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iFanboy #206 – C2E2 2011 (Part One)

Show Notes

Comic book convention season powers on, relentless and unstoppable. If you can’t make it to the shows, iFanboy, as always, is there to bring the show to you, interviewing the folks who make the comics we love. This first part of two from Chicago’s C2E2 has a great crop of creators from your favorite books.

Tony Moore

Fresh off the incredible television success of his co-creation, The Walking Dead, Tony’s not stopping there. As the artist of the new take on Venom from Marvel Comics and the end of Fear Agent, both with Rick Remender, he’s doing some incredible work. Not only that, but Threadless released the zombified t-shirt he designed with great fanfare and success.

Jim Zub

With the first arc of his Image series, Skullkickers in the bag, Jim, along with his colorist, Misty Coats, talk about what they love so much about this comedy/fantasy/adventure series, and what’s coming up in the future.

Terry Moore

The man doesn’t stop. With his second major series, Echo about the wrap up, Terry immediately announces the follow up, Rachel Rising, a sort of super natural horror story. We’re assured, however, that Rachel is easy to look at. Plus, Ron gets very excited about distant crossover possibilities.

Ryan Stegman

Ryan is a rising star in Marvel’s art stable, having recently completed the very fun She-Hulks mini-series. Now, with X-23, the young lady Wolverine, Ryan keeps getting better and better. We also talk about his Hammerific cover for Fear Itself: Deadpool, and how he’s gotten better at drawing boobs.

Paul Cornell

The bearded man behind Action Comics and Knight and Squire talks about those two series, and his upcoming addition of thought balloons to the man of steel’s world, and just how the seriousness and levity in Knight and Squire works at the same time. Plus, about that beard? It’s for charity!

Brian Michael Bendis

We have a nice long chat with the main man at Marvel, and boy does he have a lot to talk about. He’s had major creator owned success with Powers, Scarlet, and most recently Takio, so he’s going to parlay that into a new series with Mark Bagley, Brilliant. That’s while the Powers TV series, Ultimate Spider-Man TV series, and his Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man work takes up his time as well. As expected, he might be taking some time off from conventions just to keep up.

Get back here next week for part two of our C2E2 coverage. We’ve got even more of the best in the comic industry, up close and personal.


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  1. The openings for the con coverage videos are quickly becoming one of the best things
    on this site.

    Well done.

  2. Paul Cornell is always awesome.

    And that Stormtrooper band is surely the epitome of cool.

  3. Cool interviews.

    Who did Benton’s celebratory fist pump from the pilot?  That image is seared in my mind from ER‘s opening credits.

  4. @srh1son  Hank the Intern. He is our savior.

  5. How did you guys get Eriq Lasalle to appear in your intro? Brilliant!

  6. I really thought that they could’t possibly top last week’s intro… but they did. Brilliant.

    I love the con episodes so much and I’m really grateful that the duys do so many of them… especially since I know it’s extremely taxing on their voices and feet.

  7. I just realized that Terry Moore and Tony Moore are not the same people.

  8. And by duys is mean of course GUYS. I have no idea what happened there… maybe a brain aneurysm.

  9. Great show, guys! Thanks as ever for doing these. It’s especially awesome for those of us who live in other countries and don’t get to go to any cons. 

    The interviews this week were especially great. Paul Cornell and Brian Bendis, in particular, are always such great interview subjects. And that they’re doing some of the most exciting stuff in comics right now certainly doesn’t hurt either.  

  10. well done guys, great opening

  11. Eriq La Salle! Love the tv themed intros.

    Great job as always, fellas. Knowing how much hard work (and drinking) goes into these shows, I feel obligated saying so.

    Love that you got a chance to talk to Terry Moore. Can’t wait for his new book to come out.

  12. These openings are fantastic! I’m hoping you do a Full House one for Wonder Con.

  13. haha I died when Benton showed up. ER is my favortie show ever, awesome homage

  14. I have to admit as soon as I finished watching the opening I went back and watched it again before watching the rest of the video.

    Who was that giving the big downwards fist pump? I couldn’t make out who it was. 

  15. @Bootmobile  The answer is ten comments up.

  16. @conor  Ah. I’ll just move along …

  17. When Terry Moore says “He’s serious”, he reminded me of John Waters.

  18. I agree, Full House should be in order for Wonder Con. what other SF shows are there? Monk? (actually that would be awesome) 

  19. Ooowwww…Really liked the opening…watched it a couple of times…then watched a couple of real er opening sequences…now my head hurts…

    Great set of interviews too! I need to pick up that Skullkickers trade.

  20. @ABirdseysView  Salingers.  Party of Five.  Cue the BoDeans.

  21. This was a fantastic episode, guys. Josh, huge ups to you for cutting together that intro. I saw how involved the Premiere timeline was on the the twit-pic.

  22. @Ron, The next time you interview Terry Moore could you please ask him if he will be putting out an Omnibus of Echo!

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