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iFanboy #3 – Viewer Mail: What is a Trade Paperback?

Show Notes

This week iFanboy dips into the mail bag and pulls out an e-mail from the snowy, mysterious land known only as Canada. Can the iFanboys answer the questions brought forth from the north? Is a square a rhombus or is a rhombus a square? They can never remember.

What comics would you recommend for new readers? Do you prefer single issues or trade paperbacks? Is a square a rhombus or is a rhombus a square?


Get Involved

Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. Widescreen. That’s hillarious.

  2. Wisconsin’s not in Canada? By the way, the thread was closed before I could respond. Jimski, did you say that you were well satisfied on a Wednesday afternoon by Spider-Ham and the Black Panther? At the same time?

  3. Wisconsin’s not in Canada?

    I an NOT Canadian.

  4. You’ve got a damned forum to go off topic in now! So hey, how about that video show?

    I’m so hunchy!

  5. HA!
    I may be lots of things but Canadian? You must be joking.

    Just finished the video by the way. nice. I liked the batman family cover montage(probably the wrong word)

  6. absolutely the right word. We would have also accepted collage.

  7. that was my second choice

  8. Downloading the video now, but where is the forum where we can go off topic?

    Josh, you are loved. This is a circle of acceptance. There are no bullies or judgement here.

  9. Right up top of the website there is a link for the forums under “FORUMS”.

    Or you can go here: http://www.revision3.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=20

  10. Is it off-topic to ask where the place is where we can go off-topic?

  11. I’m Canadian

  12. Good show-I liked, and agreed with the point about just picking up a book if you are interested in it and going for it. I think there is too much anxiety surrounding continuity and if you listen to some of the comics commentary out there (not ifanboy!) out there they act is if reading a title without knowing everything isn’t even allowed. “trade waiting” is boring, just jump on a weekly title and have fun…these are comic books after all.

  13. Yeah, the montage was impressive. The globe tossing was cool. Gordon, well, he was silly, but funny. You guys have great video skills. I am very jealous.

    That is exactly how I describe the difference between trades and graphic novels. Trades are reprintings of serial issues that are collected together. A graphic novel is a work written to read as a whole, not in parts and not in addition to anything else. Basically, trades are reprints and a graphic novel is written to be presented as one chunk of material. That is my own personal definition. However, what mucks up that explanation is that a lot of works were published as issues or strips just so they would have an audience. Like Maus, which was a strip in a magazine called Funny Animals (I think?).

    Anyway, great episode guys.

  14. Good show, men. As always, the work was fun and high quality.

    it made me wonder, if ifanboy was Spinal Tap who would each of you be? Conor gave a weird Nigel stare at one point–or I thought he was going to go full metal jacket and kill Josh and Ron. that kind of thing would ruin ifanboy for me.

    Great fun–keep it up.

  15. Great show as usual guys.

    It’s been a stressful day so it was nice to have something to listen to while tracking down the source of issues. (I’m on pager duty this week for my company’s websites.)

  16. I could see Conor as Nigel
    Josh is totally David St. Hubbins
    so I guess that makes me Derek Smalls, but taller

  17. Gordon the intern is Artie Fufkin.

  18. I tried to watch the video on my Nintendo Wii through their Internet program but they said I need QuickTime. Do you guys plan maybe to post like some web sites are doing a Wii accessible version of the video?

  19. Once again guys ..wicked awesome podcast…Josh you do seem slightly nervous, everything alright?

  20. tried to watch the video on my Nintendo Wii through their Internet program but they said I need QuickTime. Do you guys plan maybe to post like some web sites are doing a Wii accessible version of the video?

    I don’t know what will work on the Wii but there are actually several versions including avi of the file at revision3

  21. I don’t know what will work on the Wii but there are actually several versions including avi of the file at revision3

    Fred is correct. QuickTime, Windows Media, Theora, XVid, all here:


  22. You do realize that the link on the main page onto Revision 3 leads you to last weeks episode right?

  23. Great show fellas. The asterisk (did I spell that right?) bit was great.

    Are you accepting applications for summer internships? 🙂

  24. Aaron – The Wii browser should be able to handle flash, are you able to click play on the show on this page or over at Rev3? http://revision3.com/ifanboy/canada – e-mail me directly and let me know and if not we can work on getting it to work on the Wii for you!

