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iFanboy #246 – Anthony Bourdain & Joel Rose of ‘Get Jiro!’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Show Notes

Proving that dreams really do come true at Comic-Con, self-proclaimed foodie Ron Richards gets the opportunity to interview celebrity chef, host of No Reservations, and best-selling author Anthony Bourdain and his writing partner Joel Rose to chat about the release of their graphic novel, Get Jiro! from Vertigo/DC Comics.

While chatting about how the graphic novel came to be and what Bourdain and Rose’s approach to writing was, we also get insight into the comic creators that Bourdain considers to be his influences and who he appreciates as a fan.

And of course, we get to hear what Bourdain thinks of the food around San Diego, and his answer may surprise you…


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  1. Oh I like this shorter videos.
    Great interview.

  2. Haven’t got the foggiest who Anthony Bourdain is but I do like the short videos and their frequency.

  3. Is that a sweaty Arm Pit I’m keep seeing? Yikes!!

  4. @ Conor, Ron and Josh will the three of you still get together for the BBQ shows?

  5. Dreams do come true. I would not have been able to remain professional throughout, and the Jack Kirby dedication shout out was sweet, awesome job Ron. And did you interview Joel Rose right after 4:20?

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