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iFanboy #198 – The Vault! Pluto, Vol. 1, The 120 Days of Simon, & Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

Show Notes

Every once in a while iFanboy likes to reach deep into their comic book vaults and pull out gems to share with everyone. Sometimes there’s a theme to the books and sometimes, like this week, there’s not.

Pluto, Vol. 1

One of the most talked about comic book series of recent years doesn’t feature any super heroes at all. In fact, it’s not even an American comic book – it’s a manga series from Naoki Urasawa about robot murders in a not too distant future. iFanboy jumps back into the manga pool!

The 120 Days of Simon

What happens when famous Swedish graphic novelist, rapper, television host, and radio personality Simon Gardenfors takes a trip around Sweden couch surfing with his fans? Lots of sex, drugs, and broken hearts… and a little bit of bloodshed.

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

The classic story from Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams has been re-released in a gorgeous re-colored hardcover edition… but the story remains as insane as it was when it was originally published in 1978! An alien race comes to Earth and demands to face our greatest champion! But is that Superman or Muhammad Ali? There’s only one way to figure it out – touch gloves and let’s get it on!


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  1. Pluto was absolutley amazing! i need to re-read this series in one sitting, it was packed with so much that reading it over time probably doesn’t do it justice.

  2. Haha, without the red krptonite Superman would have taken Ali’s head off. This episode makes no sense but was jokes nonetheless. God I hate Russell Brand

  3. All of these books sound great! Good choices!

  4. Great ep. And three books I want to read now.

  5. I haven’t been reading much manga lately, but when I start up again I think I’ll do so with Pluto.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about.

  6. Finally Pluto! Looking forward to this.

  7. the theme is great works on paper.

  8. His name, Gesicht, is pronounced “Guh-zisht”. I’ve wanted to read Pluto for a while.

  9. Hate to be “that guy” but Pluto was written by Naoki Urasawa.  The work is (loosely) based on Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy hence why their names both appear on the cover.  So when you say Tezuka is the “big thing coming out of Japan” I had to chuckle as he’s been dead for almost 21 years.

  10. The theme is all works have prominent characters that are already iconic, either in real life or from other works, before these books came out!

  11. Some of Top Shelf’s Swedish Invasion stuff is pretty good. I could get into some of it — they put out a book by Kolbeinn Karlsson called The Troll King that’s really fun and trippy — but I didn’t check out The 120 Days of Simon, and now I’m thinking that I should.

  12. I think you guys are stretching it a little bit to call the whole “Aliens think we all look alike” thing as actually racist rather than a lampooning of that actual claim of legitimately racist people.

  13. All three of those books sound ace, for completely different reasons.

  14. I really haven’t had any previous interest in manga, but Pluto looks pretty interesting.  I’m gonna give it a shot next time I have a slow week.

  15. these look like fantastic offbeat choices!

     i’ve already read some of pluto, but i really want to check out the 120 days of simon now..the voyeur in me tried to google simon gardenfors’ gilfriend, but couldn’t find anything. anyone have a proper name or image of the girl conner mentioned in this episode?

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