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iFanboy #23 – Answering Your Comics and Relationships Emails

Show Notes

This week on iFanboy, Ron, Josh, and Conor take on all manner of audience submitted (comic book related) relationship questions! The guys have absolutely no training in this capacity but they do claim to be board certified in the art of love. As a precautionary measure, they sought some female input, just to keep them honest.

Have comic books ever become an issue in your relationship? How important is it that your significant other reads comics or understands and accepts your reading comics?

Was this fun? Should we do this type of show again? A Relationship Special, Part II?


Get Involved

Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. OMG!

  2. This is tangential. I haven’t watched the vid yet.

    I just noticed that, most likely due in part the comic-centricity of the site and names like “Kilpatrick” and “Flanagan,” the little Amazon recommendation bar on the side brings up pretty much just trades and books by Irish authors. Ha.

  3. I’ve only watched the image of the vid… and the picture of you guys with ties and all dress-up made me crack up!!!

  4. It looks like you’re waiting for a rented limo to come pick you up

  5. This was the best episode yet, guys! Really informative and SOOO funny! I think there should definitely be a part 2! And 3, and 4, etc. Just brilliant.

  6. Hello,
    I don’t mean to be an asshole but it’s really rude not to introduce your guests first… especially if they’re women. Gasp! I’m trying to politely tell you to pick up a manners book. Ugg. It made me cringe that you didn’t tell us what their names are or properly introduce them. I’m surprised they didn’t say anything… or maybe they did after the show.

  7. I’m not sure typical dinner etiquette applies when shooting a talk show, but I can assure you that there was no offense taken by the panel guests.

    I hope that didn’t ruin the show for you.

  8. This show was great, maybe the best episode yet!

    I was inspired to suggest to my non-comics-reader wife that she read the first Y the Last Man trade. The look on her face when I said, “all the males on Earth die except for this one guy and his monkey” was priceless. How do you describe Y to someone that hasn’t read it in a way that makes it sound compelling?

  9. I don’t know dude. That pitch worked for me.

  10. Lookin sharp gentlemen, all GQ and sh*t… Those are some sexy mofos right there!!! The ladies are pretty hot too.

  11. best show ever. by a mile. awesome job.

    just a suggestion – i love the comic talk, obviously, but some of my favorite parts of the show are the parts where you guys are acting. you should introduce a dramatic story line to the show, that you can mention at the end of the shows before the sponsor info, and have it build over time, untill you can have the first comic podcast event! you guys have already done a crossover (with around comics). break new ground! do an event!

  12. Good show folks. Only no one answered my question! Oh wait I never sent mine in. Damnit missed the train on that one.

  13. How do you describe Y to someone that hasn’t read it in a way that makes it sound compelling?

    How about this: Women take over the world.

    Overall, this show was stellar from Gordon’s intro to the dancing at the very end. Good stuff and I think you guys gave some pretty good advice as well.

    I’m one of the fortunate people that has a partner that is accepting of my comics habit. At the same time, it doesn’t quite stop her scorn in regards to the amount of money I spend, but on the other hand, it keeps me from being broke at all times.

    Go figure.

  14. So the question I pose to you guys is how do you know if a girl is interested in you, and where the hell do you find a decent gal who’s into comics!

  15. Best. Show. Ever.

    Comics have never gotten in the way of my relationships. Most women I’ve dated have been very supportive of my hobby and a few of them I’ve even gotten into reading comics. Of course this could also have to do with the fact that I’ve almost only dated women who are open-minded and just generally respectful of other people. I think you make a very good point in the show: Relationships are all about respecting and accepting the person you’re with.

    Oh and that Rachel she’s a keeper!

  16. Hey, great show. This is my first post, btw.

    Anyway, a short on-topic story: I have been with my girlfriend for eight years now, but back when we first started dating I was managing a comic shop and was slightly embarrased by my hobby. I tried to get her involved in some “girlie” books, like Sandman, Strangers in Paradise, and even (gasp) Elfquest. She liked what I gave her, but I always worried that she was just giving me lip service because she loved me.

    Then the unthinkable happened. Long after having left my comic shop job, and long after having given up on getting my girl into the books, I picked up the first Essential X-Men volume for myself (not the classic, but the Claremont reboot, among my first books when I was a kid). I came home from work and found that the book had been left in the bathroom. But then I looked at the cover and saw that, lo and behold, it was volume two. “Oh, I finished the first one,” she replied.


    Several years later, it is part of my household chores to pick up her monthlies on thursday. She has a Harley tattoo and we spent our only vacation time at a con where she drooled over David Mack.

    Morale of the story: Don’t underestimate your girlfriend. Lots of girls like superheroes. Sometimes more than their boyfriends.

  17. Hey everyone, Brody the wedding guy here.
    Hey does anyone else have any ideas? Pretty much, I’m looking for subtle things that I can incorporate into the wedding. My fiance is totally cool with it. I just need to come up with something soon as the wedding is in like 2 weeks. Any ideas? Thanks!

