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iFanboy #20 – The Best Comic Book Creative Teams (Right Now)

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iFanboy is a team of three dudes working together to bring you a weekly show about comic books. But who works together to bring you your favorite comic books? Well, lots of people and quite frankly iFanboy doesn’t have time to talk about all of them. So here’s who they think are currently working together the best.

Who is your favorite creative team working in comics today? Who brings out the best in each other?


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  1. what about whedon and cassaday?(Astonishing) or Robertson and Ellis?(transmet) or Waid and Kitson? (JLA: year one, Empire, Legion of superheros) or Tony Moore and Tony Moore? (sorry I am just really sad about “Strangers” ending)

  2. Robertson and Ellis is a good one. But it would be interesting to see them do something other than Transmet.

  3. It was also about current creative teams, not historical. Historical teams we could do a six hour show on.

  4. We could do a 6 hour show on this topic.

    All time…I mean, hour 1-3: Stan and Jack.

  5. what might also make a good show would be one of these about teams that are up and coming. Who is the next Bendis and Bagley?

  6. Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon! (preacher, punisher)

    Ennis & McCrea was great too…
    I realized that the day I saw Authority drawn by McCrea I said: What a piece of shitty art, even though I loved McCrea through Hitman.

  7. Current Creative Teams!

    (Don’t sweat it. The whole time prepping for the show, I kept doing that too, and Conor would yell at me.)

  8. OH Siegel and Shuster too. they started it all you should have talked about them! OH and frank miller too.

  9. So HITCH and MILLAR (authority & Ultimates)….
    I Hope ELLIS and IMMONEN repeat, loved Nextwave…
    OH! and don’t forget the greatest team in all comic book history Sarcasm and Fanboys.

  10. I don’t think Hitch and Millar worked together on the Authority. It was Hitch and Ellis, then Millar and Quitely.

    And calling Millar and Hitch current is like giving a certificate of completion to the guy who finishes a marathon a week after it’s over.

    THERE’s your sarcasm. I will not be bested!

  11. Kavalier and Clay!! Everyone loves the escapist!

  12. mike mingola & guy davis on BPRD. arcudi contributes, he’s not a third wheel, but its mingola’s vision interpered by davis. i know they’ve only been arcs but there starting a BPRD ongonig and i’m stoked.

  13. “And calling Millar and Hitch current is like giving a certificate of completion to the guy who finishes a marathon a week after it’s over.”

    HA HA HA HA HA Now that was funny shit!!!

    Atta boy Josh!!

  14. What about BKV and Tony Harris on Ex Machina? That book is consistently solid…

    Also, hasn’t Bill Winningham worked with the same artist for all of Fables? I think it’s Buckingham…

    Lest we not forget: Kirkman and Ottley. I think they do some little known super hero book…hmmm….

  15. Conor would yell at me.

    It’s important to leave abusive relationships before they escalate Josh, just look at Giant Man and Wasp!


  17. Are we just talking about writer/artist teams or all around creative teams? Because if so, we can include Frank Miller/Lynn Varley and Darwyn Cooke/Dave Stewart

  18. I thought of Varley/Miller tonight actually.

    The colors in 300 are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Ditto for Stewart/Cooke.

    But the show was about writer/artist (penciler really) currently working. That said, you can talk about whatever you’d like.

  19. Stewart/Anyone is a great pair but he does Cooke great, however he’s been with Mingola sence go with Hellboy and hasn’t quit through Davis and now Duncan. he’s the only colorest i take notice of.

  20. Hey guys,

    Love your podcasts (both).They’re fun to watch and listen to. It’s too bad Toney Moore didn’t stay on the walking dead. That could have turned out to be an all time classic. But I think that Ottley and Kirkman on Invincilbe has the potential to become iconic and I think there is a good shot at them staying together past to 100 & whatever record issue mark.

  21. GARTH ENNIS AND STEVE DILLON (Hellblazer, Preacher,  punisher…not so much.)

  22. You guys should’ve mentioned the Astro City team members!!  Astro City is so good shit!!  I don’t read it in issues so I don’t know about delays though, but still!

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