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iFanboy #25 – BBQ and Viewer Mail

Show Notes

On this, America’s Independence Day, the iFanboys celebrate with two of their great loves — comic books and grilled meats. Oh, yes, and some viewer mail.

So join the guys as they read some letters, give out some recipes, and do as much as they can to hasten the hardening of their arteries, iFanboy style.

If you’re in America – Happy Fourth of July!
If you’re in the United Kingdom — um… sorry?
If you’re anywhere else you probably don’t care.

Now, to the meat and comics books!


Get Involved

Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. This is a great one guys! Well done!

  2. josh is a grilling guru. he just earned another cool point from me.

  3. For some reason Ron felt like a mob guy in this episode, despite the sparkler.
    Great episdoe.

  4. Is it just me or were you guys getting slightly tipsy towards the end there? Ha ha, another great show, guys! My favourite part?… “New shoes!”

    Shame we don’t get 4th July in the UK, but it’s ok we get Bank Holidays instead.

  5. You get bank holidays every other week.

    It was probably more smoke inhalation and fatigue than alcohol. Especially since I’m drinking a diet black cherry soda.

    Don’t tell the cool kids.

  6. Get down with your bad self, Josh! July 4th just sounds more impressive, I guess. Bank holiday has a dull and tiresome ring to it.

    That show made me hungry too, I’m totally trying Ron’s sausage recipe!

    Good job, the shows are getting better every week.

  7. hey! the UK gets Guy Fawkes Day! you get to have huge fires and burn people at the stake or whatever.

  8. That’s also true, though most brits avoid it because it’s freezing in november. Sorry if I pissed anyone off with my post, wasn’t meaning to. Was genuinely jealous. I’d love to see a 4th July celebration, we just have weak fireworks.

  9. I can’t imagine you pissed anyone off. You said nothing of the kind.

  10. Great vidcast guys! And i love Connor’s line about the meat… “…unless you’re poor, then it’s fine!” LOL My new catch phrase this week….
    BTW What beer were you guys drinking?

  11. Great podcast. Looked like fun. Where the heck are you shooting from anyway? For Omnibus vs. Absolute you forgot to mention the weight. Of course both types are heavy, but the Omnibuses are like a ton of bricks. Really dense and compact weight too. But you need a library desk to read either type, unless you don’t mind losing circulation to your legs. (Except the new Kirby 4th World Omnibus – that thing is feather light.)

  12. IBC diet black cherry!

    Wait, that was just me.

  13. Awesome show guys. I don’t know whose idea it was to Barbeque and talk about comics but that was just genius. Reminds me constantly why I love this podcast so much.

  14. The grill was too distracting for you guys. And what was Conner doing, turning his back to the camera? Spittin’ chew?

  15. Either talk about grilling or talk about comics, you ADHD baystards!

  16. Says the guy who can’t get his criticism into one post.


  17. I loved that it was both funny and informative. Maybe that’s just me, bu hey-ho. And I was worried I’d piss people off!

  18. I’m from the United Kingdom! And I don’t know anything about independence day so it’s cool. I am also Scottish, so I just couldn’t give a shit if I did know.

  19. green onion, brown sugar, honey, a lot of soy sauce, seamsea seed oil, and garlic. great marinade for pork or beef

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