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iFanboy #1 – Top 5 Must Own Trade Paperbacks

Show Notes

We’re very excited to present to you the first episode of our brand new video podcast, iFanboy!

In the first episode of iFanboy, we identify the Top Five Must Own Trade Paperbacks. Of course, since we can’t ever seem to agree on anything it ends up being more like the Top Eleven Must Own Trade Paperbacks.

Feelings get hurt, egos get bruised and old books fall apart, all in under twenty minutes.

What are your top five must have trades? What did we miss? Are we completely crazy and off base? What were we thinking doing a video show?

The iFanboy video podcast discussion starts now!


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Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

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  1. I’ll be back in half an hour once I’m done downloading and watching this!

    I don’t think I actually do any work at work anymore.

    “iFanboy: It’s not our fault if you lose your job.”

  2. I haven’t watched it yet, but I can say that you guys are as adorable as little puppies. Ron would be “Burnside”, Josh would be “Cuddles”, and Conor would be “Bowser”. Awwwwww!

  3. Will these shows ever be in a feed?

  4. Will these shows ever be in a feed?

    The feeds are being worked on at this very moment.

    I encourage everyone to subscribe on iTunes!

  5. Awesome job ifanboys. Love the video show. The fact that it’s weekly is the best news I’ve heard all day. Love the intro, text overlays, and video close-ups of the books as you talk. And it’s short enough that I can watch it at work without feeling too guilty. Great job all around.

    Good discussion for the first show. My personal top 5 are:

    V for Vendetta
    Absolute Sandman 1
    Batman Year 1
    Ultimates Vol 1 HC (all of series 1)

    But all the choices on the show were worthy. Hard to disagree, and definitely hard to narrow down to 5.

  6. Running Commentary.

    I don’t read the pirate part either.

    Why do all of Conners books look like he could defend himself from Zombies with them?

    I still haven’t gotten to read Maus. Guess I should get around to that.

    If I was going to give it to an Alex Ross project it’d have to be Kingdom Come, but thats probably because I’m a DC guy. Marvels is still damn good.

    Good job guys. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  7. Congrats!

    A terrific next step for one of the best podcasts out there.

    You’re going to do the audio podcast as well still right? Highlight of my ipod each week.

  8. Yep, the audio podcast continues just as it always has.

  9. Thanks Everyone for all the kind words!

    Yep Andy, as mentioned in the announcement, we’ll be doing the Audio show, released Sunday nights and the video show, released on Wednesdays…

  10. Great Show…and you know what? i liked seeing everyone’s top five as opposed to a unified top 5.

    Although…seriously, no one liked the collected edition of Bone enough to include it? Totally engrossing story with a beg-mid-end. Anyway…
    Thanks for the show.

  11. I love Watchmen but I dislike the Beatles very much!

  12. I am truly overwhelmed, what an unexpected surprise…loved the intro, great animation.

    It should be a theme from now on that connor has to get everything supersized…supersize chair, supersize comics, supersize hat. I though him bringing out a bigger comic each time was hilarious.

  13. Great show guys. Looking forward to the feed.

    But come on no BONE?!?! You have got to be joking. Where is the real video episode #1?

    I’ll have to get back to you with my “top 12.”

  14. It should be noted that Maus ends suddenly and you need to get Maus 2 to be fully satisfied.

  15. Very interesting to watch you guys (in a good way), I really liked the opening sequence and how much catering was done for the episode?

    My top 5 graphic novels/trades:

    Watchmen – its a honking large read, engrossing and a great story
    Marvels – Sums up all the big events in Marvel and has great art, not so good if you lack a solid marvel background (first trade I ever read! back in like 96)
    The Complete Calvin and Hobbes -(does this count?) You can kill a herd of zombies with this. And throw out your back. Great art, storytelling and characters.
    The Ultimates Vol 1 Hardcover – Very well done reimaging of classic characters, is what got me hooked on the Ultimate universe and is responsible for me buying comics again.
    Daredevil Omnibus (I know its not out yet) – Got to give Frank Miller props in some way, plus these issues were the inspiration for TMNT…

    Seeing as I have two questionable ones…

    TMNT Collected Book Volume One (collects Vol. 1 #1-11, Raphael #1, Michelangelo #1, Donatello #1, and Leonardo #1) – I don’t own this yet, its impossible to find but is really responsible for a lot of kids reading comics. Am I on a serious TMNT roll today? I think so.

