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iFanboy #12 – Civil War

Show Notes

Love it or hate it, but if you are a comic book reader, mid-2006 to early-2007 was all about Marvel Comics’ Civil War.

This week, iFanboy takes a look back at the event that has (supposedly) reshaped the Marvel Universe. Did they like it? What worked? What didn’t? Just how many comic books did you have to buy to follow this story? How many rhetorical questions in a row are too many?


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  1. 2nd week no gordon the intern… booooo

    LOL… this opening is brilliant

  2. You guys should work for the History Channel.


  3. I thought the Civil War crossovers were done. Ugh…one more to get through.

  4. Great stuff again, guys.

  5. Wow – Doom approves?

  6. semi informative, definitly funny, i love the banter you guys have, it’s always fun to listen and watch

  7. Mark Miller and Jeff Loeb are coming to my store this month, while I’m very excited for Loeb I’m debating whether I should give Mark Miller my issue one of Ultimates to sign or my Nextwave issue which says that Mark Miller licks goats on the cover.

    I kid I kid 🙂 I really liked Civil War overall like Ron but at the same time feel that at the end of it it kind of felt artificial in its ending. Anyway I could talk volumes on this subject but great show guys this one snuck up on me as usual and was a pleasant surprise, love the intro how did you guys come up with that?

  8. “I’m debating whether I should give Mark Miller my issue one of Ultimates to sign or my Nextwave issue which says that Mark Miller licks goats on the cover.”

    I think any time he appears in public you are now almost obligated to at least try to punch him in the stomach. Am I remembering that right?

  9. best. intro. ever.

  10. I think any time he appears in public you are now almost obligated to at least try to punch him in the stomach. Am I remembering that right?
    Well me and my therapist are talking about that, I’m dealing with it and slowly I think I’ll be able to fit in with the Marvel society again.

    Shrink: are ready to talk about the Civil War Aaron?

    Me: no

  11. I know that Frontline ended up being one of the worst parts of Civil War, but it did have a promising beginning as well. Jenkins handled Speedball’s story well, at least up until near the end. He was so adamant that he not take any of the blame on himself and the other New Warriors that he never really allowed himdelf to accept what it was that had happened. Even now he’s doing what he’s doing more out of an impulse of “I’ll show you.” than any rational conclusion or character development. I hope there’s more to come for his character.

    As for the reporter story, if it was allowed to have the consequences that should have developed from what Urich and Sally uncovered, then the motives and implementation of Civil War should have been blown wide open instead of quietly closed down. (Same with the Wolverine story.) But Marvel decided on the direction it was going in, story be damned.

    That’s what really took the sails out of the 2nd act of this story. It was obvious from about halfway through that this story couldn’t wrap up by the end of Civil War #7, but since we all knew it had wrap up, it quickly became clear that this was going to be a half-assed ending.

  12. Holy shit this intro is fucking funny.

  13. Man. The value of this show just keeps getting better. Awesome job, guys.

    And Ron, if there was a nother Avengers animated series, you’d be my first candidate to play the confederate Hanky Pym.

  14. Oh man, I busted a gut laughing at the opening!

  15. You guys are brilliant.

  16. I’m only two minutes into it.


    I was half expecting Pym to go onto “Also known as Giant-Man, also known as Ant Man…”

  17. Guys, Millar has Crohn’s disease. It’s a very serious autoimmune disease that attacks the small intestines. It is very painful, causes bloody diarrhea and often requires surgical resection of part of the intestine. People with this have to take very strong medications that suppress their immune systems. This makes them susceptible to opportunistic infections. ie a cold can kill them. I new a guy who had this and he actually puked shit right out of his mouth. I wouldn’t wish this illness on Satan. So you should feel guilty if you are picking on Millar for being late.

  18. No having said that I can’t wait for Hulk to get back and kick the shit out of everybody.

  19. Millar’s the one who said you should punch him in the gut.

  20. The intro was hilarious. It really reminded me of the secret wars re-enactment on youtube… god that was comedy gold. I think I’m going to go watch it again.

  21. Great episode guys, loved the intro Civil War thing, forced a mate of mine to watch it, and now he has my copies of Civil War Spider-man and Wolverine to digest

    Now onto the next ‘event’ thats going to ‘shake’ the Marvel.U frackin’ ‘World War Hulk’ :/

  22. Great job guys. I concur with the masses that the intro was amazing. I’m sure it took alot of work to create and I truly appreciate the effort!

    the Tiki

  23. Best episode ever–of the podcast or the vidcast. I’m nominating it for an ifanboy emmy–several in fact. Best intro, best writing, best director, best special effects, and Ron for best actor (playing super-ass hank Pym).

    Seriously, though, it was a really good episode.

  24. Yo! Loved the latest show. I felt the sames (yes, sames) about the Civil War shit. Thanks for making some of the best podcasts/video podcasts available.

  25. The show was most excellent. I still no have interest in Civil War, but at least now I’m a little bit more informed about it. I guess I was lucky in that none of the Marvel stuff I read was affected by it.

    I love the intro, and thought that the letter from Hank was something straight from a textbook or something. Super funny and very impressive.

    Keep up the good work!

  26. Pure, unadulterated, motherfucking genius.

    I swear, half the people I know have never seen Ken Burns “Civil War” and it makes me feel fucking ANCIENT.

    Great, GREAT job, y’all.

    And extra props to Josh for the accents. 🙂

  27. All I did was the beginning section. No accents. You can direct your regional emmy awards to none other than Ron “The Colonel” Richards. Also known as Yellowjacket.

  28. No, no, I mean the British stuff at the end. 🙂

  29. I would betray my country in high treason in an instant just so I could live somewhere that had a comic shop and somewhere where other people actually read comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The ending was shit. The rest kicked ass. The ending was not right and was crap. And I read it in trades so the delays did not get the problem with the delays but that sounds so unbelievably shittie. I think that the epicness of the book was lost with the ending which seemed dissapointing and rushed.

    Wolverine was my favourite book during Civil War. Spidey was well written but the plot was at points crap and out of character. Frontline was decent but slow and in the end didn’t really go anywhere. And the actual miniseries is worth mentioning apart from the last couple of issues.

    In the end, it was a success. But only because it caused excitement. I liked the book but didn’t walk away from the series satisfied which is bad. The delays would have been hellish. Altogether I would sum it up by saying it was a success for Marvel as a whole but not for the individual readers.

  31. The beginning is amazing! I am glad I went back to watch this!

  32. Let’s face facts, with the ifanboys on vacation/break we’re going to be watching alot of these episodes and laughing at old jokes we should have outgrown.

  33. I’m still in not much of a hurry to check out Civil War, but it’s down there on the bottom of my list of shit to check out somewhere (a really LONG list now)!

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