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iFanboy #232 – Spotlight on Brian K. Vaughan

Show Notes

This week, iFanboy takes a look at one of the biggest new names in comics over the last ten years: writer Brian K. Vaughan!

Rare is the modern comic book creator that dabbles in so many different genres, while working with so many different companies and imprints, while still maintaining star status. But if anyone epitomizes that versatility it’s Brian K. Vaughan. From his early days at Marvel doing fill-in and back-up work to Swamp Thing and Y: The Last Man at DC’s Vertigo to Runaways at Marvel’s Tsunami to Ex Machina at DC’s Wildstorm to Ultimate X-Men at Marvel’s Ultimate line to The Escapists and Buffy the Vampire Slayer at Dark Horse, and finally to his just recently announced new sci-fi epic: Saga for Image Comics, iFanboy celebrates the entire Brian K. Vaughan catalog this week.

And that’s just the tip of the Brian K. Vaughan iceberg. The man is prolific.


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  1. Great episode. There is a trade out there collecting all of BKV’s Batman stories (and one Bat-related Wonder Woman story) called False Faces. It’s good stuff and features the origin of Matches Malone.

  2. Love BKV! He’s what got me back into comics with Y.

    Question in the sci-fi comic realm: there was a comic I remember from the last 6 months or year and I think it had a girl as the main protagonist. It had a matrix-type story where the people jacked-in and at the end of the book I think she was on a bike and one half of the page was a dirty city but the other half was a pristine futuristic city. What’s the name of this book?

  3. I love BKV. Y was the first maxi series that I read all the way through and I got Runaways mostly for my sister thinking I might get a kick out of it and loved that too. Logan was great and I still have yet to read some of his other stuff. Looking forward to checking out Saga.

    Nice job on the My Cousin Vinny reference.

  4. Great episode again guys. Could never understand why Mystique was critically acclaimed. It’s by far the worst thing that BKV wrote.

    The sound quality seems poor on this episode. Is it my computer starting to kick the bucket or is it on your end?

  5. Man, BKv’s Cabal Message Board was such a great place to spend some time. Every Wed he posted a New Comics Thread in which he posted the books he liked from that week. Members were encouraged to do the same thing, but only about books they liked. It was forbidden to criticize or disparage a book in any way (unless it was BKV’s.) The place was an Oasis of positivity.

    One of his last posts before he deactivated the board detailed some research he was doing with a police department for an upcoming comics project. Always wondered what became of that.

  6. The last issue of Y and the last page of the first issue of Ex Machina are my two favorite BKV memories. They both really got me.

  7. Marvel are still trying to get a Runaways movie sorted aren’t they?

  8. Rare is the show notes which are difficult to read which dabbles in run on sentence while not having commas.

    Thanks for another great episode.

  9. Wow, they’re just beating on his run on Ultimate X-Men. As somebody who actually stayed on through Kirkman’s awful run and to the end, I have to say that Vaughan’s run on the book was the best of the series. Maybe his other work is better (I’ve only read a bit of it), but Vaughan’s Ultimate X-Men is fantastic.

  10. awesome. i love these spotlight show. about 2 months ago these clerks at my comic shop were bad mouthing Y the Last Man saying it was overrated and over all not good, i haven’t been back since. now i have no where to go:( Great show guys and Thanks.

  11. hehe BKV sounds like Kermit the Frog 🙂

  12. BKV’s Y and Runaways got me back into comics, not really a fan of his other stuff, but this guy is an extremely talented writer and I’m looking forward to his new series.

  13. That New York ComicCon is … loud.

  14. …LOST…

    • Ugh god that looks like spam. Sorry I meant to also say my favorite BKV book is also my first, and one of the first stories of any media that inspired in me an emotional investment in characters, and it is Y the Last Man. It popped my Art cherry pretty much

  15. Man, ya really don’t realize what a phenomenon BKV is until someone like the Fanboys list everything the guy has ever done, and almost all of it is fantastic.

    I was on Ex Mach from the beginning and loved almost every issue. Such a unique concept.

    I didn’t read Y until years later, and now I can’t tell you Y.

  16. Great show, but i wish we got more of your final opinions on Ex Machina. I remember that Josh was very lukewarm on the finale, and I wanted to see what all three of you guys thought about it overall.

  17. I have read most of the stuff mentioned, but thanks for the reminders that it is all awesome. It’s been a while since I read The Escapist and Pride of Baghdad. I should reread that stuff.

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