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iFanboy #194 – 2010 Book of the Year

Show Notes

Last year’s iFanboy Book of the Year was Darwyn Cooke’s Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter. He’s nominated again this year for his follow-up Parker book. Can Cooke win the coveted iFanboy Book of the Year award two years in a row?

And the nominees are:

January: The Unwritten, Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey & Peter Gross

February: The ‘Nam, Vol. 1 by Doug Murray, Michael Golden, & Wayne Vansant

March: Afrodisiac by Brian Maruca and Jim Rugg

April: The Rocketeer: The Complete Adventures by Dave Stevens

May: Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965 by Joe Kubert

June: Wednesday Comics by Various

July: Wilson by Daniel Clowes

August: Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse

September: Locke & Key, Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

October: Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke

November: Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann & Janet Lee

December: Absolute All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely


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  1. For the record, I’m still shocked that Ron picked Unwritten as his BOTM. Shocked, I say. SHOCKED! What’s next Scalped Vol. 1?

  2. To paraphrase T, pity books pitted against The Outfit. I pity them!

  3. That’s a good point about multiple reads for Afrodisiac. I am very glad I bought from your recommendations, but it did take me awhile to really like the writing. The art of course is beautiful, could look at the book for hours!

  4. Can we write in Duncan the Wonder Dog? 🙂

  5. Startin to think maybe I should get some of these Parker books

  6. Afrodisiac, eh? I’m there.

  7. I’m really glad to see Afrodisiac take it home, mostly because it was such an underdog. I totally just bought it.

  8. Red bow tie. White dress shirt. Grey suit. Yeah, Pee-Wee Herman

  9. Since Parker: The Outfit is the only one of these I read, that has to be my book of the year, although I really enjoyed Superman: Earth One and plenty of other trades I read.

  10. wow Afrodisiac winnning definitely comes as a surprise, I thought for sure that the finalists would be the outfit and return of the dapper men (both of which are fantastic)

    I haven’t read Afrodisiac, but I am intriguied after hearing such praise for the book.  Definitely something that I need to check out

  11. I am surprised Wednesday Comics lost out to Afrodisiac, but I commend you guys for sticking up for indie creators.

    By the way, did you guys notice that IDW has tons of top 2010 Gns on the list? That was way interesting.

  12. Wednesday Comics is clearly my favorite of the year.  The issues themselves got me back into collecting comic book issues in ’09, and the book in spite of its inability to be put on a shelf, is probably my favorite buy for the year. 

  13. Afrodisiac is the only book I bought, worth every peso

  14. Afrodisiac was a great book, I’m glad it got Pick of the Year.

  15. “It’s laundry day”..lol hilarious.
    Afrodisiac? on my list NOW.

  16. a quick Return of the Dapper Men note: the coloring on the wood backgrounds is paint, the rest is markers.

    and since it was the only one I’ve read (got the Parker books for Christmas so that one is soon to be read) I expected it to at least be a finalist.  but, all of these books look to be quite good. 

  17. Great book list, good reading, and some good books to look out for when shopping.  I’ve read The Rocketeer, The Nam, Stuck Rubber Baby, and part of the Superman collection.  I agree they’re all worth seeking out.  I need to pick up some of these other ones.  The Return of the Dapper Men, looks like a book you’d read to your kid at bedtime, and I like that.  A good wrap up for 2010.

  18. This episode isn’t showing up in iTunes for some reason

  19. I thought All Star Superman was a shoe in. I’ll check out Afrodisiac. Yall haven’t steered me wrong yet.

  20. I love that when Ron things “literary,” the first thing that comes to mind is … Harry Potter. Wow. 🙂

  21. Just about every book on the list would have been the right choice. Total pick-em based on personal taste. 

    I loved Wednesday Comics and Wilson personally. I really need to pick up Aphrodisiac at some point. 

  22. haha ellen, what a burn

  23. Just ordered Dappermen & Afrodisiac @ Amazon. 
    My favorites are “X’ed Out”, “Wilson” & “Acme Novelty #20”

  24. I’m sold on Afrodisiac.

    Also, Vietnam Ron is the Joke of the Year.

  25. Thank you so much for the Afrodisiac support. It’s very humbling. This was an amazing year for comics and the other books on the list are some of my personal favorites! So wow! Thank you. And if you like Afrodisiac, you can read my Ignatz-winning mini-comic, Rambo 3.5 for free here: http://jimrugg.com/rambo35.html

    Happy New Years!  

  26. The dot effect used in Stuck Rubber Baqby is called stipple. Pointilism is a process where different colored dots are used to create a coherent image when viewed at a distance. It was developed by George Seurat in the late 1800s. Its not unlike the process used by TVs and monitors, as well as 4 color printing. The dot pattern effect used in Afrodesiac and other books trying to emulate old comcs (the Image Next Issue Project and the issue of Might Avenegers where they get sent back in time also do this) are called Benday dots. There are photoship filters that simulate the effect, but nowhere near as authentically as Jim Rugg does in Afrodesiac.

    I know a lot about dots

  27. Loved Afrodisiac, a well deserved win. Great to see such originality being rewarded in this way.


    Worst reason for not picking a book for Book of the Year though goes to The Outfit. “Its better than what we chose for BOTY last year, but its too similar”. Either its the best book of the year or its not. Poor form.

    If you want it to be the “Top reccomendation of 2010” then do that, but Book of the year should be for the best book of the year, regardless of how many awards previous books in the same series were given.

    But in the end, Afrodisiac won. And Afrodisiac is a great book. Well done.

  28. Because of you guys I went and bought The Hunter and it blew me away, that also goes for The Outfit. So now i’m gonna try Afrodisiac, it should be a great and fun book to read from what you say, can’t wait!

  29. I’m sold on Afrodisiac, added it to my Amazon shopping cart just now

  30. Wednesday’s Comics HC is the TRUE book of the year in my opinion.  The other 2 “finalists” are just pretenders to the throne.


  31. Great episode. I already ordered my ‘Stuck Rubber Baby’ from Powell’s and looking forward to all of these. And I am now officially a member!

  32. ron always seems to get a little overzealous and can never really articulate WHY clowes’ stuff is any good: it’s incredibly dark and witty and insightful. but yeah, it’s can also a bit avante garde and ‘woody allen-esque’ sometimes, so i guess that’s not everyone’s thing.

    wilson was easily the funniest comic i’ve read all year, but i’m definitely giving Afrodisiac a try now, although i have a feeling it’s more for the ‘robot chicken’ adult swim crowd than my sense of humor..

  33. I hate Blacksploitation anything. Movies, books, etc…I hate this pick of the year.  It annoyed me.  That is all.

  34. @Keiichichan I am not a Robot Chicken fan. If that helps.

  35. @Keli Seconding Josh’s thoughts, I don’t like Robot Chicken but Afrodisiac was fantastic.

  36. @Keiichichan  I’ve never even seen ROBOT CHICKEN.

  37. Glad to see you guys in the saddle so quickly after the holidays. Only disappointed that Ron did not put up much of an effort, like a tie.

  38. You guys rule for picking Afrodisiac.

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