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iFanboy #208 – WonderCon 2011 (Part One)

Show Notes

The iFanboy comic convention whirlwind continues as Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick find themselves in San Francisco for WonderCon. WonderCon is one of our most favorite shows and this year did not disappoint!

Nate Simpson

Who’s the darling of the comic book industry right now? Why it’s Nate Simpson! With the first issue of his series Nonplayer coming out from Image Comics, everyone has been oohing and aaahing over the stunning art Mr. Simpson has produced. We chat with him about what Nonplayer is about and what his influences are and what we can expect in the future from him

Jason Aaron

Once we were able to convince Jason Aaron that we were actually the guys from iFanboy, he was happy to talk to us about his big announcement at the show about X-Men: Schism and how it ties into the X-Universe. We also chat up his run on Wolverine and the infinitely entertaining Spider-Man and Wolverine mini-series. This leaves a little time for Conor and Jason to to discuss the minute details of Scalped.

Axel Alonso

Newly crowned Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, San Francisco native Axel Alonso checks in with Ron to discuss his vision for the future of Marvel Comics and what he’s excited for from the House of Ideas, such as Fear Itself and X-Men: Schism. We also hear about Axel’s first editorial retreat and what we can expect coming from Marvel. He also gives a shout out to his favorite Marvel book currently in print…

Robert Kirkman

Because you demanded it! We go another round with fan favorite, Image Comics partner Robert Kirkman to discuss the surprising success of The Walking Dead on TV, as well as the recent shocking issue of said comic. We also get a taste of what’s to come from Invincible, Super-Dinosaur and The Infinite with Rob Liefeld. And there’s a hug. It’s the Robert Kirkman show!


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  1. cannot love the new intro themes more. let them never stop.

  2. When Ron discusses La Taqueria with Axel Alonso? That’s what makes iFanboy great.

  3. Great episode, boys.

  4. loved this episode! great job guys very funny moments in this one. loved the kirkman interview, ron seemed like he was having the time of his life. cant wait for the next vid.

  5. I like how Alonso skipped Messiah War entirely when going from Messiah Complex to Second Coming.  Smart move 🙂

  6. why did you put in “Not starring Neil Gaiman”?

    I saw him and i thought, Neil Gaiman, is he in here, AWESOME!!, but then i noticed the text under it.. 🙁


    will he be in a part 2 or something?

  7. @ragcage  unfortunately Neil Gaiman only appears in the opening credits

  8. Great great episode.

  9. Couldn’t find a restaurant booth for the final shot in the credits?  I love that you explicitly remake each actor intro.  Mike Romo as Neve Campbell = CLASSIC.

    Oh yeah, the interviews were good.  Kirkman is a cool guy.

  10. @ron  The opening is Party of Five…right?

  11. When Scalped ends, it’s going to be tough to get me in a comic book store.

  12. I like how during the closing scene there is some couple awkwardly making-out in the background to the right. Their weird love is now immortalized.

  13. That was a lot of fun, thanks guys, can’t wait for next week

  14. Great stuff, guys. Gotta love how the Robert Kirkman interview takes up half the show. Funny stuff – even though I don’t really read anything by him. 

  15. Anybody else notice the odd couple in the background, during the end shot?

  16. @PotatoPope  dgazzuolo did.


  18. These intro just keep getting better and Mike/Ali’s dancing is adorable! Hopefully Josh makes it out next year and brings the kid for a Full House sequence.

    @dgazzuolo Nice catch on the couple! I had to rewatch to spot them and I feel for the dude. His advances are clearly not appreciated at that moment.

  19. What? No Full House intro?

    Kirkman is time and again the best interviewee ever. The look he gives Ron after Ron had the gall to mouth off about the Walking Dead hc timeliness was classic. If someone made a constant loop of that, I’d watch it. So funny.

    Loved seeing the big banner for the Avengers cartoon in one of the con floor shots. That show is great. And for those wondering about it’s status. The current season isn’t over. For some reason Australia is 6 episodes ahead of us. Why, I’m not sure.

    And does Romo look like the saddest boy in the world in that mirror shot, or what? My heart goes out to whatever inner sadness he had to channel to get that expression.

  20. ARGH! Didn’t read Abe’s comment before posting. Now my Full House remark feels entirely non-witty.

  21. HA! @ the awkward, unrequited kiss at the end. Didn’t notice it until the comments here. That chick did NOT seem about it. I feel for that guy. Although the more I think about it, what is he doing? Showing off to all the nerds that he has a girlfriend? Nevermind, I changed my opinion. Screw that guy. That’s what he gets. Haha.

  22. wait. if c2e2’s intro is ER and WonderCon is Party of Five. Then what was Emerald city’s intro base on? I thought u guys would have done full house.

  23. @excalipoor – It was Twin Peaks.

  24. This is the second time this week that Ron said to a big wig that he remebers a time when X-men was “flagship” series, so to speak, for marvel and it seems that they always bring up how 3 X-men books debuted at number one. It seems to me that they feel X-men is entering a reniassance, but Ron doesn’t. Anyone else getting that vibe or am I crazy? 

  25. i lol’d all over my cubicle at work watching the Party of Five intro. reminds me of the kinda stuff the Totally Rad Show used to do.  keep those coming! 🙂

  26. Seriously, never stop these intros

  27. yeah i totally noticed the awkward kissing couple! i love how she stops kissing but he still holds his head there for some reason.
    too funny. 

  28. Very cool.

    Boys, you incite a passion in me for comics, journalism and friendship.

    Kudos to you for that.

  29. Robert Kirkman is hilarious!

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