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iFanboy #193 – Best Writers, Artists, and Series of 2010

Show Notes

At the tail end of 2010, Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick take stock of all that was good in past year. There was a lot. We had a hard time keeping the lists down, to be honest.

These are the writers who made an impact in the last year. Some are familiar, and some are more familiar. We discuss the 2010 contributions of Grant Morrison, Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Geoff Johns, Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, Fred Van Lente, Jeff Parker, Rick Remender, Mark Waid, and Robert Kirkman.

Without artists there simply are no comic books, and the guys who did the best pages in 2010 deserve some praise. We give it up for Alan Davis, Chris Samnee, Gabriel Hardman, Francis Manapul, Rob Guillory, David LaFuente, Stuart Immonen, Skottie Young, Sean Murphy, Rafael Albuquerque, and Amanda Conner.

Finally, we go over some of the best mainstream comics had to offer in issues last year, with Daytripper, Hellblazer, Batman and Robin, Justice League: Generation Lost, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, The Amazing Spider-Man, Chew, The Flash, and Irredeemable. For our picks on each of our personal favorite series, see last week’s show.


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  1. Damn fine episode! You hit all the main points. Here’s to next year!

  2. So I am not the only one who ever saw ‘That thing you do’!

  3. I think my favorite artist of this year (aside from those mentioned in the episode) was Dustin Nguyen.  I’ll buy anything he draws.  My surprise favorite book of the year has to be Batgirl.  Every issue is just straight-up fun.

  4. Best Writer: Geoff Johns.
    Why: His ability to handle dark and heavy stories such as Blackest Night to bright and swift books like the new Flash on-going is nothing short of impressive. His new CCO position at DC is well deserved.

    Best Artist: Ivan Reis.
    Why: That guy drew his heart out on Blackest Night! Look at those pages! Full of characters but not too busy. His characters emote convincingly. His action sequences are brisk and visceral. That guy came into his own on that series!

  5. Bot a bad list but…

    Not sure how you can miss Johnathon Hickman in general for his output this year and if you are talking about artist coming on the scene this year, Hickman’s partner on SHIELD, Dustin Weaver, came out of nowhere to blow me away with what he is doing on that book.

  6. Good gosh, way too many writers, artists, and series to call out as the best of 2010.  But you guys definitely nailed a lot of them.

    Thanos Imperative should definitely be considered on this list too as Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s swan song for the Marvel cosmic universe was fantastic.

  7. It’s been a great year. All good choices guys.

    What did you think of Mark Millar’s year? The return of Ultimates (well, Ult Avengers) and the creator-owned stuff like Kick-Ass, Superior and Nemesis, not to mention the Kick-Ass movie meant he had a lot of output.

  8. Great show, looks like the first Thor TPB comes out today so I’m off to pick that up. Also Conor your Deadpool related groan at the end of the show nearly blew my eardrums out, I literally felt your pain.

  9. A rapid fire recap that somehow manages to highlight all the right people, eloquently explain the reasons that they were great this year and convey your genuine excitment for these creators, books and comics in general.

    A superb show, guys.

  10. @trobinson79  S.H.I.E.L.D. was my pick for on-going of the year.

  11. @davidtobin100  I really didn’t like ULTIMATE AVENGERS and I dropped it. KICK-ASS only had one issue out and it was probably my least favorite of all the issues so far. With SUPERIOR I liked the first issue a lot and was completely bored by the second. And we’ve talked a lot about how entertainingly bad NEMESIS has been. Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s been one of Millar’s best years for comics.

  12. I will say that, for me, the biggest surprise of the year has been Marcus To and his work on Red Robin. Clean lines, great storytelling and stellar acting from a guy who I’d never heard of a year ago.

  13. Best Writer: Kirkman, always.
    Best Artist: Rob Guillory, though I do miss out since I don’t read Marvel or DC, cuz they hhave some great talent.
    Best Series: Chew

  14. @CaseyJustice  You might like this then.

  15. @Conor: I agree about the creator-owned stuff. Personally I think the movie was a better version of Kick-Ass than the comic. I really liked the first two arcs of Ult Avengers but I think everyone was expecting something a bit more in line with his Ultimates run. Currently reading the first Thor: The Mighty Avenger trade btw and loving it. Yet another great comic iFanboy has turned me onto in the last year.

    @CaseyJustice: I’ve been loving Red Robin as well. The first two trades were just as entertaining as the Morrison Bat-books. 

  16. @muddi900  
    “Ladies and gentlemen…..  The O-neee-dersssss!!!!!”

  17. chew, chew, chew

  18. @Jesse1125  CHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Should have put Steve McNiven on the list. Always awesome art

  20. @Jordan0061  Not in 2010, at least that’s my opinion.

  21. @bigben2012  Agreed.

  22. @muddi900  i have never seen it.

  23. @Jordan0061  what did McNiven have out this year?

  24. @RahUniQue  NEMESIS.

  25. Best Writer : Jeff Parker Hulk & T-Bolts have been so much fun and a pleasure to read.

    Best Artist : Chris Samnee simply aweSOME.

    Best Series : Thor The Mighty Avenger

  26. @conor  really?! didn’t read it. Wasn’t interested at all.

  27. I think an older credits reel got attached, when I watched earlier it mentioned Revision3 at the end.

  28. Best Writer: Ron Marz. Loved all of his work this year

    Best Artist: Jeremy Haun. More people should look at his Berserker work, its Jaw-Dropping.

    Best Series: Artifacts. An event comic that I can’t tell what might happen next, in a good way.  Bringing back some classic characters, great dialog, great action, and sweet art from Michael Broussard for the first 4 issues.

  29. Great show. Even though you guys do a great job of raising awareness for what’s got the goods as it happens, these look-backs help highlight the truly best and you do a fine job of stating the case for all of those we may have missed in issues and have surely added several TPB’s to my shopping list. Congrats on another fine year.

  30. great show, i think i will check out the flash and see if i like it.  i have to Say all in all i agree with you, but i felt that Matt fraction and his run on Thor has been great, and i am really in joying the chaos war mini series.  Oh i almost forgot Hickman and the ff final arc

  31. No honorable mention for Nick Spencer?

  32. Pretty sure Nick Spencer will be in the honours next year, on his current trajectory.

    Great show guys! 

  33. Great show.  Irredeemable.

  34. @muddi900  – The O – nee – derz!

  35. I love these shows guys.  And you absolutely did mention a Deadpool book, Uncanny X-Force!

  36. Great show guys. Great summary of the past year.

    Locke & Key! Joe Hill! Gabriel Rodriguez!

  37. Great Artist this Year: Jefte Palo in Taskmaster. 
    Since Black Panther Secret Invasion he’s been growing a lot. 

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