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iFanboy #222 – Captain America… Now & The Movie

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Everyone in the Marvel Universe knows that if you need one man — just one man — to get a job done, then you call Captain America.

Especially if that job involves stompin’ Nazis.

In a free-wielding discussion, this week iFanboy takes a look at the current state of Captain America comic books. Steve Rogers is back slinging the red, white, and blue shield—does that mean it’s a good time to jump back into Captain America comics? Also, Captain America vs. Ultimate Captain America: which one is better? (Hint: It’s the one who’s not a jerk.) And finally, they take a look at the most recent Captain America trailer and talk about their hopes and fears for the movie that hits theaters this week.


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  1. I saw an advanced screening of Captain America last night.  It was very good.  I would give it a grade of “A-“.  The story, acting and characterizations were strong.  There were a few editing choices that were questionable, IMHO, but overall, I thought the movie worked.  Oh, and I am happy to report that this Captain America is not a jerk.  

    I saw it in 3-D, but I did not feel that the movie benefited from it.  It wasn’t terrible.  I just don’t think it enhanced the experience.  Unless you’re a real fan of 3D, I would save your money and see it in traditional 2D.

    My greatest disappointment with the movie is that there was no post-credits teaser.  My wife and I waited through the long credits sequence to only find out that there wasn’t a teaser.  There was a very audiable “Aww!” and some “Boo!”s from the sizable number of people who had stuck around to the end.  There is a pre-credits teaser of sorts, but we have been condititioned to expect a teaser.  It would have been niced if they had introduced some of the other characters from the upcoming Avengers movie.    

  2. Great episode guys. Can’t wait for this movie. Cap’s one of my favourite Marvel characters and the movie trailers have blown me away so far.

    In terms of 616 Cap and Ultimate Cap I’ve always seen them as polar opposites in certain ways. As someone who’s not from America I’ve always felt 616 Cap was the best and purest of what America stands for, while Ult Cap was a lot of the things that other countries disliked and feared about it. Millar’s politics really pushed the arrogant and bullying nature of right-wing America to the forefront of the character, rather than the bi-partisan playing-it-safe version in the 616. I think it was a well needed shake up to the character and created a lot of debate about the relevance of Cap when it came out in the early 2000’s.

    The only version of Cap I hated was the Jason Aaron mini. Even when Millar had Ult Cap at his most jerk-like, he still grounded him in a position where he was doing what he had to for the good of his country. Aaron just wrote him as a self-centred asshole. The inclusion of the religious aspect that was hammered to death in the last issue of the mini really disgusted me and went against what I think is Cap’s defining characteristic – that he fights for all American’s. It’s not a stretch to see Aaron’s Cap racial-profiling American Muslims, or high-fiving to the internment of Japanese-American’s during WW2. 

  3. I tried reading Captain America, Brubaker’s run specifically, but just couldn’t dig it that much. I will give the flick a shot though. Hopefully, there are no major funk ups lol

  4. One minor quibble, guys. It’s called scale armor. Chain mail looks different.

    Otherwise very interesting and informative podcast.

    Like you guys said, Steve Rogers is Cap. Other people can wear the costume, but Steve Rogers is the kind of guy you can really root for: brave, caring, strong-willed, persevering, tenacious and intelligent.

    Also, as you guys said, Brubaker’s run has been really good. Not only does he really get what makes the character great, he really knows the history of Captain America. The early part of his run channelled Tales of Suspense, and even brought in elements of the Commie Smasher Captain America.

  5. @davidtobin I agree with your views on 616 v ult cap. Millar write cap as very much how europe (and Brits in particular) were viewing America at the time. And created an interesting jerk in the process. Great show this week guys. Looking forward to the movie (cap not ifanboy).

  6. I thought that the main reason they used Hydra rather nazis was they didn’t want to make toys with swastikas on them. Can’t remember where i heard that but it seems to make sense. Can anyone confirm?

  7. Although if you made a movie I’d go.

  8. Looks g000ood!

  9. Good Job Guys.

  10. I actually liked (and agreed with some parts of) your evaluation of Ultimate Cap. Regular Cap is a far superior character in so many ways, but UltCap is quite interesting too. Ron is totally right about the Brubaker vibe in the trailer too.

  11. Personally, I think Ultimate Cap was fine for the first couple volumes of Ultimates, save for the “France” line which even he admits he doesn’t why he blurted it out.  For the first couple volumes, Cap was just a stand-up guy who was really out of place in 2001 and was really protective of his friends.  And then, after that, he’s never been able to live down that one moment to where now writers just go with it.  So, yeah, now he’s a jingoistic jerk.

  12. It was cruel of Ron to suggest Cap woul be a Mets fan.

  13. American Dream!!

  14. Completely psyched for the film.  I remember the previous Captain America films (two made-for-TV, the Matt Salinger movie and the serial), surprised you didn’t mention the Marvel Comics (limited-animation) cartoons from the ’60s, which I loved.  You guys did a great job of looking at Cap’s history.

    I think Steve might still be a Dodger’s fan even though they are in L.A., although some of the older New Yorkers I knew did become Mets fans.  The point was NOT to root for the Yankees, so you had to make a choice.

    To be honest, I think I was more excited to see Dum Dum and the rest of the Howlers coming in behind Cap than I was to see Cap himself in the trailers.  I practically jumped out of my seat when I was in the theater.

  15. @ctrosejr I also just caught a press screening of the movie and I agree completely with your review. But from what I’m reading elsewhere, there is a post-credit scene teasing The Avengers film, but Marvel/Paramount has omitted it from press screenings for some reason.

    So go see it again this weekend! 

  16. @KenOchalek  

    The Avengers teaser leaked out onto the internet, and I have to say, you will NOT be disappointed when you see it. 

  17. They were showing all those old captain america movies today and I’m excited for the new movie. Great show guys

  18. Did anyone else chuckle when you realized that Skull’s last ‘costume’ in the movie is a black dress shirt and suspenders; kind of a more badass version of Middle Management Red Skull.

  19. I can’t let Conor’s floppy collar go unnoticed. It’s too funny and distracting during the first 3 minutes of the show!

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