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iFanboy #18 – Spotlight on Robert Kirkman

Show Notes

This week iFanboy spends a little time with the work of writer, Robert Kirkman. And then, for the sake of completeness, we decided to go straight to the man himself. Luckily, he was in town promoting his new Image title, The Astounding Wolf-Man. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Robert Kirkman, this is the show for you.

What’s your favorite work by Robert Kirkman? What about the father issues? We can’t be alone in this, can we? Share with us!


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  1. Hey Guys!!!! Awsome video. I was there that night. I made my Little Cameo Apperence all the way at the end. I was the yongest kid at that signing. Yup a 15 year old at a place with alot of older people.Fun Fun Fun. I was the one in the Drunken Monkey sweater posing with Kirkman. Robert Kirkman is a real nice guy. He was so nice that he bought me the Invincible Ultimate Library Vol 1. that you see in the background of the interview. And iFanboy guys, did you notice a quiet women standing at the entrace of the store…. well that was my mom. ahhh I love my mommy!! So Yeah. That was an awsome night. All though we had to travel all the way from Centereach To Nyc which took a while but it was worth it. i had to go on the line 3 times to get all my Kirkman books signed. Well thats from me. Keep up the good work and do more interviews!

  2. Guys, enjoyed the show, but I couldn’t get the hi-res version to work for some reason.

  3. Should have said “hey”, Wally!

  4. I had some trouble with the hi-res Quicktime version as well. I think something is wrong with the audio portion of the file. I eventually had to go with the WMV file. (bleah!) If you get the QT version fixed, please let us know!

  5. I dropped a note to Rev3 to check into the problem. We’ll let you know when we’ve got an update.

  6. Awesome, Just finished work, Can’t wait to watch this, Kirkman is awesome, Thanks guys

  7. Hi, the high res version of the video is missing the audio track!
    Maybe you find time to take care of this.

    Great show though.

  8. The issues with the hi-res quicktime version should be resolved – if you download it and there are audio issues, try again in a little bit (just waiting on the cache to refresh)

    apologies for the difficulties

  9. Hey great show guys!
    But one Kirkman comic you guys missed out on is ‘Brit’. Just wondering if you guys have read it and your opinions about it?
    Personally I think it is almost on par with invincible, which is pretty damn good! As it happens in the same universe with common characters. Maybe just slightly a little more adult orientated. But definatley a great read. A must for all invincible fans!

  10. Actually, it so happens that there may in fact exist a Brit review from this very show that may have been cut for time, and which may appear at some point for your perusal.

    But that’s all very speculative.

  11. I am about to watch this video but what kills me is that I had planned to be there as I am in CT temporarily, hurt my back (really bad) and had to go back to VA for convalescent leave for two weeks. He’s published me in his letters section and I was gonna get all my crap signed and now I find that you guys would have gotten to see the hulkingmarvelman.

  12. As always, I’m very jealous of how many awesome creators swing through your neck of the woods. I love all of Kirkman’s books. I think he has this great sense of humor with his characters and the worlds that they live in. I really wish guys like him and Vaughn would swing through the STL. It would be great to meet them.

    Great show. Keep it up!

  13. This was awsome ’cause I just read all the walking dead trades last week (that you guys turned me on to) and need a kirkman fix. I also started reading the DMZ now ’cause of you and it is really good keep up the great recomendations.

  14. Great show guys, but I’m getting a little tired of the cutesy one word show names. “Robert”, seriously? Come on, let’s be a little less pretentious than that.

    “Robert Kirkman” is perfectly acceptable show title. Someone has to overule Ron on this.
    I really don’t want to come across a future episode simply titled “X”

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