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iFanboy #22 – At the Strangers in Paradise Wrap Party

Show Notes

As the end of an era comes upon us, iFanboy heads to New York City for the Strangers In Paradise wrap party thrown by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

It’s a wonderful celebration of the 14 year run of the indie comic darling, Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore. Join iFanboy as they talk with Terry, his wife and publisher Robyn and Chris Staros of Top Shelf Comics about the comic book that stole our hearts for so many years.

While we’re sad to see the book go, it was great to see so many people coming together to honor Terry’s amazing accomplishment. All of this success couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


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  1. I have been reading this series in pocket book form for the last few months, I bought the first two and decided if i liked it that would hold me over for about a month. I read them both in a week. Then my roommate read them in a weekend.

    Of course i went out and bought the following books afterwards. I don’t read them super fast though, it takes about two or three weeks now for me to get though a book. I love it and as i get more and more into the characters, because that is what this book really is about, character. I have found myself increasingly floored by the talent and storytelling in this book. I read it until i am saturated with awe and excitement at it, and then I put it down. i get so wound up and proud of it as a work that i have to let all of what happened sink in before i can continue a few days later. What a trip.

    for the past few weeks i have been baggering my store owner about this book, each time waiting for the end, and each time it hasn’t been there. it has been like waiting for a dying love one to finally pass on, you don’t want it to end but as you know its coming you just need the closure of the ending.

    I have to go to my comic store now, new comics come out at two, its time to end this.

  2. I’ve read the first couple of trades and thought they were pretty darn good. I will say that I’m excited for the omnibus, and that will definitely be purchased when it comes out. It hurts my head to think how they are going to bind those 2000 pages…

  3. news from WW philly


    Yes, Marvel’s Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is getting a new writer, and it’s Terry Moore.

    this is fantastic news i love SMLMJ and was dissapointed that sean mckeever was leaving but totally makes up dor it.

  4. You guys turned me on to this series! Thank You!!!

  5. Watching this podcast made me wish I had gotten on board before it ended. This was moving and heartfelt and even as a complete outsider I found it touching. One question, the credits say that the closing song, “I Dream of You” was written and performed by Terry Moore. Did he perform this at the event? It summed up the tone of the party perfectly.

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