    JGG – Fixed that link – thanks for catching it, as Gordon said in the beginning, things have been a bit crazy over here

  25. Hey, I just finished watching the third video podcast… Don’t worry guys nobody bats a thousand.

  26. Great show keep it up. But i mean ontario is only a few hours from new york, common, A GLOBE? that makes me so angry i can punch a wall, and i can do that ’cause if i hurt my hand i have free health care! just kidding, love the show, oh and a great book for new readers, Iron fist!it’s only three issues in and it’s such a great action book

  27. Wednesday is starting to be my favorite day…. 🙂

  28. Great video guys. The outtakes at the end are always funny. This week Ron looked like he was asleep.

  29. An extra reason to look forward to Wednesdays, and it’s free. You guys are the best.

    As for this week’s content:

    -I can certainly understand how someone could be saying, “‘Trade’? What the hell is a ‘trade’?” here and now, but I know that term has been in use in the biz since I was 12 years old. I’ve been buying trades since Claremont and Miller’s “Wolverine” in the eighties. I don’t really know why I’m saying so; I guess that hearing it explained like it was revolutionary made me feel like I woke up on a different planet.

    I am quite old.

    -I 137% agree that comics shops are often run like a clubhouse, but I also believe that generally comics shop employees are devout cultists looking for converts. Even if your Comic Book Guy hates every Big 2 book you read, if a newbie walked in and said, “Hi, I don’t know anything about your comical-books,” he would immediately leap into action and articulately sell his favorites.

  30. Another fun vidcast, guys. Quick obligatory geek response: Ron, you are incorrect, sir. A square is in fact a rhombus, but a rhombus isn’t necessarily a square. A rhombus is a 4-sided shape wherein all sides are equal. A square is a rhombus that contains a right angle.

    Whoo, glad to get that out of my system. Heh heh. Wherein.

  31. Good job, good job… are those Degas paintings hanging on the wall? You guys must be rich!

  32. Yes, those are Degas*. We bought them with all of the donations from last year.

    *No, those are not Degas.

  33. Josh you do seem slightly nervous, everything alright?

    Did you see the look on Conor’s face? He’s like man-rage personified. Sure it looks like it’s fun, but the set is run like a military prison.

    Jimski, you’d be shocked if you knew how many emails we’ve gotten asking about basic stuff like that. We can’t all be as erudite as you, ya know.

  34. Well, we can’t all be so wise. And by “be so wise,” I mean “sleep with an actual lady.”

    Seriously, though, “trade paperback” is not cuckoo-crazytalk.

  35. 1. Third video down and I still get exited by the animated intro… who did that?.

    2.Ron was pretty much the star in episode 3. As Josh was on the previous one, and conor was in number 1 with his “gargantuan” books

    3. Speaking of asterix…have you ever read asterix, tin tin, corto maltese or any of those european comics. They

  36. Josh you do seem slightly nervous, everything alright?

    Josh didn

  37. I’ve watched the vid again..and I just stated the obvious…del! no more posts until sunday.

  38. Did you see the look on Conor’s face?

    The looks on Conor’s face make the video for me. They’re great. I won’t dissect all the different ones and why they amuse me because I’m sure it would make him feel awkward. Seriously awesome though.

    Don’t worry guys nobody bats a thousand.

    Geez tell em how you really feel why don’t ya?

  39. Josh tired? Depressed? Nervous? Or maybe just having a “Macy Gray Moment to Myself” on Video… Conor, afraid the globe might be thrown when he’s not looking?

    I would say the best answer to the question featured on the video is just listen to ifanboy’s weekly podcast. After a while, people get to know what they’d probably like and what to buy, especially since the Josh-Ron-Conor combo are a good mix of various views and opinions. Although there’s always the spoiler warning, ifanboys have a great way of discussing the merits/demerits of a book that goes well beyond this or that little plot twist or question of continuity.

    And “what’s a trade vs. graphic novel” is probably just asking “Is this a complete story or is there a major cliffhanger at the end?” and “How many do I have to buy to get a reasonably complete story?” (Mostly 1, New Frontiers 2, others maybe 4, ask at the shop or check on Amazon).