    I wish I knew more about DC and if Y the Last Man becomes an Absolute edition, then that needs to be on it too. Unless it ends horribly.

  16. I second Ultimates HC!

  17. Whhhaaaaat!?! No Pedro and Me by Judd Winick!?! And Connor seriously thinks Alias is a better Bendis book than Powers TB #1?

    You mothas are HIGH!!!! And I’m addicted!! See you next week!!!

  18. I searched on iTunes but the audio podcast is the only thing that comes up.

  19. Give time, we literally just launched – takes a day or so to get into iTunes – I’ll post the link when its up. thanks

  20. No problem. I Just watched it. It could be my favorite show now. Outstanding production. I’m very impressed. Try not to cus so my son can watch it. I think he would love it too. 🙂

  21. I am going to get fired because of your guys.

    No V for Vendetta? Hmmmmm… I’ve read that more than I have Watchmen, but I would have a very hard time picking one over the other. Lucky me, I just bought that Strangers in Paradise trade for $3! Seems like the standard Moore and Miller stuff, which is impossible to ignore. Good going including Dark Phoenix, Box Office Poison, and Invincible. I would upgrade Invincible to the hardcover though, I didn’t like the series until the second trade.

  22. Mr. London is talkin smack today because he got a hot girl to co-host geekscape last week. He’s ego-trippin.

    Is it politically incorrect for me to say that Pedro & Me is overrated?

  23. hmm Top 4 TPBs…(in no particular order)

    Powers Volume 4 – Supergroup
    I read the rest but this was the one that grabbed me and didn’t let go. Lots of holy shit moments.

    Absolute Kingdom Come
    I’ve had just about every version of Kingdom Come but this one shows off exactly how great the art is, plus the story and all the great extras. As a Kingdome Come nut, this is just the best.

    Batman – A Death in the Family
    This will always be the story that made me a Batman fan. It let the reader see Batman doing what he does best, at his absolute worst moment. A brilliant script by Jim Starlin and incredible art by the highly under rated Jim Aparo, this should be high on any superhero fan list.

    I give a copy of Watchmen to someone every year at Christmas, with the idea that if they like it, they’ll ask for more. Everyone’s asked for more.

    It’s weird. I couldn’t think of anymore than that.

  24. I think now that the we have some distance from the Real World in which Judd Winnick appeared, it’s easier to see that yes, Pedro & Me is a bit overrated. Barry Ween was pretty damn good though.

  25. I tend to divide the comics I buy in Must Haves and Must reads (even though I read all). Must haves for me are the ones like crisis on infinite earths and phoenix saga, must reads are the ones that you can pass to anyone and read them with no problem. for me: V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Identity Crisis, Kingdom Come, Walking dead Vol.1 (this above others,because it has tony moore.

  26. My top five TPBs:

    -Absolute Watchmen
    -Absolute DKR
    -Absolute Kingdom Come
    -Batman Year One
    -Alias Omnibus

    Honorable Mentions:
    -Absolute New Frontier
    -Kevin Smith’s Daredevil
    -All of the Queen and Country TPBs
    -All of the Powers TPBs

  27. in runaways #23 chase asks victor a question intentionally designed to throw his brain into a loop and shut him down for a while
    what are your top 5 trades does this to me?
    i can’t get it under 25

  28. Wow, I enjoyed watching that first episode so much! Especially the opening with the long box shooting out a few titles, then one title turns into a laptop, and then the website comes up. Very cool job!

    A double-dose of iFanboy is just what the doctor ordered!

  29. Hey there guys, this is my first ever comment on your site just in time for your first flash episode. I like it so much I’ve decided to (overtime) read all your suggestions. Like a good fanboy I already have Watchmen, Dark Knight and Marvels so that takes a chunk off already. I have dark Phoenix saga in essential Uncanny X-Men and I find he reads much better that way, you really get a sense of where the characters are coming from and know a bit more about them already. I bought Gottham Central on your recommendation and for the

  30. Hey guys. I’ve been listening to your podcast for awhile and at your recommendation have purchased the Invinicbles and fables. I think I’ll tackle Strangers in Paradise next and then Watchmen. Thanks for helping me find the good stuff out there.

