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iFanboy #207 – C2E2 2011 (Part Two)

Show Notes

It’s the second installment of our coverage from Chicago for this year’s C2E2 convention. Look out for staff writer Molly McIsaac’s first interview on the iFanboy video show!

Cullen Bunn

This is a writer who’s coming up in the world. Cullen’s work can be found in his Oni mystical western, The Sixth Gun, as well as Superman/Batman. Then over at Marvel, he’ll be exploring Fear Itself with Black Widow and The Deep. Between the cowboys, Detective Chimp, Dr. Strange, and Namor, there’s no one having more fun in comics right now.

Mike Norton

Mike makes the iFanboy Battlepug t-shirt into something much more, with a regular webcomic! He also tells us about his work with Four Star Studios and bringing creator owned work to the audience digitally, such as Mike’s creation, The Answer. All the while, he’ll be providing pencils on his co-created character Gravity in the series Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt.

Charles Soule

27 is wrapping up its 4-issue mini-series from Image, with a second to follow. We talk about the tale of a musician, doomed like so many others, to die at age 27. Then Charles talks about Strongman, from SLG, the story of a lucha libre wrestler who cleans up all the crime in New York, and the forthcoming second volume.

Brian Azzarello

Having mastered comics, Azzarello is helping design a series of t-shirts for Threadless. The shirts will tell a noir story featuring the art of geniuses like Eduardo Risso, Dave Johnson, Lee Bermejo, and a contest winner.

Jill Thompson

Jill has been doing her special brand of comics for a long time, often focusing on painting comics, rather than just regular old drawing. You might have seen her recently with Beasts of Burden, and coming up, Jill is excited about the rerelease of Finals from Vertigo, and her next Little Endless story, Delirium’s Party, where she returns to the world of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Hear about her artistic process, and how it relates to her past experience in improv comedy.

Scott Snyder

Scott is a busy comic book writer. From Detective Comics and Gates of Gotham, he’s shining his light on the dark areas of Gotham, and exploring well known characters in a new way. Then he’s bringing vampires to World War II in American Vampire, taking place in the Pacific, and the mini-series,   American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest, taking place in the European side of things. With artists like Jock, Francesco Francavilla, Rafael Albuquerque, Sean Murphy and others making him look good, it’s a very good time to be Scott Snyder.


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  1. Excellent show, guys!

  2. Loving Molly, put her in front of the camera more. Azzerello seems like one intense dude, I tip my hat to Ron to making the interview as relaxed as possible.


  4. is it weird that I spent the entire video looking for myself in the background?

  5. Nice job, Molly!

    Other guys, right on as well.

  6. well done, lads. snyder seems like a nice chap

  7. @kidCharlemagne  He is a nice chap.

  8. @Kuhan  not at all, I did that on all three NYCC episodes

  9. Hearing Scott Snyder talk about how much of Gotham remains untapped makes me want him (and Francavilla) on a Gotham Central relaunch SOOOOO bad.

    Or, how great would it be to have Detective Comics come out as a 48 or 64 page monthly anthology — Batman in the lead story, with backups of Gordon and the GCPD, Slam Bradley, Josie Mac….


  10. I just ran across this photo while browsing C2E2 coverage and I was like, “There’s Ron!! … and, oh yeah, Robert Kirkman.” 🙂


  11. I just bought and read the doublefeaturecomics.com comic

    I have to say- both stories were a lot of fun and def worth 99c

    That’s how you make a fun comic and get it out there.

    Art def good story fun to read.

    The future of digital comics can be bright indeed.

    Let’s have apps – let’s have pdf’s for those who want a simple format- and printable at that.

    Just get it out there! 

  12. Love it. Especially enjoyed Jill Thompson and Scott Snyder. Looking forward to just about all of their upcoming (and reprinted) work.

    And I’m more than a little amazed at the fantastic artists that Snyder has managed to get.  

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