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iFanboy #169 – Remembering Frank Frazetta and Dick Giordano

Show Notes

This episode of iFanboy ran into some technical difficulties, for which we apologize. We join the discussion of Frank Frazetta in progress (and really, you only missed our introduction to the show and Mr. Frazetta. Not much at all really)

Frank Frazetta

You may know Frank Frazetta from his work in fantasy paintings, giving the look and identity to Conan the Barbarian, but you may not have known that Frazetta was a child prodigy, drew funnybooks in the 1940s, and got his break into fine art and painting through Mad Magazine.

One of the most influential artists of all time, Frazetta’s memory lives on through the numerous album covers, book jackets and movie posters, where his painted art defined a generation.

Dick Giordano

An accomplished artist and inker at Charlton Comics and DC Comics, Dick Giordano has pretty much drawn every superhero character you’ve ever seen. But his art was just the beginning of his impact on comics. As an editor he helped to break and train new talent in the comics industry and as Executive Editor at DC Comics, he oversaw the ushering of the modern age of comics by green lighting such projects as the Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Crisis on Infinite Earths (which he also inked!), Swamp Thing and the creation of the Vertigo line of comics and many more.

If you’re a fan of DC Comics and comics from 1980 onwards, Dick Giordano has influenced and impacted the comics you read and we take some time to celebrate the work he accomplished, up until his last published work on Jonah Hex #51.


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  1. I could smell Conan just by looking at Frazetta’s art.

  2. Beautiful show guys. It’s a shame you lost the first part, especially after seeing how much effort you guys put into the episode

  3. Great episode guys. I owned all of those old Conan paperbacks with the Frazetta covers & he made that world so tactile it was scary, almost like he was painting from life. As for Giordano, it’s almost impossible to overstate his influence on the field we all love so much – was there anything the man didn’t do? We’re lucky to have had them both. R.I.P. gents, & thank you.

  4. Conor wasn’t wearing shoes lol.

  5. Wonderful show, guys. I was already familiar with Giordano, but knew nothing of how influential Frazetta was as well. This was a fitting tribute to both of them and makes me appreciate them all the more.

  6. Good tribute to both artist.  Another artist that passed away recently was Al Williamson.  He made a lot of the cons and was a very humble, approachable guy.  He also did many books and should be remembered as well.

  7. That really was a good show. good choice of music, as well.

  8. Fantastic show guys. Very classy.

    I’m curious though. What was the first part of the show going to be like.

    Again, Kudos. 

  9. Have you seen the other shows, where we say "hi welcome to ifanboy," and then say our names? That’s what you missed.

  10. Awesome show, moved by the Giordano part.

  11. Very classily done, guys! 

  12. Loved this episode.

  13. This was fantastic.  And Josh, you’re a heck of a guy for your twitter admission about your initial misgivings.  Episodes like this, turns of integrity like that, these things (among others) are why iFanboy is the best. 

    Thanks as always, gentlemen. 

  14. @AMuldowney: yeah. That’s right.

    Thanks for the honesty about the tech difficulty. Didn’t diminish the awesome, the admission actually added.

  15. Ron/Conor/Josh, you gave these subjects the sensitivity & respect they deserved without compromising your signature style – hold your heads high, gentlemen.

  16. Wow.  I almost cried with the intro music.  Great show.

  17. A nice tribute to two industry giants, guys.

    In case anyone’s wondering, two of the Conan paintings in the Frazetta tribute were actually by Boris Vallejo (5:13min & 9:14min).

    As for "The Fearless Vampire Killers" movie poster (4:09min) – Frazetta did the cartoony characters along the bottom, but not the ‘woman & vampire’ painting above it.


  18. great episode

  19. Great episode. 

  20. Nice job boys.

    A couple of missing links in Frazetta’s evolution to doing Conan were his character Thunda and his pen and ink illutstrations for Tarzan stories. 


    "The Playing With Fire"  Frazetta documentary is a must see. 

  21. I think the last major Frazetta work in pop culture was the art for the first Wolfmother releases. The first EP and LP, I believe.

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