  31. You guys are such pros. You understand that video looks better than some TV shows?

    Good picks, too. From Hell isn’t for me personally, but I’m man enough to know when I’m outnumbered. I’ve always judged Box Office Poison by its cover, but based on your zealous recommendation I think I’ll have to give that a look.

  32. The line running through Conner’s head is distracting.

  33. I have not read enough comics to have a top five. I still haven’t finished Watchmen. I read the first chapter while camping for the Wii back in November and never finished it. I will eventually.

    Great show!

  34. I AM straight up trippin’! No Bone!?! And check out Episode 4 of Geekscape (which’ll hopefully no longer have encoding problems and go right up soon)! It’s better then “the hot chick episode”. Then again, I wish every episode was a hot chick episode. And Pedro and Me deserves just the amount of attention it gets. It’s extremely moving. What’d you guys think of Blankets? That may have been on my list.

  35. I wish there was a Batman: Year One Absolute, I’d buy that in a heartbeat! (Yeah, it’s not long enoudg, I know, so throw in some extras!)

  36. Good’n guys. Loved the use of the video overlay to show the pages from the books.

    My top five off of the top of my head would have to be…

    -Blankets-such a good and touching story.
    -Alias Omnibus-So good.
    -Powers oversized vol. 1-Bendis at his groundbreaking best.
    -From Hell-It took me so long to read this the first time through but I loved it.
    -Scott Pilgrim Precious Little Life vol. 1-It was like a breath of fresh air when it hit.

    Honorable Mention-Invincible oversized vol. 1; Heaven’s War (Michael Gaydos’ Image graphic novel); WildC.A.T.s Homecomming (Moore with amazing pencils by Travis Charest); Daredevil Guardian Angel tpb (K. Smith’s DD got me into the title).

  37. This is great, guys. Really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next one.

    My top 5 (cause you all care)!

    -Blankets – If there was one graphic novel that I can relate to the most, this would be it. Best first love story I’ve ever read. It even made me a bit weepy.
    -Scott Pilgrim – “It was like a breath of fresh air when it hit.” Absolutely. The energy of the book just reached out and slapped a happy grin on my face. If I ever need a pick-me-up, I pull out this book and smile.
    -Daredevil: Born Again – The definitive Daredevil story. I feel Bendis stuff matches it, but Miller was able to create such greatness in a mere 6 issue run, whereas Bendis had many years to really tell his story. And before you ask, yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the Daredevil Miller pencilled himself.
    -New Frontier – I read it on a whim, not knowing anything about it, but my god, it absolutely blew me away. The art, the storytelling techniques, the characterization… incredible stuff. This will be the first Absolute edition I will buy, no doubt.
    -Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – I often cite this as the one book that finally convinced me comics were a serious storytelling format. Plus, an old scary ass Batman beating the shit out of Superman? Fuck yeah, I say. Fuck yeah.

    These books are special in a way that, when I was reading them, I had that feeling. That feeling of like, “Wow, this is great. Now I feel great.” Know what I mean? Sometimes, I read books and when I walk away from them, I can honestly say I enjoyed the story, the characters, the art, and whatnot — but with these books, I walk away with a feeling that stays with me a long, long time. For me, that’s what seperates them from the pack.

  38. Guys, what a great idea for the show. Will all of the video shows be theme based?

    My personal top five so far:

    Sin city
    Invincible book 3
    Strangers in paradise
    Dark Knight Returns

  39. Thanks for all the kind words, everybody. We are blown away, truly.

    If you’ve only watched it through the flash player there is a large, hi-res QT version available at Rev3 which might change your viewing experience for the better – or for the worse.

  40. Good job, fellas. Next week, episode #2:ifanboys after dark…

    Seriously, good job.

  41. Makeup…?

    I guess that means that youre up with the big guns now.

    I’m so proud.

  42. Awesome job guys. I find it surprising that I’m not surprised by the way you look. You know, the usual ‘image in my head of disembodied voice is not the same as actual body of voice’ thing. I mean, I’ve seen the San Diego Con footage, but still, you guys don’t freak me out when I hear the voices I’m used to coming out of your bodies.

    I’m excited for more.

