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iFanboy #21 – Funny Comic Books

Show Notes

Somewhere along the line, most funny books stopped being so funny. So where do you go to get a dose of humor in your comics? iFanboy is here to help with several choice books that we guarantee will actually make you laugh out loud (iFanboy guarantees nothing). We’ve got Hollywood agents, angry dairy products, and pirates. So lighten up and have a laugh.

What are the books that consistently bring the funny ha ha for you?


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  1. Good picks, it sounds like I’ll have to check out Scurvy Dogs, too.

    Barry Ween is still bar none, the funniest comic I’ve ever read.

  2. I miss the old sponsor skits. What happened to them?

  3. pretty good picks. i would have to include doug allen’s Steven and archer prewitt’s Sof’ Boy. hilarious! also, i recently picked up an issue of kochalka’s Superf*ckers. very funny. certainly worth checking out.

  4. Great stuff. I am putting Scurvy Dogs at the top of my read list. Thanks.

  5. I miss the old sponsor skits. What happened to them?

    They’ll be back. Not sure exactly when, but they will.

  6. By the way. Good show. My favorite funny comic is Rocky.

  7. Good show guys. Keep up the great work.

    I’m not sure if it counts a “humor book,” but Battle Pope always makes me laugh out loud when I read it.


  8. This was my favorite episode yet! I should get extra credit for having ALL of the books mentioned. You know an idiot who calls himself k-dizzle cant resist a book with the word thrizzle in the title. I would like to recommend a few more funny books:

    Tales of Surpernatural Law by Batton Lash

    Follow the adventures of Wolf and Byrd counselors of the macabre as they defend (in court) Vampires, werewolves, zombies, gnomes, ghosts, swamp monsters, and everything else falling under the banner of macabre.

    Flaming Carrot Comics by Bob Burden

    -From the graphic novel

  9. I have like the first 30 issues of the Giffen run on JLI, but I don’t remember them being funny. Of course I think I was in first grade when I read them. Maybe I’ll go back and see if I get it now.

  10. Great show guys! I’m definitely going to check some of those comics out 🙂

    Here are some books that are a bit more modern that you guys didn’t talk about:

    Bone. While being serious at the same time it is at most points extremely funny.

    Next Wave Agents of Hate. This book has two trades out and are both extremely funny. If you like Marvel continuity this makes fun of it a plenty!

    The Goon. Perhaps one of the most original and hilarious comic books to come around in years! It’s dark and disturbing humor is not for the kids but otherwise you’ll have the time of your life.

    And finally Scott Pilgrim! This is not only an extremely funny comic book it’s also one of my top favorite comic books of all time! I did a review of it here. http://www.revision3.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5037&page=18
    Canada fans particularly from Toronto will really really dig this book having grown up there seeing all the familiar places used in such a great way is really fun. I really can’t say enough about this book it’s excellent. When I read it for the first time in a very public place some scenes made me burst out in laughter for 5 to 10 minutes before I could calm myself with lots of strange looks from everyone. The first day I got it I read it three times over very funny book with a lot of heart.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot you guys are progressing immensely in video as well as podcasting keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Battle Pope most definitely counts. But we talked about that book in episode 18, “Robert.

    Thanks for all the kind words again folks.

  12. I have to add Nextwave to the conversation as well.

    I LOVED THIS SHOW! I have to spend a ton of money now on the books you recommended.

  13. “I have to spend a ton of money now on the books you recommended.”

    I agree. For being a free show, its pretty damn expensive to watch.

  14. Conor said that they only released Justice League in one trade but I went to wikipedia and they had this to say…

    “In 1989, the first 7 issues of this series were collected in a graphic novel trade paperback called Justice League: A New Beginning and issues # 8-12 in the follow up graphic novel Justice League International: The Secret Gospel of Maxwell Lord in 1992.”

    I hope that helps so Conor can find that trade to add a little more to his collection.

  15. Great show, guys! Definately gotta pick up Scurvy Dogs.

    I’d offer Sam and Max into the conversation. Much in the same vein as Milk and Cheese, but staring a dog in a trenchcoat with a psychopathic rabbity thing solving mysteries. Can’t beat that.

    Also gotta mention Young Justice, Impulse, and Joe Kelly or Gail Simones’ runs on Deadpool and, later, Agent X. Talk abotu laughing out loud at inappropriate things in public!

  16. Great show–I’ll have to try these (especially Scurvy Dogs).

    But, guys, no Cerebus?

    Ok, granted it’s just plain weird as often as funny, but an Aardvark Conan the Barbarian–how could that not be funny?

    Where’s the love for the Earth-Pig born?

  17. Great show guys. I’ll definitely have to track down some of the books you mentioned. One book that I feel needs to be mentioned is the Franklin Richards books done by Chris Graphinalculus (or something in that vein…I don’t have my books in front of me). I really enjoy these books because they are lighthearted and funny. They also remind me a little bit of Calvin and Hobbes, which is my favortie comic strip of all time.

  18. I saw this today and wonder how it will turn out. Anybody else heard about this?


  19. I think the cheesecake cover artist that Ron couldn’t think of was Greg Horn, who always does the covers for She-Hulk.

    He reminds me of Adam Hughes as well, which is how I made the connection.

  20. Great show!! One of the better one’s you’ve done in a while. I just really dig it and respect you guys for really getting a ton of info into your show and not relying on lame schtick.

  21. What do I win if I make you laugh by completing a Spiderman or Hulk joke?

  22. “Mooninites are the scurge of Boston” Took me a second to get but made me laugh after i got it. Anyway i just baught milk and cheese thanx to your reconmendation

  23. Scott, isn’t our adoration and love prize enough?

  24. You missed one of the best FUNNY comics of time, and my personal favorite: “MAJOR BUMMER” The Superhero’s in the comic are basicly contradictions in-of them selves. The main character Lou Martin is a superhero who is too lazy to do anything other than sit around all day. It was canceled after 15 issues and may be hard to find, but is a must read.

  25. I sent this in am e-mail and Ron suggested I post it here:

    How can you do an entire show about funny comics and not, at any point, mention Deadpool???????? ARE YOU INSANE???

    He is the most hilarious character in mainstream comics… for shame. For SHAME, I say!

  26. I gotta admit, Deadpool makes me laugh out loud. If Cable was dropped from that book, I’d probably start buying it.

  27. British Pulp stuff is funny. Beano, Dandy, Beazer, Sparky. I think Bone is worth a metion too.

    Your totally right about when you read something that is funny, it is just so much better than any other type of funny.

  28. fortune and glory is my favourite book ever.

  29. If you can ever find it, the original Tick issues were stuff of legend funny.

  30. Picked up "Fortune and Glory" on my lunch today. Was so excited I began reading it at stoplights  and am now totally distracted from work. I just want to go home and finish it. Curse you, Bendis!

  31. I know it’s not indie but I like “Get Fuzzy” by Darby Conley

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