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iFanboy #277 – Kieron Gillen of ‘Young Avengers’, ‘Iron Man’, and ‘Three’ at New York Comic Con 2012

Show Notes

In our last interview of New York Comic Con 2012, we snag one of our favorite Brits — Kieron Gillen!

Even though he was without his long time collaborator Jamie McKelvie, that didn’t stop Gillen from talking about their new book at Marvel, Young Avengers, as well as providing an update on the much awaited third volume of Phonogram. In addition to Young Avengers, Gillen has taken over the writing duties on Iron Man, where we can look forward to many different versions of armor. Finally, Gillen tells us about his next creator owned project at Image Comics, Three, with artist Ryan Kelly.

New York Comic Con 2012 was a blast and we hope you enjoyed our coverage!


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  1. Why, when I download this and 276 in Downcast on IOS, do I just get a 1 second video that says I can only view the video in the Blip player? What is going on here? Preventing people from using the podcasting app of their choice is not a good thing.

  2. Ever since I read his work in Journey Into Mystery and Uncanny X-men I have been all over him. Great job spotlighting an great author.

  3. I love iron man 3 dug the Trevor twist

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