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iFanboy #186 – Classic Fantastic Four

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If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, you owe it all to the amazing run on Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

After finally reading, and finishing, both volumes of the Fantastic Four Omnibus, Ron Richards pulls Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick together to analyze and dissect the comic that started it all. ¬†Everything from the humble beginnings, to The Thing changing A LOT, to the sexism, to the evolution of Kirby’s amazing art, it’s all here. Even the classic Galactus storyline and the introduction of The Inhumans!

If there was a name for imagination in comic books in the 1960s, it was the Fantastic Four.


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  1. My Tivo and I miss the video podcast.  Any update on getting it on Tivo?

  2. Great show, guys! As much as I am a "DC guy", I’ve always loved the FF.

  3. Interesting show. I was famliar with these stories and was wondering about other eras ie.  John Byrne’s run, and if there were any modern FF tales or story arcs that might be worth reading.  But you are right in that it seems like a lot of cannon and characters comes out of the FF early issues. 

  4. Both Omnibus?  That only takes you to issue #60.  Lee/Kirby went to issue #102 plus annuals.  You should definitely read this digitally.  It’s available in several forms, best one is here:  http://marvel.com/digitalcomics/

    Their creative run never drops in quality, excellent every page.  Most readers wouldn’t think comics that old are that good, ’til they actually make time to read it.  It’s the best of Marvel along with Lee’s 110 issue run on Amazing Spider-Man.

    That said, it’s also interesting to note that Kirby’s comics only really work on this level of quality storytelling when Stan Lee was plotting/scripting.  His Eternals and Devil Dinosaur are just not good, even though they are interesting concepts.  They just don’t work on the page.

  5. @barrow – we’re working on restoring service with TIVO – right now it’s a problem on their end that we’re waiting for them to resolve – thanks for your patience!

  6. "I know, he stretches…why do you explain it every issue?!" Best. Line. Ever. And so true. That’s one of the biggest nitpicks I have with that age of comics. I swear, if I read "Due to a necessary impurty, Green Lantern rings are ineffective against the color yellow." one more time, I’ll go crazy.

  7. "women should be kissed, and not heard."



  8. Brilliant show, guys. I might have to pick these up. 

    Was there ever a collection of Fantastic Four comics released on DVD to read on your computer, like there were with some other Marvel characters? (I’m pretty sure Spider-man and Captain America both had these) 

  9. I loved this episode. I wish there was a mention of Hickman though and his current arc.

  10. @The Deadpool – Yes, you can find it on http://www.amazon.com  It’s better than the omnibus for multiple reasons 1. Has nearly 600 issues for $40, omnibus has 30 issues for $100+ 2. DVD is original scans of comics and artwork, omnibus is reprinted 3. Omnibus weighs several pounds and again 4. You get alot less value from the omnibus and it’s incomplete.  Without the entire 102 issue Lee/Kirby run, you’re missing out on alot.

  11. Even better, get 2 for almost the price of one:


    not the same as having that pulp between your fingers, but can’t argue with the value.

    Am glad to see the FF is hopefully making a comeback as they were my second love behind the X-Men.  Beyond Kirby there are some great runs by Byrne and others in the 80’s which you can find in these DVDs.

  12. Glad to see you guys review this run. I’ve been meaning to read the it, but the third omnibus might never come out :(. I’d hate to buy part of the run in one format and then complete it in another. 


    As for dvd versus omnibus, omnibus pages are restored so well and are such a nicer package then dvds. 

  13. Love these back to the vault episodes. Keep up the great work dudettes!

  14. Any recommendations on the post Lee/Kirby stuff?

     I got the John Byrne Visionaries volume 2 ("Galactus Falls"), but what else is worth checking out? 

     Anybody remembers "Nobody Gets Out Alive", when Reed Richards supposedly died?  Somebody is always getting replaced on the team.

     I have been digging the Hickman stuff.  After seeing Franklin and Valeria cross over into "X-Factor" (not to mention future Dr. Doom- cool), I was intrigued by the characters.   

  15. Great episode, guys. I love the old FF stuff. You just have to get your mind set so that the ’60s context doesn’t bother you. More than even the societal issues, I think most of the battle is just realizing how comics were written back then and WHY. Once you accept that, the constant recapping doesn’t bother you so much and you can really appreciate what Lee and Kirby are doing within that working model. Even the more clunky aspects have a great deal of charm in them once you look at the medium historically.

    As for other good FF stuff: Everything Byrne is gold, maybe even better than the Lee/Kirby run imo. Also look for the ’90s-’00s issues that Carlos Pacheco did. I like those runs more than the Hickman run. Not to diss Hickman, because I really like him and his run, but I get the impression that many people love Hickman’s FF just because it’s the first good FF run they’ve ever read. Hopefully what Hickman’s doing will blossom into a classic, but so far I feel like a lot of it is a rehash of certain past elements that other FF writers did a bit better. I like Hickman’s approach to storytelling, though.

  16. Why are we reminded that Reed can stretch, Green Lanterns can’t affect the color yellow, or that Daredevil got powers from radioactive waste in his eyes?

    Because every comic book is somebody’s first comic book.

  17. Is there an RSS feed for the latest video podcasts? I’m subscribed to the Revision 3 one but that hasn’t been updated since the Red Hulk episode. I don’t use iTunes, so is there another feed I can use?

  18. Fun episode.  I’ve never read any classic Fantastic Four, but this makes me want to dig some up.  Perhaps via Graphic.ly.

    I’m willing to tolerate a nude show, but only if it is immediately followed by each of you performing Christopher Walken’s dance routine from the video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice.

  19. HOLY SHIT….it just hit me… I met Connor and Ron briefly at C2E2 and it was mega uncomfortable. Not because of you guys, but because i’ve been a fan of the site and you gentlemen for a while, and watch you weekly and listen to you weekly…so i have this wierd internet/podcast bond which you dont…

    but the one thing i couldnt stop thinking was…"why IS connor so intimidating?" The look he gives the camera at 10:40 (roughly, and leading up to it) is scary!

    you sinister f! Great vid as usual, keep up the good work guys!

  20. Great episode, gang!

    I just started reading Mark Waid Fantastic Four run from 2001,2002 and whatnot, very groovy stuff. 

    Also dig the tribute to Stan and Jack, Fantastic Four World’s Greatest Comic Magazine 1-12 by Erik Larsen and friends from 2001.

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