  43. Aw, Josh likes Threadless. awwwwww

  44. Now there’s video, too? Damn you iFanboys — I’ll never get any work done now! Well done, fellas.

  45. Wow, congratulations on the VidCast and teaming up with Revision3, I’ve been hooked on a good portion of shows on the Revision3 network ever since your guest from GeekDrome (We miss you) came on and insulted us, and it’s great that you guys have a spot there

    Can’t wait for more…. my poor Broadband bill…

  46. Luke, if you miss Geekdrome you should check out http://www.geekscape.net I picked up where I left off and cranked it to 11. And you know it’s just a matter of time till I get the 3 fanboys we all love the most on the show… I’m so excited for them. I love them so much I’ll smother them like a first puppy.

  47. Seriously awesome show! And catering, too? Wow, that’s big time. I can hear it now, “I said no black jellybeans!” But come on, I can’t believe Conor doesn’t read the pirate bits. It’s the window to the dark soul at the heart of the book.


    Well… not really horror, and I’m hardly appalled (or should I be?), that’s awesome, I’ll go check it out, thanks

  49. Intro= Friggin’ awesome.

  50. AWESOME OPENING! Great production values! You guys look so much different than what I was picturing in my imagination listening to your podcasts.

    My personal vote for best graphic novels are INVINCIBLE ULTIMATE COLLECTIONs and ALIAS OMNIBUS!

  51. Yeah, I noticed the ‘make up’ line in the credits, too. Vidcast episode #3: Behind the curtain of the vidcast–speaking of which, Ron, you haven’t said that in forever–‘behind the curtain’–you’ve changed, man.

    You guys are the Howie, Terry, and JB of comics, now.

    Keep up the good work!

  52. “You guys are the Howie, Terry, and JB of comics, now.”

    THAT IS PERFECT! But who’s who…?

  53. That analogy is going to be almost completely lost on Josh and Ron.

  54. hey, I get it…I’m not COMPLETELY disconnected – I am a Jets fan when it’s convenient…

  55. I am a Jets fan when it’s convenient…
    thank you for bringing the sadness back

    so who’s howie and who’sjb?

    of the ifanboys

  56. I said “almost”!

  57. Conor is defintely the Howie–despite hair similarities to Terry. Ron is JB, and Josh is Terry. Or one of you can be Jimmy Johnson, or you can give that role to Gordon the Intern…

    The funny thing about the ‘almost lost on’ comment is that I almost explained it, being that this is a comics forum, but I thought, ‘No, everyone knows who those guys are.’

    Fox NFL sunday for those not into sports or in America. It is meant to be a compliment.

  58. This is how you kill a semi-good joke, by the way:


  59. But I’m not from Pittsburgh…

    Aw, Josh likes Threadless. awwwwww

    I think that company remains solvent because of all 3 of us.

    Hey by the way, thanks to everyone for all the support and kind words. I know Conor said it, but I wanted to say it too. We really appreciate all you guys who come on here every day, and make us feel much better about ourselves that we have right to feel. We’re really looking forward to the future.

  60. This is how you kill a semi-good joke, by the way:

    This is how you bring it back:
    add iFanboy favorite street stalker to the photo as a choice


    my skills are all in my mind and not in my hands

  61. i have decided i dont want to share ifanboy with REV3 people.

    i am selfish.

    good show guys.

  62. Todd, no matter what, we’re really here just for you.

  63. *looks for sarcasm detector*

  64. 😉

  65. You can now subscribe to the show in iTunes! Scroll up to get the link

  66. I was hoping for a show where you guys offer relationship advice.

    I guess this will do.

  67. We just need one more good question….apparently after our previous advice, for SOME reason, people have stopped asking us. What is up with that shit?

  68. I have an awesome relationship voicemail planned that I just haven’t gotten around to yet

  69. We definitely want to do a relationship episode so if that’s something you want to see, start sending in questions.

    Subject line: iFanboy Relationship Advice

  70. Loved the video version, guys. The intro especially was very nicely done, and I love getting to see the books you guys are talking about. It’s very odd that despite having looked at all of your pics before, my mental images of you don’t mesh with your actual physical beings. It’s a tad disconcerting. Anyway, I’m subscribed to this thread in iTunes as well, although I had to get there through your link because it’s not coming up in any search I try.

