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iFanboy #201 – Relationships in Comics

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We all know that most super hero comics are just ongoing soap operas, right? Well in case you didn’t know, they are. With many of the most successful comic books featuring ongoing drama between the main characters and some sort of love interest, or in most cases, a love triangle, comic books are about relationships as much as they are about fights and battles.

In this episode, Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards examine their favorite relationships in comics, from Superman and Lois, to the many romances of the X-Men, to some surprising insight into relationships within the Batman books. What makes a good relationship work in comics and who is really Cyclops best known girlfriend, Emma Frost or Jean Grey?


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  1. “Not so much in the sixties, because that’s when Dick was–“



  2. “…go diamond.

    I winced too.

  3. Great episode, guys. Can’t believe Ron didn’t mention Francine and Katchoo, another one of those ‘they are meant to be together’ couples.

  4. I hate everything about Emma Frost.

  5. Great episode guys, terrific banter

  6. I realize that Josh is the only one of the ifanboys who reads Fables, but where’s the love for Bigby and Snow?? In my opinion they’re a Vertigo couple to (almost) rival Jesse and Tulip, at least in the first 50 issues.

  7. Logan doesn’t want anything to do with Emma? Well, not romantically, but they’re pretty good friends otherwise…

  8. Mr. Ron is very sound on X-Men romances, respect to you sir…Frost is on the make, we’ve been saying that since Generation X. Cyclops will deserve everything he gets when she finally turns the tables and kills everyone or whatever she’s got planned

  9. The Luke Cage and Jessica Jones relationship has been interesting as it has developed over the past several years.

  10. @ibagree  I think the Rose/Blue relationship is much more interesting. I don’t tend to think of Snow and Bigby all that much.

  11. Yeah, this list could go on.  Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.  Apollo and Midnighter.  Rick and Lori Grimes.  Nite Owl/Silk Spectre/Dr. Manhattan.

    Nice episode.

  12. love the lou ferrigno voice impression. fun episode, guys. @josh i like the rose/blue relationship too, but when the series first started snow & bigby were very interesting.

  13. Invincible has got a classic relationship in Mark and Eve.

  14. Suprised more Teen Titans fans haven’t mentioned Dick (Robin/Nightwing) and Kory (Starfire).  Classic story of 2 people that really love each other, and always will, but can’t get it to work.  I mean, she had to leave Earth to keep away from him. 

  15. Doesn’t Ant Man and Wasp count as a divorced couple in comics?

  16. I feel like Gert and Chase from runaways was, at least back in the BKV days, well written.  Gamora and Nova weren’t bad either.  On the DC side I’d have to say Lois and Supes, and since Barry has been back Barry and Iris.

  17. I think John Constantine and Kit were a great couple. Totally agree with Josh that Ennis is the master at relationships. Also Yorrick and 355 in Y The Last Man.

  18. john constantine and kit.i was hoping that she’d show up to stop the wedding.anyone else think its about time garth gets back to hellblazer?

  19. @azrael1981- With Leonardo Manco doing the art!

  20. Jean has been dead for ten years??? wow…I think the Emma relationship is a much more interesting one for Cyclops, the whole thing with Jean was just too dull, even with the triangle with Logan and wasnt there something with Psylocke in the 90’s? Cyclops has developed as a character after being dull since the 60’s so when Jean comes back, I hope he sticks with Frost

  21. @Jordan0061  i like manco with carey. another original mike carey story would also be cool.that u read all his engines? its awesome.

  22. Wolverine smelling the juices!  That’s why I love iFanboy.

  23. This was fun. You guys got really, really excited this episode.

  24. I was always intrigued by the Deadpool and Syrin relationship from the early 90s

  25. This episode was glorious! But it was too glorious too fast, 20 minutes, baby 40 minuts would’ve really been wild!

  26. @PsychoJudgeDredd  Leave ’em wanting more.

  27. Mister Miracle and Big Barda’s love for one another is almost Shakespearean. They have both made supreme sacrifices to be together.

  28. greatest thing I’ve ever seen: Ron’s “Captain EO” shirt. Eff yeah.

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