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iFanboy #24 – The Boys: Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson

Show Notes

The Boys are back, and iFanboy got to have a nice little chat with series creators Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson during a signing to celebrate the re-release of their controversial series. It’s not all about The Boys, though, as Ennis and Robertson also delve into some of their other work. Most importantly, not a single person appearing in this video was violently or gratuitously injured in any way. Not on camera at least.

Are you excited that The Boys is back? If you never read the book are you more likely to read it now after all the “Too Hot For DC” Hoopla?


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  1. Darick Robertson resembles a sideburn-less Ron.

  2. The show after I read “DMZ” you mentioned the comic. Then I picked up “A Complete Lowlife” and you were talking about that comic. I just finished the 8th and 9th of the “Preacher” trades and now you are talking to Garth Ennis. How do you keep doing that? I predict some “Planetary” talk in the near future.

    Great interviews, guys.

  3. Best show ever.

  4. Great show.
    Love these.

  5. That dude looks like Ron sans sideburns.

  6. Who shaved Ron? O_O

  7. Thanks for this show. Great questions and great answers. Ennis is my favorite writer and Robertson is in my top 5 artists, and to have a book — especially one this Ennis-ized — by the two is a geek dream come true.

  8. First, Gordon, why is your shrink located next to a pay phone? I know he did a good job but that doesn’t seem very legitimate.

    Second, my favorite Hitman character hands down was the Defenestrator. Endless amusement and all he needed was a window.

    Darrick is a really cool. He definitely has a fan’s sensibilities and alot of good stories about the English blokes writing all our comics which he tells with his proper American perspective.

  9. I was KICKED OFF OF REVISION 3 BECAUSE I SAID THAT AN EPISODE OF TRS SUCKED. REVISION3 IS CENSORING THEIR COMMUNITIES. I LOVE IFANBOY. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! I can’t believe they censor people. They totally kicked me off because I had mentioned that Jeff on the TRS came across as an asshole. Hope you guys are better than that. I hope you don’t censor your users because I dropped digg and revision 3 from my favorites. First rule of internet communities: don’t censor.

  10. I’m not gonna erase your comment, and I’m not gonna block you, but this area is for talking about the show, not complaining about Revision3, so please keep the conversation to that area. We don’t have anything to do with you getting banned from Rev3, but this isn’t the place for that. You’re gonna have to take it up with them. You’re welcome to talk about comics and ifanboy stuff here all you want, but this isn’t the forum for your opinion on TRS.

  11. My shrink is doing the best he can. If you are worried about the “state of his office” please feel free to donate to iFanboy so that he can make improvements.

    ps – he is totally legit. He has diplomas in frames and everything…

  12. In the waiting room, he also has video poker and cigarette vending machines.

  13. WOW!! shiny head…

  14. I really liked Hitman.

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