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iFanboy #255 – Eric Stephenson, Publisher of Image Comics at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Show Notes

For the first time, we welcome Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson to the show.

Eric is heading up the third largest publishing company in comics, and they’ve gone about things in a very different way than Marvel and DC have. Focusing on creator-owned, and new creations, Image have forged a path that’s attracted many of the big stars of comics to do their own series.

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con saw the announcement of several new series for Image, including Lazarus from Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, as well as Satellite Sam from Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin. Throw in a huge number of other successes like Saga and The Walking Dead, and Image Comics is on an incredible roll. Stephenson has also been very vocal on the controversy of Before Watchmen, and we touch base with what he thinks about that.

All this and more, in a nice little chat down the pub.


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  1. Eric Stephenson? Or Ed Norton? You decide.

    Another great interview, Ron. I think you asked all the right questions. I’ve never heard Stephenson spout before, and I really enjoyed what he had to say. They obviously know what they’re doing over there, and it really filled me with hope to hear that almost everything he said echoes my own personal opinions on the state of the industry and where it should be going. He’s clearly a very smart guy, and seems like a savy businessman. Image is on a roll, and I can only hope their lineup just keeps getting better.

    Also, I love that this one takes place in a bar. More of that. What were ya sippin’ there, Richards?

  2. Some interesting stuff and a cool interview, and Image is certainly my fav publisher. But I will say, with a lot of these interviews, it’s all about each company wanting sales growth and whatnot, and sure it’s it’s about the quest for the dollar. But after listening to many of these, I dunno where I’m going here, pretty much is that all there is to talk about if you’re a publisher or editor?

    • Granted, there is some talk on the artistic side, with the usual saying why write for DC and Marvel stuff, which I can get and agree with to a large degree. Though there is an art to a longrunning book that maintains it’s excellence. All the stuff going on at Top Cow under Image is not any different than a new writer jumping on say a Venom book, those also date back to the early 90s. And of course Dragon is going strong nearing 200 issues.

  3. Fantastic interview, Ron. You guys have been knocking it out of the park with these video interviews.

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