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iFanboy #252 – Scott Snyder of ‘Batman’, ‘Swamp Thing’, and ‘American Vampire’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Show Notes

Coming off the ridiculously successful “Court of Owls” story in Batman, we catch up with Scott Snyder to talk about how freaky those Court of Owls masks at the Comic-Con actually were.

We also discuss what fans can expect from the return of the Joker in Batman, the upcoming Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover and what Dracula is up to in American Vampire. And as a bonus, Snyder speaks for the first time about a brand new series coming out!


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  1. That giant lightsaber on that guys backpack is very unsettling.

  2. Snyder can do no wrong. I love how he is able to take a simple idea and make it seem fresh – whether it’s a secret cult in the underbelly of Gotham, the Joker coming back, or Dracula. The next few months of books from him is going to be awesome.

  3. Always great to hear Scott Snyder

  4. His run in Batman is just great

  5. great interview guys =)

  6. The new project has to be with Francesco Francavilla right? Oh man I hope so, Scott said it will be creepy and sci-fi, and to me that seems right up Francavilla’s alley. I can’t wait to hear more.

  7. Scott Snyder gives excellent interviews. He seems to genuinely love his job. Good job.

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