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iFanboy #2 – Brian K. Vaughan

Show Notes

It’s a comic book party with iFanboy and Brian K. Vaughan!

The guys travel to the ultra-cool Rocketship in Brooklyn, NY for a party that breaks all sorts of fanboy stereotypes. We talk to some fans, and get to chat with the tremendously talented BKV. Plus, could it be that Conor has found love?

What do you think? I think we’ve reliably proven that Brian K. Vaughan is not a douche, and is in fact, quite the opposite. Not sure what that would be.


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  1. Holy crap, it’s Wednesday!

    I’m still at the stage where the video is a surprise. It’s like not knowing about Christmas and coming downstairs in the morning to find a bike or pony in the kitchen.

  2. I have never found a pony in my kitchen, but I understand you are excited.

  3. Posting a link to this on BKV.TV.

  4. Jimski, you’re so right about the Wednesday surprise.

    Guys, love the new video iFanboy. It just keeps keeping better and better!

  5. Its Wednesday already?
    I forgot too, was a pleasant surprise

    I was dying when the subliminal LOST screen would pop up.
    Funny stuff

    And good interview guys

    When is Y: the last man wrapping up?
    if he said it didn’t compute…

  6. When is Y: the last man wrapping up?
    at 60
    53 came out last week

  7. I

  8. Fugginay guys great episode!

    You’re right, BKV is indeed not a douche…

    Did Connor followup with the Batman fan-girl?!

  9. Is there a popular assertion that BKV is a douche? Is that the subtext over there in that Ex Machina thread? That’s a new one on me.

    I finally read Pride of Baghdad over the weekend. Extremely moving and well-drawn and, again, open to interpretation vis a vis its “message.” Thumbs way up.

  10. conor…that may have been the woman of your dreams…i hope you got her number…

  11. Is there a popular assertion that BKV is a douche?

    The answer to that is in the video.

  12. I think the Douche comment comes from BKV himself in the video where he accuses himself of being a douche. He seems very sensitve that he doesn’t come off like a snobby comic creator (of which there are plenty certainly)

  13. Conor–tell me you got her number…

    oh wait…I wonder if she’s reading this thread…

  14. He made a joke about being a douche in the interview. In spending a lot of time editing that, I now associate him with the word douche in my head. Now you all do too.

    But no, he doesn’t have a reputation as far as I know. He was fucking great.

  15. What can be said, is that he spend a ton of time talking with everyone, and was really gracious to fans.

  16. The answer to that is in the video.

    Gotcha. Patience would have answered my question for me when I got home. That’s my line: I will visit iFanboy.com 10 times a day at work, but I will not actually start watching videos at my desk. Unlike Kevin Smith, I actually need this money.

  17. BKV seemed very geniue. Great video.

  18. will not actually start watching videos at my desk.

    wait, you’re not suppossed to watch videos at your desk? what the hell do you do all day?

  19. aaahhh, the subliminal messages are melting my brain!

  20. Guys! That was freakin’ awesome! I’ll say I was just as excited when I saw that the new video was posted. Excellent job. And if Conor didn’t get her number… shame!

    Off to the comic shop to spend hordes of money!

  21. What was that that Josh said at the end…Something about a waitress being hot??? And then something? Funny stuff. Good interview. Too bad you guys weren’t able to get Brian Wood also. But very good, none-the-less.

  22. I love the look on Conor’s face when she says she likes Batman. And I like that there was no more mention of it.

    It felt like kind of an inside joke for us previous listeners. Only we know of Conor’s true love for Batman.

  23. This is the coolest thing ever.
    This is also the first time I get to post from my new job.
    I hope Conor gets mega-laid.

  24. Josh has an amazing talent for interviews. Conner appears to be a ladies man of sorts. Am I wrong?

  25. Conor’th hot.

  26. For a comic fan, sometimes there’s nothing hotter, then a fine lookin’ woman, who likes her some batman.

  27. Guys, great interview. I’ll have to check out Rocketship’s site. Thanks for including it in the video.

  28. god i heart you guys, thanks for the vid and bvk was so, wow, down to earth

  29. You guys make Wednesday a day to actually look forward to..

    Shame I can’t watch it at work.. 🙁

    At least I got you on the podcasts so that isn’t bad.. 🙂

  30. Dude. that shit RULED.
    I just introduced a couple of friends of mine who ONLY read Y the Last Man and Walking Dead to Ifanboy with this video.
    Pulled off in true Ifanboy form.
    Also, that chick is way hot. IntroDUCE.

    Look for her on MYSPACE

  31. Conor, I nominate you for best fourth wall camera smirk ever — and I’m an Office fan so I know what I’m talking about.

    “Well alright” indeed!

  32. OhMIGOD the Office last week was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.


  33. Conor, cut the crap. Did you ask her out or what? Come clean already.

  34. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I miss Dwight.”

  35. liking the video podcast guys great job!! too bad you couldnt get brian wood in there as well, but dammit if BKV doesnt rock just as hard! 🙂

  36. Great ep tonight guys, keep up the great work, I’d love to see more eps like this one, interviewing the creators of our favorite books with the types of questions you do is awesome

    Can’t wait for the next wednesday

  37. Hey guys, just wanted to say that was a great interview. I’ve been listening to your podacasts since the first one and coming to the site regularly, but as a huge BKV fan I felt compelled to make my first post because you guys made my week. Thanks!

  38. That was really cool. You guys are going places with this. Anyone can put material on the internet, only truly talented people do it that well. I am jealous of your skills, but I am grateful I get to watch. Keep them coming, guys.

  39. Seriously Conor, did you get digits? We need details!

    I really liked this vid. I love BKV and Brian Wood. Thanks guys. I also loved the subliminals…

  40. Oh hey, that thing where the L O S T logo kept appearing… brilliant.

  41. Loved the vid guys. I’m stoked for Wednesdays for a brand new reason now. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the videos to come.

  42. thanks for making me a running joke guys

  43. It can’t be a running joke if we’ve only done it once.

    But now…

  44. conorssister@hotmail.com.

  45. no…I was in the end of the first video too and Conor made a big deal of not telling me for like a week. Shut up Josh, I do your makeup

  46. Conor’s sister: did your brother ask her out (girl form the video), gedt her digits, or what? Ultimate Payback time on your older brother, or younger brother.

    You’re the inside woman.

  47. I don’t get it… Why is everyone so interested in Conor’s sex life? Leave the man be, people!

  48. Yeah, I agree – his lack of reply to the questions speaks for itself.

  49. I just realized that last comment could be misconstrued – I meant the silence would indicate lack of interest in making it a matter of public discourse. Not of any success in the matter in question. Ok then.

  50. Wow, you guys are everywhere. I open iTunes; the video is right on the front page next to “Car Talk.” I check my RSS feeds; Heidi at the Beat has a link to the video. Man, hitch your wagon to Brian K. Vaughan for ten minutes and you’re made of gold.

  51. Nearly valueless gold, sure. But to the non-discerning eye, it certainly is gold-esque.

  52. BKV is the thing I love best about comics. I’m really thinking of going to NYCC just to see him. Great podcast guys. Thanks, as always.

  53. glad his back in comics

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