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iFanboy #176 – San Diego Comic-Con 2010 (Part Three)

Show Notes

The majesty of the San Diego Comic-Con cannot be contained in just one episode, as you’ve seen with our previous two, but this one, this final episode brings you in the presence of greatness of some of the comic book industries gems who currently are working on Superboy, The X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and many, many more.

Scott Snyder of American Vampire and Detective Comics

Up and comer Scott Snyder already has an uber-successful book on his hands with American Vampire at Vertigo, but now he steps things up with the writing duties on Detective Comics, taking on Batman.

Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie of Phonogram, X-Men, and Thor

An iFanboy favorite moment, catching up with those wacky Phonogram creators from the UK. But this year, they’ve got some amazing work over at Marvel Comics that they’re eager to discuss as well as the CBGB Anthology (Gillen) and news of new Suburban Glamour (McKelvie)!

Tad Stones, creator of Darkwing Duck

Fan favorite Darkwing Duck is back in comics and we catch up with Darkwing Duck’s creator, Tad Stones, to see what he thinks of the new book and how he’s getting involved.

Rob Guillory & John Layman of Chew

Last year’s story of the con was the new book, Chew, and this year creators Rob Guillory and John Layman return to celebrate winning an Eisner for their critically acclaimed book from Image Comics.

Jeff Lemire of Sweet Tooth, The Atom, and Superboy

Indie darling Jeff Lemire has enjoyed a year of success with his Vertigo series Sweet Tooth but he’s also excited to dabble in superheroes at DC Comics with The Atom and Superboy.

Kody Chamberlain of Sweets

One of the best books of the con was the new series from Image Comics, Sweets, by Kody Chamberlain who joins us to talk about the labor of love with this new book.

Matt Fraction of Iron Man & Uncanny X-Men

Coming off one of the best X-Men crossovers ever, Matt Fraction checks in to discuss Marvel’s mutant universe as well as his recent new arc on Iron Man.

Stan Lee, The Man, The Myth, The Legend

It’s always a treat to catch up with the man who created so many of the characters we know and love, Stan Lee. We were excited to hear that he’s creating new characters at BOOM! Studios and Stan was overjoyed to tell us about it.


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  1. The hard work is appreciated, gentlemen.  Thanks!

  2. I love Stan Lee…Josh, it made me laugh though.  You talking to him reminded me of how I talk to my grandmother.

  3. Episode 3, after the credits, return of mayhem



  4. did you guys stop uploading on youtube?

  5. Good episode guys love the interview with Stan "The man" Lee.

    what no Joe Casey and Josh comedy gold this year at comic con?



  6. @NathanNicado: That’s not our department. Revision3 does that.

  7. @victorbarriga: Check out the comments for the second episode.

  8. John Layman reveals too much about upcoming stuff. But great interviews!

    PS @Josh, how great is it interviewing Stan again? Not to mention him calling you a good interviewer.

  9. Stan’s was the first interview I’ve done on camera since last year. That’s a high bar. But he’s easy, and it’s fun.

  10. Thanks so much for this guys. I literally live a world away from the SDCC so I really appreciate the taste that you guys give of the con for those of us who couldn’t make it.

    And, of course, God bless Stan Lee. He’s always beyond awesome.

  11. Two thumbs up, guys – great job. So good to see all these writers & artists firing on all cylinders, & Stan, who was there at the Creation. You did not cover those hard yards in vain.

  12. Hey I just noticed Sonia in the background during the Gillen/McKelvie interview

  13. @Conor: I think they stopped.


    Who are Fanboy?

    Who can resist Fanboy?

  14. Great show. Surprised that Phonogram: TSC was never a potm btw.

  15. @davidtobin100: What is a potm?

  16. @conor I’m guessing pick of the month. (book of the month)

  17. @Conor: I meant book of the month.

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