    On to my five (more author-centric, sorry):

    Anything written by Alan Moore (especially Watchmen and From Hell)
    Anything written by Frank Miller (notably DK Returns and Batman: Year One)
    Anything written by Neil Gaiman (how do you pick just one Sandman volume?)
    Almost anything written by Kurt Busiek (love it when he writes Superman)
    Anything drawn by Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, the sure-to-come Absolute Justice)

    Specific honorable mentions not covered above:
    Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster (I loved the whole Bruce Jones run on this book, and the individual covers were some of the best ever)
    Superman: Birthright (made me love the guy)
    The Ultimates: Volume One (finally a “new universe” done right)
    Absolute New Frontier (gotta love Darwyn Cooke)

    Okay, that’s it for me. Keep up the good work.

  71. Subject line: iFanboy Relationship Advice

    Of course, it’s video now, so you all have to dress as SNL’s Ladies Man as opposed to just doing the voice.

  72. You don’t think it’s funnier coming out of a pasty white guy? Because, sir, you are just wrong.

    (use of ‘sir’ on the internet is hilarious.)

  73. Sir is one of my favorite words. I’m pretty sure I picked it up from watching too much behind-the-scenes crappola with Kevin Smith (yea, I’m one of those guys).

  74. I used to use it exclusively on the internet but it has bled into my life. Ask a question get an answer . thank you sir

  75. Yea man, sir puncuates anything. Unless I say it to people in their 30’s…they seem to be the most pissed at being called sir.

    Which is understandable.

    ; – )

  76. I HATE it whenever some young punk calls me “sir”.

  77. you’re over the 30 hump man get used ot it

    I have to admit though that sometimes it’s just a respect thing rather than a you’re old thing. I worked my way through college as a waiter, which is funny on so many levels, and I made a practice of calling every man sir even if they were only 19 or 20. True I was just trying to get more money out of them but….

  78. I’m actually not yet over that hump yet. I’ve got a ways to go.

    And by “a ways” I mean nine months.

  79. Conor’s the baby of the group. Me, I’m the old man. I will be 30 next month. Any and all gifts and/or lamentations will be graciously accepted.

  80. my apologies
    I’ll see you there in 2 years and 4 months

  81. Wow, I haven’t been to the site in a few days, I’m really suprised at the video podcast.
    Very cool.

    What I’ve always wanted to see from you guys are movie and tv discussions.

    The year end recaps are always cool for that reason so how about it?

  82. Watched the show and loved the content. I gotta vote for Absoulute Sandman 1. Love that Neil Gaimon.

    A technical note. I downloaded the .mov for Quicktime and found the quality to be lacking especially considering the file size. I’m sure it was the rendering, looking forward to the iTunes version. I bet those issues will be addressed there.

    You guys rock!!! Keep it up and I’ll keep listening and watching.

    Also why not a “Sponsors” area of the web site. I never want to buy stuff while listening but will after and have a hard time remembering who sponsors you guys.

  83. Also why not a “Sponsors” area of the web site. I never want to buy stuff while listening but will after and have a hard time remembering who sponsors you guys.

    There’s a banner at the top of every page on the site with either Comichole, Geekarmor, or youbuynow. They’re all more or less the same company.

  84. My Top 5 are:

    Pedro and Me – I can’t help it. I remember watching Judd Winick on “The Real Word” and knew he would go somewhere. This is also my first graphic novel I bought and where I started collecting. 🙂

    X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga – This is the first X-men story I bought along with “God Loves Man Kills. A friend of mine told me to pick it up.

    V For Vendetta – This is the first Alan Moore story I read and I fell in love with it. If there is an Absolute version of this, I am so getting it. Loved the book and loved the movie.

    Crisis on Infinite Earths – I love George Perez’ art. I think this was my first DC graphic novel I got.

    Infinite Crisis – I love Geoff Johns and Phil Jimenez. 🙂

    I’m going to be 30 in a year and 3 months… Although people say I look 23. 🙂

  85. Nothing wrong with Pedro and Me. Fantastic graphic novel.

  86. (standing ovation)

    Excellent first show guys!

  87. Nice to see someone mentioned Daredevil: Born Again. This is the definitive Daredevil story and the one that made me fall in love with the character. It is, IMO, as important as the Dark Phoenix Saga (and both of those are two of the first trades I ever owned).

    Other’n that, it was a great show and I can’t wait to see more.

