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iFanboy #13 – The Vault! A Complete Lowlife, The Batman Adventures: Mad Love, & The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius

Show Notes

This week iFanboy goes back into the vault for some old(ish) books that you might not be familiar with.

A Complete Lowlife

Conor showcases some early creator owned work from one of the biggest names in the business.

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

Ron makes a surprise pick!

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius

Josh brings the funny with more creator owned work from a popular comic book name.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Surely you’ve seen Harley Quinn in a nightie…right?


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  1. Freaky, I just found out about “A Complete Lowlife” this morning and added it to my list comics to read. Also added this morning was “The Fall.” Has anyone read it?

    Cool show, guys.

  2. Great episode. Was wondering where the title came from, very funny. Mad Love was reprinted in a trade a few years ago called Dangerous Dames and Demons with a bunch of Dini-written tales with art by Timm, Parobeck and others. Sadly, that too is out of print, but this reminds me I need to track it down.

    Out of curiosity, whose way cool The Who poster is that (which I guess would also inform whose place the show is filmed at)?

  3. In case anyone is interested Joss Whedon was a writer on Rosanne. I think Dini was all animation until he got the job on Lost.

  4. In case anyone is interested Joss Whedon was a writer on Rosanne.

    Yep, we mentioned that in the video (with an on-screen graphic).

  5. Great show as usual guys.
    One thing though, Mad Love the graphic novel came out first as comic first and was later adapted into the TV show.

  6. Not meaning to get too personal, but since you have your own makeup artist now, I was wondering, Josh, if you are more of a winter or a Spring? I see Ron as an Autumn and Conor as a Summer.

    Seriously, great podcast guys. I totally missed the Harley Quinn origin so now I’ve got homework.

  7. Great show as usual guys.
    One thing though, Mad Love the graphic novel came out first as comic first and was later adapted into the TV show.

    That was also mentioned on the show in an on-screen graphic.

  8. Bad news:
    I bought the new printing of Barry Ween Boy Genius and there is a printing error. Page 14 of the second issue is the same page 14 from the first issue, so if you’re gonna go buy the new printing of the first volume make sure to check at you LCS so you don’t miss good jokes.

  9. Talksplode!! Good work.

  10. Another great show!

    It’s just amazing to see how confident you’ve grown in front of the camera over these dozen shows (though “someone” still has a bit of trouble not bursting into laughter all the time).

    Usually, I just sitt and nod silently agreeing with the books you recommend, but this time they were all new too me! Definitely going to try and get my hands on Lowlife.

  11. Das FX and Ed Brubaker in the same show.

    Only on iFanboy. Genius!

  12. These Vault Episodes are far and away my favorite. Mad Love was of the first few comics I picked up in the ten years I was not buying comics (you could count those on one hand). At the time it seemed altoghether fresh and new, and i still go back and read it again time to time.

    I love that all three burst into laughter, usually one person who is giften with a very audible laugh, a sign that they are having a genuine, authentically, spontaneously fun time doing this, probably like many watching. Usually the person who breaks up laughing is laughing at his own goof. I’ve always found that very charming and very endearing, rather than the “knowing chuckle” or obligatory “hah” heard on other posdcasts.

    Ron hooked me on iFanboys when he openly stated he supported diversity. I openly support his right to be a bit prudish and wary of what may be merely a repetition of exploitive use of sexual material to provoke a response, as indie comics were hobbled for years in the early nineties by that sort of thing. Emotional content, writing skill – this is what I value, and that got a great response from Josh, who explained very well that the Boy Genius is much more than just cliche potty mouth jokes and cheap sex gags. Actually, more intricate uses of potty mouth syntax and complex sex gags, if I got the explanation right.

    Best moments:
    1) “Me like comics” (hand gestures with closed fists)
    2) Shock and fear at the youth of some listeners — giving out the number, saying your mothers should write to complain: brilliant response, whole thing well handled.

    My thing — Challenge youth to greater heights, don’t engage in a failing exercise that tries to wall them off when teenagers many times show great interest in things they are expressly forbidden to see or hear, and show surprising skill at being able to get access. So far you guys are handling it very well, one of my favorite lines from a previous thread was Conor, who responded to a younger writer who didn’t understand the word “anecdotal.” Conor explained the word in a short sentence by using the word “extrapolate.” Wonderful. Hope that wonderful young person extrapolated himself over to a dictionary.

    Great job guys. Love the Vault Episodes.

  13. Color me silly, but I had no idea that Judd Winnick was the dude from the Real World. Apparently, the rock I live under hid only this information from me…

    Hearing about Mad Love just made me miss the Batman animated series all the more…sigh…

    I’ve been interested in taking a peek at Barry Ween Boy Genius, but was waiting for all the trades to be collected. Hopefully, I could scope them through the Library or something.

    Excellent show as usual.

  14. A Complete Lowlife is the one i am taking away from this one!

  15. I enjoyed Lowlife and was picking them up when I was exploring all the indie books at the time.  You were all trying to explain the character’s actions in the book, but I think sometimes we as teens or older get caught up in events beyond ourselves, and perhaps that was what Brubaker was writing about.  Having said that we grow and hopefully learn from our mistakes. 

    I was given one of the Barry Ween books, and didn’t care for it much. I didn’t care for the foul language.  That doesn’t bother me if used with in a context, but with Ween, it appears to be an all-ages book, and it is not.  However, I guess the similarities could be said for South Park, which I don’t care for either.

    I’ll have to see if I can track down the Batman cartoon, never seen it.

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