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iFanboy #26 – HeroesCon 2007

Show Notes

And in the woods of North Carolina, there were Heroes. So Ron, Josh, and Conor packed up, and headed to Charlotte for this year’s Heroes Convention. And they talked to…

  • Rick Remender
  • Matt Fraction
  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Eric Powell
  • Skottie Young
  • Laura Martin

And they feasted. And there was a mustache, and it was pencil thin. And they rejoiced.

Did you make it out to Charlotte? Do you think you might go in the future? Do you have any good convention stories? Do you like lemonade? Tell us about it.


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  1. That was such a fun con. I just wish WW LA wasn’t going on the same weekend. My wife even gave blood, although it was just an excuse to get out of the DC panel.

  2. That guy had an eye patch! That guy had an eye patch!

  3. BBQ, Dairy Queen, and Comics…mmm…

    Good times, good times…

  4. The guy with the eye patch is Jimmy from Comic News Insider. He’d had surgery. Very good guy. Glad to meet him.

  5. I’ve never heard of Pirate News Insider. URL?

  6. I wonder if that website’s been “pirated”.

  7. it’s haaaaarghd to tell

  8. Alright, who else clicked? I clicked.

    I did check to make sure it wasn’t goatse first. That’s just instinct now.

  9. I also clicked

  10. Love it when the intro rolls long because you know its Con time. Great show, insightful interviews. Fraction was a lot of fun. People weren’t kidding with what they say, it looks like a great show to meet and chat with the creators.

  11. Great Show!

    I loved watching supergirl walking on the back while matt fraction was talking!.

    Ron, congratulations on the Statue.

  12. Guys, I seriously had just thought, “North Carolina–those guys need to get some BBQ.”–and then you did it. Good job.

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