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iFanboy #148 – Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness, Comic Book Storytelling, and Original Art

Show Notes

Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness

One of the iFanboy collective’s all time favorite musicians was Johnny Cash, so when the graphic novel Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness by Reinhard Kleist was translated from its original German version to English, Conor jumped at the chance to read it. How does it measure up against other books and movies about the Man in Black?

Comic Book Storytelling Clinic

Good comic books and bad comic books are often separated by good or bad storytelling. What does that mean exactly? Josh explains with some examples from Hellboy, The Spirit, Scalped, Northlanders, and Detective Comics.

Original Comic Book Art

Comics collecting doesn’t stop at the books themselves as some like to collect the original art that helps to make the comic books. Ron shares some of the original art he acquired in 2009 from books and artists like Mitch Breitweiser and Uncanny X-Men, Mike Norton and Green Arrow/Black Canary, Jeff Lemire and his graphic novel The Nobody and Jamie McKelvie and Phonogram.

If you’re interested in purchasing original art, check out some of these art dealers:


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  1. so you guys are officially part of DCU continuity.  which comes first, a wikipedia entry or being retconned out by the next crisis?  only time will tell.

  2. Sports Night! Awesome!

  3. The VO at the begining made me want Ron to say iFanboy was filmed in front of a live studio audience

  4. Hey ron, how do you keep your art?  Do you frame it all?  Have a portfolio?  

  5. trapper keeper?

  6. OMG, I thought I was the only one who bought and read the Johnny Cash book!  I’m looking forward to hear the iFanboy thoughts.  🙂


    the Tiki 

  7. Can I say that I love these anthologies. They’re really fun.

  8. Conor, you spoke a little bit fast in the beginning, but I’m glad you slow down.

    Relax. Don’t do it. When you want to go to it

  9. @Gabe -I currently have one page framed, and the rest are in a portfolio designed for original comic art – most often you can buy them at any major comic convention at one of the supplies dealers.  I plan to frame them all once I have more wall space…

  10. I really need more wall space. Most of my original art/commissions are framed, but I have nowhere to put them at the moment. 

  11. Ick, I’m the same. I don’t have a great deal of original art, but I definitely have a lot I want framed and hung, but framing is expensive and I don’t have enough wall space for it all. 🙁 (um, #firstworldproblems )

    Good show though guys! I’m really liking the occasional new format! 

  12. @Ron that last piece of art was awesome.  It’s pretty cool you guys made an appearance in a comic.

  13. I only have one piece of comic art on my walls. It’s a sketch of Flash done by Scott Kolins, which is pretty darn cool. I’d love to have more, but I’m not sure how I’d finance such a dream.

    Do any of the iFanboys own that page from Dark Reign Young Avengers #3? Even if the words aren’t on it, it might be nice. But actually being in a panel of a comic is even better, I’m sure.

    And thanks for showing us a few examples of storytelling, Josh. It is nice to have concrete examples of terms that a lot of people throw around without context.

  14. Huh… isn’t owning that piece of art in some way creating a paradox Ron? I mean it’s something to consider for those who believe in multiverses, not that I do or anything…



    ok so maybe I do.

  15. I’m Ron Richards alongside Josh and Connor. Those stories PLUS…

  16. Jesus, that Johnny Cash book looks awesome. I can’t explain why i love that man so much

  17. Cool show but I especially loved Josh’s segment. It’s kind of surprising that you guys haven’t done a show yet on storytelling.

  18. I’m super jealous of the Phonogram art. That’s one of my favorite panels in that issue.

  19. @Ron

    What do you consider orginal art if one person pencils, one person inks, and one person colors?

    Isn’t it just computer scanned images that the inker and colorist get?

  20. Because at Emerald City CC, I saw art on sale from invincible, and it was only pencils (after the issue had already come out)

  21. Most penciled pages get inked directly in my experience. That could be changing with more digital artists.

  22. This has been one of my favorite episodes in a long time! (not that I dislike any of them) 

    Best part was that you each got a segment where you’d really shine. Definitely played to your strengths.

    Can we maybe get more of the "storytelling lessons" type segments. That was incredibly interesting (and informative) and it even gave me a chance to see those creepy Jock batman pages. I’m trade waiting so it’s gonna be a while before I read that issue.

    Ron – I can’t believe you own the Atomic page. I am SO jealous. 

  23. Awesome episode as always…  I’ve always wanted to get into collecting art, but have been scared off by the prices.  I do own an early 90’s generic Rik Levins Cap page, and my wife has a stunning Paul Chadwick Concrete cover… but that’s all the farther I’ve gone.

    Still kickin’ myself for passing on some mid-70’s Kirby Marvel art I saw at a local con around 1990.  $400-500 for Devil Dinosaur and Machine Man pages seemed ridiculous then.  I totally should have sold my K-car to buy a couple.

     Definitely will pick up the Cash book.  The art does look awesome enough to make up for any writing issues.

  24. Wow, how have I not heard about that Cash book? That should have been advertised/talked about everywhere by now. The art in that looks faaaaaantastic.

  25. My only original art is a Bunsen and Beaker sketch by Roger Langridge, a Fone Bone and Ted sketch by Jeff Smith, and a water color Matt Kindt did as a Christmas promo for anyone who bought 3 Story directly from him.  I really want to own a page, but the only pages I can justify paying $100 for are the ones that end up going for $500+.  I should convince everyone to combine all their Christmas gifts into an Amanda Conner page for me this year.

  26. I’m going to buy an Ottley page soon if I can. His stuff is ridiculously cheap and awesome.

  27. interesting that Cash book and all…

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