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iFanboy #15 – Viewer Mail: Comics For People Who Don’t Like Superheroes

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Superheroes do nothing for you? Does the sight of grown men and women in colorful spandex get you down? All this talk about costumed crime fighters make you itchy? Well, iFanboy is here to help! This week, the guys spotlight five great books for people who don’t like superheroes! Between Fell, The Walking Dead, DMZ, Y: The Last Man, and Fables there is nary a mutant X gene or shadowy scourge of the underworld to be found.

What are some of your favorite comic book series for people who don’t like superheroes? Do you have any good cookie recipes?


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  1. No milk!?

  2. Ron, i thought i was the only person on the planet who didn’t like fables. this is what its like when doves cry.

  3. also, you guys never talk about one of the best image (now moving to dark horse) titles, Rick Remender’s Fear Agent. the stories are classic Sci-Fi, like star wars meets indiana jones. the art by Tony Moore and Jerome Opena is amazing as well. this book kicks ass, and i recommend it to anyone wwho remoltly diggs sci-fi stuff.

  4. Yayyy Fables!

    -one of those people Ron hates 🙂

  5. ooo those cookies made me nauseous, I got the stomach flu at the moment and the Snapple and cookies really made my stomach start rolling other than that great episode 🙂

    Josh I remember having a Fables conversation on the site with you a little while ago along the lines of how the book hooks you and it really does. After the first two volumes which are character set up and the third volume which starts to get the story moving by the time you reach the fourth volume you’re hooked and can’t stop getting more.

    If there is anybody out there who is interested in Fables I totally second Josh’s critique of the series it’s really excellent and once you get into it will become your favorite book and everybody who I ever have lent them to has fallen in love with it when they reach volume 4 it

  6. As someone who pretty much only reads superhero comics, all I’ve ever pitched is Strangers in Paradise.

    And I can’t remember what recipe I used the last time I baked cookies.

  7. Everyone should be reading King City by Brandon Graham http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6416212.html&nid=2789

  8. Thanks for the response. Since sending the e-mail I’ve gotten through all the trades of Y: The Last Man and am loving it. I read the first trade of Fables and wasn’t that impressed, but I guess I’ll try to stick with it. I’ve got a couple trades of The Walking Dead hanging around but I haven’t messed with them much yet. So far the thing I’ve loved most (besides Y) has been Transmetropolitan. So good and such a great idea.

    I’ve also started reading some good superhero stuff (gasp!), inspired by your wonderful podcasts. I’m loving The Spirit. Robin and Detective are a lot of fun. And I’m tearing through trades of Ultimate Spider-Man.

    And now I’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff to check out! Thanks again for the response. Love the show.
    – Peter

  9. My favorite moment: Conor exercising the 5-second rule.

  10. If you want to eat and drink great. I do it all the time, but please use your editing software to tone down the chomping and gulping sounds. They’re kind of gross.

  11. Boy, you’re really not going to like the upcoming iFanboy Chili and Raw Oyster Extravaganzaa.

    Your loss dude.

  12. What kind of cookies where those? I want some now.

    By the way, you can’t forget about Criminal. It’s like diet-Fell or Fell-lite.

  13. Chocolate chip!

  14. You guys only just touched on Preacher, So I want to give it another plug. If you’re not a big fan of organized religion, but like sex, violence and dark humor, you can’t go wrong with Preacher. Pick up the first two trades and you’ll be hooked.

    Also Pride of Baghdad, satire of the Iraq war that is not preachy or one-sided.

  15. Hey, the biggest Indy event of ’06 gets the hardcover treatment in the next week or two. Mouse Guard. Like Watership Down only with kick ass ninja mice. A great non-superhero read. Also, there are many great Queen & Country trades for the fans of spy thrillers. This is probably my favorite non-superhero read. The 5 suggested here are great too. Fables and Walking Dead are probably tops from this list.

  16. And for the Criminal fans out there, you guys MUST check out ASP’s The Killer. A 10-issue story about a hitman and how he lives, originally published in France and Belgium. It is 3 issues in and I’m sure they are all available on back order.

  17. There are clearly lots and lots of books we didn’t get to mention here, but please remember, the video show isn’t ending any time soon, and there are a lot more books to talk about.

    But keep this up, because it’s a great resource for people who want more than what we talked about.

    Thanks everyone.

  18. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned “Ex Machina,” which is another superb title by BKV. Also, I’m the trade for “The Escapists” should be coming out soon, no?

    And I can’t fail to mention “The Losers” by Andy Diggle. One of the best violent espionage titles ever.

    Of course, if you look back at the older vidcasts, you can’t fail to forget things like “Box Office Poison,” “American Born Chinese,” and other such things.

    Great show as usual. It had a lots of great moments.

  19. So If I made you guys something yummy to eat, you’d eat it?

  20. I never heard of Fell but I’ll put it on my list of books to check out (which is quite big now).  DMZ was okay but I gave up halfway through volume six, just not my style.  I absolutely loved Y The Last Man though.  I slap myself in the face everyday for letting all 10 trades go on Ebay for like $55 because I know I’ll want to read them again one day!!  I probably would’ve already if I hadn’t sold them.  I’m currently on volume 10 of Fables which I adore, but just don’t seem to wanna read each trade back to back like I did with Y: The Last Man for some reason.  I’ll get around to Jack after I finish Fables even though I dropped House Of Mystery a couple issues ago.  I got up halfway through volume four of Walking Dead and had to take a break. My brother has like 11 volumes so I’m not in no hurry on that.

    Thanks for letting me share.  I know nobody cares but I still had fun typing all those words up there!!

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