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iFanboy #151 – Witzend #3, It Came From the Storage Unit: The Avengers #332, & Hellblazer: Pandemonium

Show Notes

Witzend #3

An unexpected gift of a box of comics leads Ron to discover a true gem and an authentic piece of comic book history: Witzend #3. Never heard of Wally Wood’s self-published anthology that featured work by some of comics’s biggest names? Now you have. Don’t know why it’s important? Now you will.

It Came From The Storage Unit: The Avengers #332

Conor has gone into his storage unit and randomly selected a stack of comics in an attempt to remember the stories just from studying the covers and jogging his addled memory. Will he be successful? The smart money says no, but it will be fun watching him attempt to access parts of his comic book reading brain that have laid dormant for years, and in some cases, decades. This week is The Avengers #332 from May 1991! How will Conor do up against a 19 year old comic book? Well, sometimes things go his way!

Hellblazer: Pandemonium

One of Josh’s favorite comic books? Hellblazer. One of Josh’s favorite comic book characters? John Constantine. One of Josh’s favorite comic book artists? Jock. When original Hellblazer writer Jamie Delano teams up with Jock to create an original Hellblazer graphic novel called Hellblazer: Pandemonium, you can bet on one thing: Josh is going to be a very happy boy.


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  1. The question I’m asking you Conor is not whether or not we’re watching the new video show, but are we doing so with our pants off?

  2. Its funny, I actually knew what that issue of avengers was about, when I was a kid my mom brought me a giant bag full of comics back from over seas (she was in the navy) and in it I had my first exposure to things like Green Lantern, Avengers, and Judge Dredd. I distincly remember the the avengers issues particularly because they all centered around the time Rage joined the team and it was the longest string of comics in this bags so I read them over and over again so it was just fun to revisit this issue with conor. Fun note in that bag I also had the 2 issues that ended with tim drake becoming the 3rd robin. ah I miss those comics..

  3. Wolverine looks quite dapper in that suit on the cover. There needs to be more Wolverine in suit occasions. 

  4. Conor’s bits in the video anthologies are ALWAYS the best.

  5. Cool show guys. Gonna order that Hellblazer hc I think. My stack is multiplying every time I visit this site….

    Just noticed dishes clanking in the background at 12:30 on my second watch – Guess Josh is using us as his excuse to avoid dishwasher duty! 😉

  6. I’m positive Conor wasn’t wearing pants.

    Fun show. I’m very much warming up to these anthology episodes.

  7. @jackietam – it’s only proper etiquette to remove your pants during "It came from the storage unit". I just watched it at work and had my pants off the whole time. 

  8. @davidtobin100

    It’s a great book!  You’re making a wise decision.

  9. Were you wearing pants, Connor?

    Wait…never mind. I think it should be left a mystery to the ages. I don’t need the mental scars. 😛

     Would it be creepy if we started saying whether or not we watched the show while wearing pants? Good show guys.

  10. "It Came From the Storage Unit" was always my favorite segment in the days of the ifanboy mini.  I’m so glad weve gotten a few more in recent months.

  11. Just a note of trivia:

    The dignitaries at the Avengers party that I didn’t recognizze until later were:

    President Bush and Barbara Bush
    Prince Charles and Lady Diana
    Ted Turner
    President Reagan

    It was an A list event!

  12. @Conor: Ted Turner without Jane Fonda? Scandal (granted she may have caused a scene with the Bushes)

  13. I’m fairly certain that I could plug my computer monitor into Dr. Doom’s mouth on the cover of that issue (or die trying!).

  14. I’d really like a Witzend collection now. That is some gorgeus art.

  15. Witzend looks awesome might have to find some of that Mr. A stuff.

    I really hope this Herioc age calls back some of that Avengers goodness.Plus that art is pretty amazing in that issue.

    And Hellblazer Pandomonium looks great.

  16. I appreciate Josh’s analysis of Pandemonium. I think it was very well done.

  17. Was it just me, or was Snarf in a chokehold in that Frank Frazetta strip?

  18. Interstesting show.  Looking at the content of that Avengers book shows me why I have little interest in most books during the 90’s.  I loved Pandemonium though and I’m glad that it’s got so much press on this site.

  19. @Ron:  Did you lose some weight?  If so, keep it up.  As someone in healthcare, I’ve decided to enact the changes I am always bitching to my patients about.

    Great accomplishment, and let’s face it: comic reading ain’t the healthiest hobby (in terms of physical well being).

    Anyways, congradulations!

    Sorry, I think the above violates the guidelines, so I will say:

    Not that impressed with Hellblazer this week.  Like Josh, Delano never resonated with me.  Get Ennis to revisit John!  (I guess he already did once.)  But I really, really, like that there was a Hellblazer OGN, I hope they do more. 

  20. GAH!!  Snadman was part of the Avengers?!!???  O.o

     I hate the 90’s Avengers!!  grrr…   🙁

  21. ahaha Conor you manhandled that comic!

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