    That’s how I’ve bought my books, and I’d say the worst I’ve experienced based on ifanboy recommendations is a “Yeah, that was pretty decent, but that was GREAT.”

    “Geez tell em how you really feel why don’t ya?”

    OK, if that’s an open invitation, I will. Great to see what Gordon the Intern looks like on video, I bet he has a mighty fine lady at home, Jimski. Just that. Oh, and the Midnighter could kick Wolverine’s ass before going home to Apollo. That’s about it.

  40. Is it weird people are complaining more about the iFanboy mannerisms than the actual content? The guys should take solace in the fact that the content is so good, all we have to complain about is the way they look, talk, and act on screen.

    I think this is site, the podcast, and the videos are kick ass since I’m the only one in my group of friends that reads these addictive bundles of paper. Keep up the good work.

  41. Great to see what Gordon the Intern looks like on video, I bet he has a mighty fine lady at home, Jimski.

    Are you saying you’ve never watched Gordon the Intern’s starmaking turns in the two San Deigo Con videos??

  42. I do have a mighty fine lady at home.

  43. Oh, I saw the San Diego Con videos, and I think the reason people love the new Revision3 ones and shower you guys with complements is because the production values and presentation is so much better, and we just love seeing you guys always in the process of turning out better and better stuff for us, for FREE!

    Any good actress or actor will tell you 80% of what makes them look so good on camera is lighting and camera angle. And I am one that appreciates full frontal……faces. As they say in show biz, “where’s my key light?”

  44. So, nobody’s telling me who did the intro??? Was it a joined effort?

  45. It’s in the credits!

  46. I do have a mighty fine lady at home.

    I can confirm that.

  47. Another fine episode guys, bravo, and thanks for the kind words about canada, and the calling out of jeff loeb or his anti-canuck wolverine, our nation one nation strong and free accepts you all.

  48. Gordon: But is she this mighty fine?
    Granted, a pretty high standard… I bet she’s lovely.

  49. Well – her only REAL flaw is that she does not have a French accent.

    And…she doesn’t have any super powers…but that’s maybe better!

  50. Episode two showed us that you guys are awesome at interviews. You should use them more. Like in this episode. It would have been hilarious if had gone to Canada in interview people. You could have asked them to define tpbs and stuff.

    Thoughts for the future. You guys are doing awesome.

  51. “And…she doesn’t have any super powers…but that’s maybe better!”

    There’s a topic for discussion — what super power in a significant other would be the most intimidating or just plain scary? I would love to read people’s comments on that.

    I am a real sucker for the “Dark Angel” (or) “Alias” TV show formula where the woman is all bad ass kick ass, and the guy is like this sweet, modest tech guy that runs her operations from the home computer. Puts the fight and fury in women, and the gentleman, sweet and romatic in the man. Nice combo. Even Buffy had that dynamic, though in different forms — I liked it there too.

    But I would NEVER date a telepath. Recipe for major trouble. The wife in “Heroes” is all “Oh, you can read my mind, how cool” but that’s baloney. Most women would be very skiddish around a man that could read her thoughts…..

  52. That is–without possible arguement aganinst–the most scary super power in a spouse or significant other–mind reading. Not even because you might lie or something.

    But who needs your wife or girlfriend upset every time ‘bitch’ flutters through your mind–or something liek that.

    I’d much rather she have she-hulk strength.

    I wouldn’t want to read her mind either. That is a recipe for divorce.

  53. Like in this episode. It would have been hilarious if had gone to Canada in interview people.

    I think you have a grave misunderstanding of our production budget and schedule.

  54. What Josh is trying to say is….just donate money. ; – )

  55. I think it would take a whole other kind of donation to make that kind of segment possible.

  56. like a kidney?

  57. I do have to say that I am not on the list of people that have actaully purchased a comic book. But I am learning lots from the expresive looks on the pod casts. And I just recently got the sound back so now I’m learning even more this week watching them all over! I live near Portland OR, do you think you’ll ever come this way or to Seattle?

  58. always wanted to go to Canada

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