  18. Write a quick comic using photos of the two of you into a “Secret Origins” style program.

  19. Great show. That’s all, it was just a great episode. I generally don’t watch the video show (my podcast listening time is my commuting time), but this one was great.

  20. The photo comic is a great idea and easy to put together with Mac’s Comic Life or Comic Creator on the PC. But I’d say just take it to the printers and make a couple of poster sized pages to put near the food/presents table at the reception.

    Action figures on the cake — also good. Humor to be had in which heroes you pick.

    Have the wedding party enter the reception wearing capes!

    The bat signal ice sculpture is an awesome idea but probably $$$.

    Keep the guestbook in a longbox.

    On the more subtle side: there are lots of romantic themes from various comic movies that could be played as guests gather.

    And finally: Leave in the Batmobile, any version.

  21. So Conor, did you really meet Rachel at the BKV signing? Did Ifanboy cause you to make a love connection?

  22. Thanks for the ideas guys, I may have to use some of those, but keep em coming!

    I was thinking about an action figure on the cake. The blowing up of some custom made comics is anther good one. I wish I could ride off in the batmobile, but that’s gotta be expensive, and there is only so much room in the budget if you know what I mean.

  23. So Conor, did you really meet Rachel at the BKV signing? Did Ifanboy cause you to make a love connection?

    Yes, I did. My interview with her in episode #2 was the first time we ever talked.

  24. Great podcast guys 🙂 You need more sit-down guests!
    All of your recommendations since Ive been listening/watching have been solid; my bank account’s not loving it, but I am :p

    On a sidenote: I just got my Mom to read the first trade of Y: the Last Man today, and if I can get her to read that and have her asking for more, then any of you guys on the forums should be able to get girls to read it 😛

  25. I just watched episode two for the first time and oh boy…you guys are adorable. Get down wit your bad self Conor. Macking in the singing line.

  26. omgzzzz! cutest episode ever! This is def an episode close to my heart…

    Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind the ladies showing up every now and again? great banter (loved it when they put you in your respective places, it definitely echoes my home life, lol)

  27. yeah, even if that kid from maine goes to comic con and works it out with that girl, i still think we have a better “so how did you meet?” story.

    its funny when people ask and i reply with “well, do you want to see?” and then proceed to pull out my ipod.

  28. I’m slightly with Jill Jones on this one…an intro on their background and how they came to be sitting on the couches with you guys would have been helpful, including what titles/genres do they prefer, if any?

    Also, you guys did seem pretty giddy and stiff like some 8th grade boys, but that was part of the uncomfortable charm of the episode. Votive candles?

  29. Freaning funny. This was asome keep it up. Why were the married couple not sitting next to each other.

  30. A) We don’t like each other any more.

    B) We probably would have just started doin’ it.

    C) I ALWAYS have to sit next to her.

    D) The ambiguity of this whole thing is just killing people.

  31. Hey guys, great show. I saw it on Friday after work, really funny stuff, especially when Ron made the point of everyone being in their late 20’s and not being ever in danger of death, and the girl next to him say early 30’s… the look both faces was priceless.

    I even liked this show so much that I had to show it to my wife (in a nutshell: she’s 27, she doesn’t like comics but her favorite superhero is Batman, due to the 90’s cartoon and by the fact that he’s human and without any superpowers. Oddly enough the only book I got her to read is “Walking Dead”).

    Go for part 2! Just 2 recommendations: Introduce the guests (just the name and what do they read) and it will be cool to invite someone who firmly doesn’t give a damn about comics so she (or he) gives another point of view.

    Josh: I’ll go with C.

  32. Hey hey hey I finally got around to watching the vidcast now and I have one question–whatever happened to Sy the Intern at NYCC?

  33. you can read about her adventures on her blog:

  34. Loved the show. Today was my first time to watch. I found out about you through Around Comics.

    My first was episode 2 and then this one, and I was like, “Hey, isn’t that the girl that liked Batman at the BKV signing?” Dude, you effin’ scored out of your league.

    BTW, I have never turned a girl off with my love of comic. Not too many visit me in my basement.

  35. All I can say is that this was a wonderful show, although more participation by the female guests would have been nice — although since they were basically entering your show (or “turf”) as guests, it is natural that they would feel less comfortable about speaking up and interrupting, and you guys would naturally jump in if any awkward silence occurs since you guys have been definitely doing this for a while.

    That said, wonderfully mature and great advice from all members present. I would definitely say this is the episode that has massive SEQUEL potential with the same three gals participating more. If fact, I would suggest this — make the 3 guys present be totally submissive and quiet, and the three women totally dominate the discussion, and the theme be:

    “Well guys, this is what WE think about dating you fanboys…” Totally women telling their stories of funny fanboy romantic encouters, with the three guys just piping up with funny defensive comments here and there. Could be both enlightening and utterly hilarious. Just a suggestion.

  36. do this again, if only for the novalty

  37. novelty* cant let spelling errors just sit there

  38. met this girl online and she knew i was into comics so i tried to get into something that she liked. i once watch 4 seasons of nip tuck straight threw just because a girl i was trying to date liked it. it never worked out and the worst part was i watched 4 season of a show i really didn’t like.

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