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iFanboy #233 – A.P.E. 2011, Spider-Man on Vinyl, & Comic Book Lettering

Show Notes

Ron at A.P.E. 2011

On this anthology episode of iFanboy, we start at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco as Ron Richards chats with some indie creators. First up is Ed Luce, the creator of Wuvable Oaf who’s taken to a creative way to offer his comics to readers. After that, Ron chats with Katie Longua, the winner of the Isotope Comics Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics for her work on Rok. And finally, Ron catches up with the creative masterminds behind Reed Gunther from Image Comics, Shane and Chris Houghton.

The Amazing Spider-Man and Friends

Next, staff writer and musical mixologist Paul F. Montgomery digs up an old LP from 1978 featuring The Amazing Spider-Man and Friends. Spidey squares off with the Man-Wolf! Captain America and Falcon face a shadow from Cap’s distant past! Do these adaptations of classic stories from 70s Marvel stand the test of time?

Comic Book Lettering in Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor: Artist’s Edition

Finally, Josh Flanagan has been thinking about lettering. Specifically sound effects and other non dialogue lettering and ponders if hand drawn letters are superior to digital lettering. After flipping through Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor: Artist’s Edition, it’s hard to argue with him.


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  1. great job all around. Ms. Longua looked a little nervous talking to Ron 🙂 Loved Paul’s piece and Josh is great as usual. I love when everything in a comic is drawn out. It just looks great. Missed Conor though 🙁 Thanks for the show guys.

  2. Can we get a superhero profile (and comics) episode next week? Those are the best, also do a show on Michael Turners art

  3. Nice hair slick, Ron.

    • I’m getting a haircut tomorrow

    • Yeah, sorry but you look kinda creepy looking, especially in that weird light in the beginning and at the end.

    • Ahaha! I just came on to post about ron’s hair. You still look good though fella 🙂

    • Don’t cut the hair Ron, suave suits you!

      Too late? Dang. Anyway, enjoyed the interviews loads, such nice folks.

      Paul, those records are a hoot, I hope more do turn up. Do you really like popcorn? Stinky Styrofoam, I say!

      Loved the lettering sequence, Josh, you’re spot-on, sound effects that are part of the artwork simply look, and feel, better.

  4. Quitely on Batman & Robin immediately comes to mind as an artist that incorporates sound effects well.

  5. I believe this is my favorite anthology episode yet. Love these little nuggets of information and discovery. Thanks, guys!

  6. Holy Shit I still have that old Spier-Man record that was in the thumbnail!!!!

  7. Perhaps he was aping the Oscar winning style of documentary director Errol Morris?

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like my jump cuts. Also I’m a hack.

  9. Woo…I have a little crush on Katie Longua now. She’s cuuuuuuuuute. I’m already getting Reed Gunther, but I might check out those other two titles. I love how Ed Luce basically drew himself as the oaf.

    I’ve got Hulk and Superman records like that! Huzzah for Goodwill! Got ’em for a buck each. I grab those types of things whenever I see them.

    As for lettering: I love the old style of drawing the sound effects in. Digital is distracting for sound effects, and INCREDIBLY distracting when used for newspaper headlines, billboards, etc. It looks completely unnatural. It’s glaring, perspective is always off, and it really takes me out of the story.

  10. Josh-
    I think the word that may have been escaping you for the hand lettering was “cohesive”.
    Digitally rendered sound effects can occsionally seem disjointed from the other artwork.
    I think having the sound effects inked the same as the pencils works to integrate the two things better.

    The Flash page in your example, has sound effects incorporated in similar placement inside the drawings as the Miller Daredevil pages but the Flash lettering is in a different style, hence is not as cohessive. So it stands as out of place.

    Perhaps the cleaner and more polished (digital seeming) the finished drawings are, the more the digital lettering would incorporate seamlessly.

    or perhaps I just sniffed too much laundry detergent…hmmm cool breeze scent.

  11. Here is a link to one of the finest examples of the what Josh was calling sound effects incorporation into the story by one of the best, Mr. Jim Steranko.


  12. Mint.

  13. @Paul Montgomery.

    That Captain America “some nights it just gets worse than others” soundbite is actually sampled on a pretty cool Blockhead track. Drove me nuts trying to remember where i heard it : ).

    You can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo9VCnw35LY

  14. I could watch Paul eat popcorn for 22 minutes.

  15. I like that you mentioned Frank Miller’s Daredevil in the lettering section. I don’t know anything about lettering but I remember noticing the sounds effects in that book and I really liked it.

  16. Josh, you know your example with the Flash comic? Later in the same issue, I think it involves someone jumping into a fountain, and there’s a “splash” sound effect made from the water. You may already have noticed it, sorry if that’s the case, I just thought it was odd you used that issue to illustrate a missed opportunity.

  17. Great episode – these anthology episodes are an awesome format. Some interview, some “hey, check out this strange artifact”, and some comics craft. All three of you on a couch discussing a single topic is fun too, but I might enjoy this format more. It’s gotta be easier on the travel budget for you too, right?

    I know you guys don’t typically re-edit these shows, but Chris and Shane Houghton’s name keys are reversed. The guy in glasses and black t-shirt is Shane, the other is Chris.

  18. Paul Montgomery is a goddamned genius. What a nice idea for an anthology episode. Thanks for sharing.

    Good episode all around, fellas.

  19. When does the Paul Montgomery’s Greatest Hits DVD drop? The money is burning a hole in my pocket.

    Also, I have now seen the inside of Paul’s mouth way too many times.

  20. Just watched this podcast. Brilliant work, gents 🙂 I love this format too, and not just because of Ron’s hair and Josh’s R2D2 and Paul’s fetish for The Captain’s & Tennille’s bulldogs.

  21. @jaflanagan – Josh I couldn’t agree more. When I was watching your segment the first thing I thought of (and it’s somewhat new – 2006) was Paul Pope’s, Batman: Year 100. He is at least one of a few artist today that still uses this technique, and uses it very well. Maybe that explains (partially) why I think he art, and more specifically his action sequences, move with such fluidity. Here’s even a newer screen capture of his as-yet to be released Battling Boy. Good to see he’s still using this technique in his bag of tricks. http://firstsecondbooks.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341d928653ef0148c6d4a2d0970c-pi

  22. annnnnd another screen shot from Battling Boy. Sorry, couldn’t help it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ernestborg9/2955599650/

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