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iFanboy #150 – Terry Moore: Indie Comics Creator of ‘Strangers in Paradise’ and ‘Echo’

Show Notes

Terry Moore first came onto the comic book scene in 1993 with his indie series, Strangers In Paradise, 15 years later, we’re still talking about the series and what made it so good. If you haven’t read it, then we break down what makes it so compelling

What is it about Strangers In Paradise that has made it such a hit among fans? It has a lot to do with Moore’s expressive art style and incredibly relatable characters. The legacy of the book has lived in as it finds itself in a massive number of reprints and even a recently released Omnibus.

Some might be intimidated about following up their life long work with a new title, but Moore introduced Echo and gave us a new story with his same art style, but a much different story, touching on sci-fi, conspiracy theories and intrigue. With a movie on the horizon, it seems as if Terry Moore has done it again with his creator owned comics.


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  1. Is Terry Moore related to Alan Moore?

  2. He is not.

  3. Can ron show us all his sketch?

  4. I thought Conor disliked SiP?

  5. Congratulations on 150 episodes

  6. Nice work, gentlemen. That’s my favorite blooper in memory. Nice attempt on powering through, Josh.

    I do really love Terry Moore’s artwork when he’s doing it all himself. STRANGERS IN PARADISE is beautiful. Recently, I discovered something called DC1ST: BATGIRL/JOKER from 2002 that Moore did some pencils on. It wasn’t very strong, though it appears that Jimmy Palmiotti was inking it so maybe that’s why.

    Anyway, this episode is making me add SiP to my reread list. I tried it before and something about the story didn’t connect very strongly with me. I suspect I was reading it too quickly, which is something that I have a problem with occasionally. I’m looking forward to trying it again.

  7. Strangers in Paradise is soo good. I am glad you are finnally doing a show on it. woot woot.

  8. I love Echo.  Having read SiP yet, but it’s on the reading list.  Fantastic show gentlemen.

  9. Did anybody notice the blonde is wearing mom jeans?

  10. I’ve read all of "Strangers In Paradise" and "Echo."

    On SIP, you’ve got to get to the end.  If you like it, it just gets better and better with some epic events.  Such great characterization.  The pocket books might be the cheapest way to go.

    The action in Echo has been fantastic.  A great 30 issue story.  High energy.  Read the 1st paperback, and you’ll likely want to read the rest.

  11. @vadaowens: It was the early-to-mid 90s. They all wore mom jeans.

  12. @conor I know, but its still horrifying to see, lol.

  13. I’ve read SIP in the pocket book format and it was fantastic. When they spine out it makes a great illustration of the characters from the series.

    I really liked the prose parts of the books. Reading it in issues, though, did anyone get frustrated with the prose pieces or were they well received? If Terry Moore wrote a novel I would definitely give it a read.

  14. Greeeeat episode I think I’ll have to pick up SiP on dcbs, but what I want to know is if josh cries on the subway

  15. I cry everywhere. I’m crying right now.

  16. I had heard the goal for Echo is going to be 30 issues.  It’ll probably be a little more, as it almost always works out that way.  Either way, I think it’s safe to say we’ll see a Bone-esque One Volume Edition of that some time.

    As for SiP, I stopped reading it toward the end of Pocket Book 2, and I have no idea why.  I remember after the first flash forward I thought "This book was written for me." I’m going to have to get PBs 3 and 4 (already have 5 and 6) and make it my Summer reading project.

  17. The pocket books seem to be the way to go. Have been reading Echo in the trades. Wasn’t sold on the first trade at all, but the second trade really turned me around on the story. Somehow Moore reminds me a little of Maguire on JLI – I think they’re two of the only cartoonists to really nail expressions.

  18. @davidtobin

    Pick up Power Girl. Now.

  19. I own Omnibus #149. It is the jewel of my collection.

    And Echo rocks

  20.  doesnt ron talk about S.I.P. enough in every other episode?

  21. Aside from the omnibus, this episode doesn’t really cover anything you guys haven’t already talked about before.

  22. Thanks for watching!

  23. Great show -I’ve watched it twice and some parts more than twice. Well done!

    My Daughter (15) reads at a weapons grade level and I’m trying to turn her on to comic books.  Besides, "Echo" can you suggest other works which might interest a teenage girl?  And have you thought about dedicating a show to your female audience?

  24. Nice ep guys!  Yeah SiP is one of the best.  I admit to not being into it right from the start, but I remember being very interested in it’s ‘realism’ early on.  But then the Image switch happened.  But then I was back on for the remainder! 😉

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