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iFanboy #32 – San Diego Comic-Con 2007: Brian Wood & Cory Doctorow

Show Notes

Behold! With San Diego as the backdrop two astounding writers in their respective fields, Brian Wood (of indie and Vertigo fame) and Cory Doctorow (of Sci-Fi and Boing Boing fame), come together to discuss Brian’s Vertigo series DMZ, creator rights, science fiction and a little bit of politics. Only iFanboy can bring you such a momentous meeting of titans such as this.

This was probably my favorite moment from San Diego this year. Both Brian and Cory are super cool and super talented guys and the discussion that we had was just the tip of the iceberg that we could have had, had we had more time. As I edited it this, I thought of so many more questions I could have asked them, but I guess I’ll have to wait until next time we can get these two together.

Here are some links to their works, I strongly urge you check them out!

Brian Wood:
Cory Doctorow:


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  1. Words fail me. You’vw just earned yourself a $100 donation. Fantastic job gents.

  2. Can you fix the download links on this episode? As when I downloaded the episode using the WMV format small I got episode 31 Diego instead of 32.


    Matthew (aka the guy who hates Citizen Kane & loves the Godfather.)

  3. Matthew –
    We sent a note to Revision3 to see if we can get the WMV format fixed – so stay tuned, in the meantime, try watching the flash or downloading another format and accept our apologies…


  4. All better now. Thanks for your patience guys.

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