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iFanboy #27 – Chris Eliopoulos and Comic Book Lettering

Show Notes

Sure, in the world of comic books, writers and artists get all the headlines — but who REALLY makes a comic book come together? The letterer, that’s who! And when you think great comic book letterers, you probably think Chris Eliopoulos.

In this episode, iFanboy visits one of the industry’s premiere person of letters to find out how he got into the business, how a comic is actually lettered, and to talk about his own comic book creations. So come join us as we roll up our sleeves and get kerning.

I bet everyone here reads a book this guy letters or has letters. It may not be as glamorous as the art or writing, but we think it’s pretty darn interesting.


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  1. Absolutely brilliant episode, lads! As someone fairly new to comics (last 2-3 years) I found this really fascinating. And what decent and really cool guy. Kudos to you, Ron, for conducting a really insightful interview.

    I was wondering how far ahead these episodes are filmed. Obviously, for Cons they must pretty recent, but for interviews like this how much time and planning goes into them?

    Bonus question (to quote Connor): Are there any plans to release a collection of these video podcasts on DVD and sell them through the site? I know I’d buy them!

    Good work again, fellas, you keep outdoing yourselves!

  2. That was a good one. You guys are getting connections. What I want to know is when will that comic that he was working on be out? I will really be cool to get the book after having seen it being created.

  3. Hey guys,

    Just want to make a comment on something that Chris said during the interview. He mentioned that he doesn’t understand how Social Services hasn’t visited the FF regarding Franklin’s welfare yet. Truth is, they have! Check out Fantastic Four #533 – #535. They were part of the prequel issues to the Planet Hulk saga.

    Just a tidbit of info for you all,


    That is one of my biggest pet peeves with comics lettering–especially in display/title uses. Prime example: see the title pages for the new Silver Surfer series. The L and the V in Silver are improperly kerned, and I wonder why the hell no one sees that. Drives me nuts.

    Like the iFanboy logo on the Web site banner. It’s better on the vidcasts, thank you very much. (Hey, it’s my job to obsess over these things.)

  5. Oh trust me – the logo bugs me too – and I created the graphics – I just haven’t had the time to go and fix it all…sigh…maybe after SD.

  6. That episode was sick. Very insightful on the modern lettering process. Plus, Augie as the butler. Whenever Augie shows up it makes me laugh, no matter how brief. It’s like the Ifanboy version of where’s Waldo. Look for him in the NYC comic con cast. He did an interview, but he also pops into frame when Ron, and Conor are wrapping the show up, and quickly descends some magical staircase. I was there. I saw no such staircase.

  7. That was a really really cool episode, thanks alot guys, always interesting to find out about the behind the scenes in the making of comics, and I’m sure many of us out here never even think twice about that poor ol’ letterer toiling away…. good reality check for comic creator wannabes too



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