good things must come to an end, and so as the summer comic book convention season wraps up, Ron and Gordon the Intern bring you a report from the floor of Wizard World Chicago. Despite the lack of Booth Babes and the smaller convention floor (not to mention the ominously low black ceiling), the iFanboys have a chat with…

  • J. Scott Campbell (Spider-Man)
  • Sean McKeever (Countdown)
  • Jann Jones (Editor, DC Comics)
  • Art Baltazar & Franco Aureliani (Tiny Titans)
  • Tony Moore (Fear Agent)
  • Mark Millar (The Ultimates)

We couldn’t have had a better time closing out the summer conventions than at WizardWorld Chicago. Gordon the Intern and Ron had a blast. Did you go to WizardWorld Chicago? Anything wacky happen to you while at the con?


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  1. Great episode guys! I missed both cons but WW looks more my kind of thing, not so hectic. Gordon’s glaring disappointment at the lack of booth babes was hilarious (though understandable).

    But – and this is a big one – The Dark Knight only went to one convention this year and that was WW… why no Batman goodness????

  2. Dueling Didio’s. Brilliant. They should have their own podcast.

  3. I’ve literally just started to watch it but I had to comment already. GENIUS choice of opening music!

  4. Great show as always guys! Thanks.

  5. Great show guys! I’ll have to say that I am really stoked for that new Shazam title! I loved Herobear and the Kid soooo much, so I’m excited to see what this develops into. Can’t wait.

  6. How come the latest Episode isnt linked on your website? I found episode 34, Pool on the Revision site just because I was wondering why there wasnt any show this last week.

  7. Umm… it’s right there on the main page…

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