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iFanboy #31 – San Diego Comic-Con 2007 (Part Two)

Show Notes

It’s the one convention too big to be contained in one episode! It’s part two of the San Diego Comic-Con extravaganza, featuring…

  • Adam Hughes (All-Star Wonder Woman)
  • Rich Koslowski (The King)
  • Kurt Busiek (Superman)
  • Joss Whedon (Astonishing X-Men)
  • Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese)
  • Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram)
  • Dave Stewart (Hellboy)
  • Jeph Loeb (Wolverine)
  • Joe Casey (Godland)

Plus convention survival tips and Gordon the Intern! If you missed the first part, it’s right here.

Okay! That’s it! Nothing more to see here. We’re all done with conventions for a while (Except WizardWorld Chicago — coming soon!). If there’s any chance that there’s anything else to say about this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, now’s the time.

Thanks to everyone for talking to us this year, and we had a fantastic time.


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  1. i SO called this

  2. Thanks guys for another great video. It’s very funny how during the Jeph Loeb interview Conor is in the background walking back and forth, looming like a shark…

  3. i SO called this

    How’s that rocket science going?


  4. Cheers guys. As always, a fantastic show. Its so great for us fanboys out in europe who don’t get to go to the big U.S. conventions to get a glimpse and a feel of what the con is like. I for one really appreciate what you do, keep up the good work. Hopefully see you there in 2009. Thats the plan anyway!

  5. Man, that Gillen guy talks forever, huh? 😀

  6. I looked, and thought, “that’s kinda rude – oh.”

    I guess you can say it.

  7. He’d say it anyway, because he’s a complete shit.


  8. We’d get a lot more traffic if you guys really decided to air all your grievances publicly on our website. So if you’re ever feeling upset with each other, and would rather passive aggressively fight, please feel free to do it here.

  9. That was an awesome show guys, thanks a lot.

    I can’t even begin to conceive what sort of rotten cesspool of smells that you were all experiencing, Might I suggest an oxygen mask next time if it really is as bad as it is made out 😉

  10. The last con we went to, we had to go to different days because we can’t stand to be around each other anymore.

    Thanks for interviewing us, by the way. That was fun.

  11. Hooray for battling Brits! Phonogram was incredible.

    I’m with daved and confused, really appreciate your hard work to let us see what a con is really like… looks a bit like being at Glastonbury, but with less fresh air!

    Good work guys!

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