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iFanboy #140 – 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Show Notes

Whether you’re looking for the best comics to get for yourself or others, Ron, Josh, and Conor have a mighty stack of sequential suggestions for your holiday shopping needs. From crime, to superheroes, all the way to Oz, there is something for every list.

The first Alan Moore selection is Absolute Promethea, Vol. 1, which is perfect for people who like mysticism and a strong female protagonist, with art by the sublime JH Williams III.

If you like high flying, super intelligent gorillas, and crazy science ideas, you must read Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse’s Tom Strong Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1.

Finally, classic Alan Moore and David Lloyd is represented in the stunning Absolute V for Vendetta. Yes, it’s better than the movie.

What if all the Fables moved to New York and became very popular and Vertigo released a beautiful Fables Deluxe Hardcover? Is that something you might be interested in?

Jeff Lemire’s The Essex County Trilogy is no stranger to the iFanboy show, but these complete volumes from Top Shelf are.

You want some manga? Check out Oishinbo, which is a series of books on Japanese cuisine, and all its facets.

Are you looking for a good horror comics anthology? Check out Split Lip from writer Sam Costello, for eleven original chilling short horror stories.

British Indie comics were defined in the 90’s by Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl, and now Titan Books have repackaged the series in new editions. Check out Tank Girl, Vol. 1. Again, it’s much better than the movie.

Vertigo is releasing a bunch of original crime graphic novels. The best of the bunch so far is Brian Azzarello’s Filthy Rich, about a down and out former football player, who gets mixed up in the wrong part of high society.

If we’re talking about crime, you cannot miss the Criminal Omnibus from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. This stunning hardcover collects all of the first wave of stories in their excellent series.

Scott Kurtz has been doing his strip, PvP on the web for over ten years, and this huge Awesomology collects all of them. This huge slipcased volume is impressive and imposing. Watch the development of one the most biggest webcomics there is, but off the web.

Eric Shanower and Skottie Young team up to deliver The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a graphic novel adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s classic story. Young’s art has never been more vibrant or creative, and this one makes a great and unexpected gift.

Do you know someone who is looking for the best possible X-Men story out there, in the biggest most impressive format available? Look no further than the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus, collecting the entire legendary run of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday.

What holiday gift list would be complete without a Christmas story? Check out Alex Robinson’s adaptation of another L. Frank Baum story, A Kidnapped Santa Claus, which is also iFanboy’s December Book of the Month.


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  1. hey dc, where the hell is my absolute top ten?

  2. Between that opening, wearing a Snuggie, and a few other things over the past few weeks, I’m starting to get the impression that Conor may, in fact, be adorable.

  3. Loved the variety of the suggestions.  I’ll definitely be purchasing a few of them — for myself!  But I’ll let my friends read them.  I still don’t know anything about Essex County, but they way everyone keeps going on about it, I think I’ll just take a chance.  I did that with the Astonishing X-Men Omnibus, and I was not disappointed.

  4. great episode, I actually ordered my sister "The Wizard of Oz" a week or so ago for christamas. Depending on if I get any signifacant money for christmas I might just pick up the PVP: Awesomnology. PVP is one of thos webcomics that gets better and better as time goes on.

  5. V For Vendetta is good (certainly for me better than the movie, which I didn’t care for that much), but so is Watchman, if someone enjoyed those movies,  I’d think those would be nice choices–as would the other Moore suggestions.  Pretty nice assortment of Christmas goodies.

  6. I prefer League of Extraordinary Gentlemen over Watchmen! *flame-shield on*


    Anyway, you guys could also have reccomended some geek related DVD’s, like the new Justice League series collection. Otherwise great picks.

  7. You guys might have convince me to shell out some dough for Tom Strong Deluxe Edition Vol.1

  8. I’ve been saying for years that I prefer V or Watchmen.  People always give me flack.  Sure, as an industry highlight, V didn’t bring down buildings, but, I really prefer the small charcter stories set against this larger tapestry. 

    I just felt like I had more of an experience and more thought pondering with V.

    Good show guys.  Definitely need to pick up Oshimbo for my sushi chef buddy.  Thanks for the tip!

  9. I’m a pretty big fan of the V for Vendetta movie. It wasn’t perfect, by any means, but I really enjoyed it and in no way did it diminish my enjoyment of the GN. That, I found to be pretty near brilliant.

    I can’t wait for my self-imposed ban on GN purchases, because that Tom Strong Delux is what I’ve been waiting for. Freakin’ A, many thanks for featuring that.

  10. starman is a good one aswell!

    im buying a lot of people that!

  11. The Criminal hardcover, unfortunately, only collects the first 3 trades.  Hopefully they produce a second hardcover after the series following The Sinners completes.

  12. @brattyben:

    Watchmen was always more about how the story is told than it was about the story it self. V was a compliment piece to Orwell’s 1984. The comparison isn’t apt.

  13. loved the list, somewhat suprised that I Kill Giants didn’t get any love, but I suppose you have to draw a line somewhere about how many you can actually talk about in a given time period

  14. @JFernandes, I believe it includes the first 4 trades: Coward, Lawless, The Dead and the Dying, and Bad Night.

     I’m buying A Kidnapped Santa Claus for my mom.  She loves Santa and Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus as well as the tv special that was made from it.  Thank you for the suggestion.

    Also, I did as much shopping as possible on Amazon via the iFanboy link. 

  15. @ABirdseyesView – Bad Night is not actually collected in the Criminal deluxe edition. Hopefully this first volume will sell well enough, and Bad Night will appear in volume two. 

  16. @convoy83 – patience…

  17. good to know. I was just going by the description on Amazon that said issues 1-7.  that is a shame because Bad Night was so good.

  18. Yeah, the Amazon description is really confusing. I remember thinking it might have those issues too. I do own the deluxe edition though, and I highly recommend it. Lots of nice extras and a beautiful presentation. Again, I really hope it sells well because I want them to continue with the format. 

  19. Does anyone know if you need to read the Oishinbo books in order?  They don’t seem to have volume numbers….

  20. @dneufeld: As Ron said on the show, the volumes collect the stories by theme, so they are all out of order to begin with.

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