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iFanboy #197 – Vampires in Comics

Show Notes

Vampires! From True Blood to Twilight to Buffy, vampire stories are all the rage, and comics are no different. But just because something’s popular, that doesn’t mean it has to be bad. Vampires have been a major part of comic book stories for decades, and while there’s a little more focus on the fanged ones these days, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some great stories out there. So even if you’ve had enough, or think you have, don’t pass up these great vampire stories you can find in your local comic book store.

American Vampire takes all the sparkle out of vampires, and tells a story of American history if there were vampires deeply involved in the building of the country. From Vertigo Comics, Scott Snyder, Stephen King, and Rafael Albuquerque, American Vampire is just an incredibly well done comic book. Check out this Talksplode with writer, Scott Snyder.

Victor Gischler and Paco Medina’s “Curse of the X-Men” did what the X-Men have done many times before, and that is to fight Dracula. A blood bomb is released and San Francisco goes all fangy.

Brilliant by canceled, Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk brought us a tale of Dracula as a master of war, in the conclusion to their Captain Britain and MI:13 story, “Vampire State.”

Joss Whedon and a tribe of comic all stars took part in the great ambition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, from Dark Horse Comics, continuing where the TV show left off, and delivering (mostly) exactly what fans had missed about the show, but in comic form.

Going way back, Vertigo Comics had another series with a modern take on vampires called Blood + Water, from writer Judd Winick, where the idea of vampirism is a way to cure the incurable. Is it worth the price?

Finally, who could forget the lovable Irish vampire, Cassidy from Preacher? Not sure why he was there, but it didn’t matter, because it was a great take on vampires from a completely different direction. Check out our video show on Preacher.


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  1. what ever happened to Hannibal King?

  2. Nice show, Nice shirt, Ron.

  3. Okay, so, I haven’t watched this yet, but I bet that someone – probarbly Ron – brings up the current ‘X-Men’ run.
    Let’s see…

  4. @Doddsickle  You didn’t even read the show notes, either.

  5. @josh I am…going to leave the internet forever now.

  6. @Doddsickle  There’s no need for that, I don’t think.

  7. Batman & Dracula: Red Rain!

  8. Baltimore!

  9. Final Crisis: Ultraman and Mandrakk

  10. Chew had a vampire as well…

  11. This one is nice and short. I wonder when are you guys gonna talk about zombies, werewolves, and mummies. may be even ninjas, pirates, and robots?

  12. @skrewzlewz  But it was just someone pretending to be one.

  13. Knew you were gonna do American Vampire before the show even started. Looks good though, waiting for the paperback. Are there any good Blade stories? The first film was awesome, 2 and 3 not so much.

  14. @Jordan0061- the recent Blade series that Ron briefly mentioned was good.  Guggenheim and Chaykin did a self-contained (mostly) run of twelve issues with a clear ending that really took Blade on a ride.

  15. I never got it, did you guys say Blood and Water was good, or no?

    As far as American Vampire, I stayed away from it cause of the whole vampire craze lately but picked up the first hardcover and loved it, pulling it monthly now. 

  16. @MegaPhilip  It was good. That’s why it was in the show.

  17. Haha Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback fame wrote American Vampire?  Seems out of his wheelhouse.  In all seriousness, great book, stephen king and snyder did a great job with it.

  18. Great show guys, I’m allways looking forward to wednesdays. This episode took me back a couple of decades when I encountered my first true fright in a comic book in the pages of Dylan Dog. I was really young, and at that point read a bunch of EC horror titles and Dylan Dog’s (in Serbia), but it wasn’t untill I looked at the cover of an episode with a female vampire, fangs exposed, ready to devour the world that I almost crapped myself. Hands down the most scary comic book experience of my life. My spine tinglles a little bit just thinking about it. Anyway, Dark Horse did re-issue six or seven Dylan Dogs in the U.S. (it’s an Italian Bonelli comic), that’s worth checking out.Although they didn’t do the afforementioned episode, they did hit on a couple of classics. It’s available in an omnibus version.

  19. @seNoj1  As a Detroiter I must commend you for your avatar.

  20. Great show, guys. American Vampire is great, and I’ve been meaning to check out the Buffy comics.

    You forgot one of the fun sexy classics, though: Vampirella. Great Bronze Age character who’s been revisited over and over again, most recently in a pretty decent series from Dynamite (the first issue of which was on Don’t Miss a while ago).

  21. I’d enjoyed the the new FX, made me smile everytime something pops up. 🙂

  22. Nosferatu by Druillet is good to check out.

  23. @Abirdseyeview. Thanks very much!

  24. It is a shame you did not mention Blood Legacy – The Story of Ryan. That is one of my favorite comic book vampire stories. Top Cow – May 2000. I was always sorry that it was a one shot, four issue mini series.

  25. My favorite book about vampires is Life Sucks by Jessica Abel.
    My favorite Vampire movie is Thirst.

    Thirst is very very very disturbing.

  26. Great Show. Nice failed/succeeded joke at the beginning. This show reminded me that I wanted to read American Vampire, so I went straight away to my comic shop and bought the trade. Worth every penny.

  27. @Tork  No joke! Baltimore is awesome. Suprised it wasn’t mentioned, I’m sure it was a Josh pick of the week recently.

  28. 30 Days of Night?

  29. Just got this text from Seventies Marvel Dracula “Tell the Conor fellow that classifying my portrayal as baffoon-ish disturbed me greatly. Tell him I hope he sleeps well.” don’t know exactly what that’s all about and well… there it is.

  30. Really Love the Way you guys do you’re half ass skits, it really shows off your acting abilities 🙂


    You guys gotta see it.

  31. @Branagin77  I saw the original – LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. It was great.

  32. @devildog-right I kept waiting for it to be mentioned but it never was. 30 days of night was a great series. Oh and Sauron who doesn’t love a vampiric dinosaur.

  33. @harlequinian  I’ll be honest — and we mentioned this on the audio show about the movie — art aside, I’m not a big fan of 30 Days of Night. Although, as a big time vampire book it probably should have been mentioned.

  34. in Howard the Duck there was a vampire cow, which is a very scary concept if you think about it.

  35. @Unoob: Brilliant

  36. This episode sucked!

    (Get it?)

  37. @JNewcomb  Thirst is awesome!

    I think Josh kind of looks like Cassidy from Preacher. He should wear a sleeveless jean jacket on the next video show.

  38. didn’t reaIize that vampires are heavy in comics. Is man-bat from batman a vampire or just a vampire man-bat?

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