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iFanboy #268 – Jason Aaron of ‘Scalped’, ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’, and ‘Thor: God of Thunder’ at New York Comic Con 2012

Show Notes


Ever wonder what lies beyond the beard? Wait no more in this exclusive and unfiltered interview with one of Marvel’s top writers.

At New York Comic Con, we tricked Jason Aaron to coming by our booth and held him hostage for nearly 30 minutes! First up Josh chats about the end of Scalped and what Jason’s learned in his 6 years as a comic book writer. They also discuss what we can expect from his upcoming run on Thor: God of Thunder at Marvel as well as hints of MORE CREATOR OWNED work to come!

Then Ron taps in and the interview takes a turn, as Jason is confronted for the role he played on the writing team of Avengers Vs. X-Men and is called out for what they did to Cyclops. You may be surprised by some of Jason’s comments about what this means for the X-Men. Then Ron turns the screws on Jason about Broo in Wolverine and The X-Men as well as Kitty Pryde, and all joking aside, we get a pretty good idea of what Jason and Nick Bradshaw have planned for the future of the series.

Finally, Jason talks about why he enjoyed MorrisonCon so much and what he enjoys out of attending conventions.

Huge thanks to Jason Aaron for putting up with us and Ron’s insane questions.


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  1. great episode guys!

  2. That was tons of fun to watch. What a stand-up guy. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed averything he’s written, and for the first time ever, I’m really excited to read Thor. That says a lot. Well done, fellas.

  3. Really looking forward to this but before I watch it, are there any spoilers for the final arc of Scalped?

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