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iFanboy – Episode #189 – The Walking Dead

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Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead is an independent comic book smash hit that has never met a comic book industry rule that it hasn't broken or convention that it hasn't defied. And after its record breaking debut on AMC, The Walking Dead series is set to do the same in television.

Along with artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, writer Robert Kirkman has a bonafide comic book phenomena in The Walking Dead. How did it happen? Why does it resonate with so many people? What is it that makes it such a great comic book? And perhaps the most important question of all: Why is it the one book that comic book that just about everyone in the industry — from creators to media to fans — has agreed not to spoil?

The premiere episode of The Walking Dead was not only helmed by Frank Darabont but it broke every ratings record that AMC had. How was the translation from page to screen and are the iFanboys excited for the future of the Walking Dead TV series?

NOTE: We try to keep as spoiler-free as possible in this episode. Spoilers in the comments section will be removed.



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    I love Robert Kirkman’s beard.

    This should be a fun show. Currently downloading… 

  2. anyone who wants to try and make some money off this idea i just had is welcome to because i probably won’t be doing anything with it, i have a lot of irons in the fire right now… it’s called "Everybody Loves Zombies" i don’t know if it would be best for a TV show or a comic or whatever, and i don’t know what the plot would be but then it’s about zombies so that’s not so important. you know the sort of thing, there’ll be a bloke and a girl and maybe another girl who is more (or less) bubbleheaded, depending on which way around you play it; the bloke of course will be completely average in every way and doesn’t say much but squints meaningfully and there’s probably another bloke who is more bookish and there will be antagonism between all of them and it will become hilarious and edifying as they battle zombies at the same time! it will be interesting for people to see decaying human flesh depicted and to imagine unspeakable suffering inflicted upon their own families, mostly it will be about ugliness and nihilism and despair which we all love don’t we–good luck, get scribbling

  3. @Asteraceae–you’re kidding right? 😉

    I’ve enjoyed both the WD books and TV series. I’m glad they’ve picked it up for a second series of episodes.  I’m also glad that the TV series doesn’t follow the books scene by scene as they’ve added plots and newer characters, which keeps it fresh for the fans that have read the books.  From what I gather, for the most part, people seem to enjoy the AMC series (at least the ones that enjoy horror). I hope the TV series has a nice long run as well.  I wondered if Kirkman ever speculated on when he might end the book, not that I want him too.  Also I think there should be at least one zombie walking around wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt.

  4. I really enjoy the series so far and i’ve never read the comics. I’m probably going to be getting the 1st Compendium for Christmas from somebody so i’ll start there. Can’t wait to watch this show at lunch (after my LCS run) =)

  5. The Walking Dead is my favourite ongoing series by a long way, which is remarkable considering that it’s not DC, it’s not Marvel, and it’s not about superheroes.

    Great show, I think you guys perfectly encapsulated everything brilliant about TWD! Now I’m strongly tempted to start re-reading the whole thing…

  6. @skrulldave, yeah Kirkman said there is no end in sight for the book. He is willing to go for years if not decades more as long as it keeps selling, sam with Invincible. He is really dedicated to his series, which is another reason he is my favorite writer. I’m also very excited because this week I’m finally jumping on this book in issues after getting vol 13.

  7. Quality comic & tv show that isnt dumbed down & delivers the goods everyrime.




  8. I love the walking dead, i’d give my right hand to be able to write comics like Kirkman

  9. I liked the show as always guys but here’s the thing… I read the first trade of Walking Dead and was really underwhelmed by it. Not that it was bad but the dialogue was pretty stiff and nothing about the characters or the story itself really impressed me. Does it get better or is this just one of those things that simply aren’t for me?

  10. @Ilash: It’s probably not for you.

  11. Yeah, I was afraid that that was the case. On the other hand that saves me from having to spend an insane amount of money trying to catch up to where they are now.

    Ah, well, I guess I’ll just stick to Locke and Key for great horror(ish) comics being converted into TV shows. And Scalped for all those "holy crap I cannot believe they just did that!" moments.

  12. good episode. i love the walking dead comic & the tv show. one criticism of this episode: you guys were talking over each other like an episode of The View. I know you guys are excited, but please don’t be considered the comic book version of The View.

  13. llash, try the first three trades. If you are not into it by then, give up.

    It would be a shame for you to not get to read 79 issues of mostly awesome storytelling just cause you weren’t sucked in by the first six issues.

    I just reread the six hardcovers and I think the first episode of the show was better than the first six issues of the book.

  14. @llash:  I’ve been reading and hooked since issue 1.  Prior to watching the tv show, I re read the first 48 issues and there is a marked difference in story telling from the first trade to the second… it improves/matures.  I agree with ScorpionMasada, the first 6 issues aren’t great.  I wouldn’t have noticed it until I read them over again.  I love Tony Moore’s art but I prefer Adlard’s because he drew better stories.

    If I had to compare the subject matter to a movie, I would say that if you liked "The Road," you will love The Walking Dead.

  15. Agree w/ the other guys, definately check out the 2nd trade.  It goes from good to great; you at least have to read Woodberry

  16. did Josh get new glasses? he probably misses his old glasses.

  17. I have to say, when Image started I got a few of their books nad was very unimpressed. Todd McF’s attitude turned me off completely and I would even LOOK at an Image book on the shelf.

    Then I heard about The Walking Dead…it was hard to ignore because I LOVE zombies. After a few years of tossing it back and forth and hearing mroe and more about it I picked up the first trade as a show for $5 and…

    12 trades later it’s the ONLY Image book I get in any form. I’m planning to buy some extras of the first trade to give to friends and family for Christmas.

  18. @AbirdseysView – See, now that’s a funny one. No one ever gets that when I say it.  Great line.

  19. I’ve read through the second hardcover, I hope spoilers are held at a minimum…

    I would also agree with other commentors, though I liked the first trade the series really took off for me at the second and subequent arcs…

  20. Great episode, but ummm.. what happened to the painting in the back ground?? I guess you really don’t miss something till it’s gone 🙁 (or covered up??)

  21. @csama: CONTINUITY ERROR!

  22. u guys really need to do an Invincible too

  23. @jjoe23j: agreed!  

  24. Hell yes, quality episode gentlemen! Really enjoying the Walking Dead show. It would be even better if it was actually called that. And now it’s time for… The Walking Dead Show!

    I does seem unusual and anomalous that Walking Dead sells so much better than Invincible. I personally do prefer Invincible, but Kirkman is generally on.

  25. Thanks for the tip guys. I may check out the second trade. As for the show, I’m interested but, while I loved The Road, I’m not so sure I feel like watching so bleak week after week.


  27. nice shirt ron!

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