  88. Daredevil: Born Again deserves to be in hardcover. It’s among Miller’s best. It’s better than Batman: Year One but not hardly up there with Dark Knight Returns. I wish DK2 was not included in Absolute Dark Knight. It’s like the Matrix sequels of comics, except worse.

  89. Batman: Year One very nearly made my list in place of Dark Knight Returns. I think the only thing the latter has on the former is the fact that it’s such a definitive comment on the time and culture in which it was made, that it’s historically relevent as well as entertaining. Overall, I don’t think there’s a more elegant and effectively perfect Batman story than Year One.

    The DD stuff is good, but I don’t think Miller was at the top of his game yet, rather he was still developing into the guy he would be for the Batman work that followed.

    Just my opinion.

  90. Can’t argue with you there. All 3 are excellent. I can’t believe the same guy who wrote this is now giving us four-issue car rides and Dick Grayson eating vermin. Whose decline is more glaringly obvious: Claremont, Byrne, or Miller? Alan Moore on the other hand, still has game. Mad game. Also, has Morrison jumped the shark with Seven Soldiers #1 and the Wildstorm relaunches?

  91. Daredevil: Born Again deserves to be in hardcover.

    I am positive it will show up in the Daredevil Omnibus Vol 2. Of course it will probably be a couple of years at least before that comes along.

  92. Also, has Morrison jumped the shark with Seven Soldiers #1 and the Wildstorm relaunches?

    Some people would argue he never had it. Not me though. I love his stuff. I don’t even know if you can say he has declined. I wouldn’t. I mean, pretty much all of Seven Soldiers was brilliant IMO. #1 was kind of a mess, but the other 30 issues were great (except Mr. Miracle). Wildcats and Authority have only had 1 issue each, so it’s too early to judge them. And I actually liked #1 of Authority. Plus he’s got 52, ASS and Batman, all of which have been pretty great so far.

  93. Daredevil: Born Again deserves to be in hardcover.

    I’ve been trying to track down even a TPB, and realize it’s just out of print – sellers on Amazon are asking about double for even a used. This sorely needs a new version, as I’m dying to read it. I know Marvel is doing HCs for classic stories – eg, the recent Kraven’s Last Hunt – so hopefully it’s on the list and we don’t have to wait for Omnibus Vol 2 (I’ve already told my wife I want Vol 1 for my b-day next month – I need to break my omnibus cherry).

  94. born again
    I’ve heard rumors of it coming soon in a hardcover with The Man Without Fear

  95. I completely agree w/ ‘DKR’ and ‘Watchmen’, but I would include:
    3) DC: The New Frontier (Darwyn Cooke)
    4) Batman: The Long Halloween (Loeb/Sale)
    5) Superman for All Seasons (Loeb/Sale)

  96. If I had gotten my hands on Absolute DC: The New Frontier sooner, it probably woul dhave knocked another book off of my list.

  97. Conor I’ve gone through the first couple of chapters of From Hell, so far its quite captivating. This book is so scary I’m afraid to walk down the street at night or somebody might find me cut up in the morning in some artistically gruesome kind of way. Not the best book to read at night let me tell ya.

    I’m curious to know what you thought of JSA Liberty Files. I bought it on the recommendations on this site too and I thought it was pretty fun, the Batman in it was quite a jerk and it was interesting considering DCs new approach with the Dark Knight is to make him less Dark and more Knight, so it was fun to see the old Batman again.

    Not too many books left until I’ve read all the ones you guys have suggested yipy!

  98. Nice picks one and all: it would be hard to agree on a top 5, or 10 or whatever, as I can’t even do that myself as it shifts from day to day ;+)  But I’d agree with your first two as well.  I’d also add as great reads:

    Animal Man–the Morrison issues, The Doom Patrol–Morrison issues or Crawling from the Wreckage, Kingdom Come–did for DC what Marvels did for Marvel, Camelot 3000 the modern King Arthur legend, Castle Waiting, The Lucky Road by Linda Medley, Bone, Moonshadow by DeMatteis, Nolan, and Muth, Stuck Rubber Baby–Howard Cruse, The Maximortal and The One by Rick Veitch, and so many others, arrrgh


  99. Oh!  Oh!  My picks!

    All-Star Superman–  I love Grant Morrison’s work and I think this is his masterpiece.  The characterizations and the ideas are sublime.  Plus, the art by Quitely is just excellent.

    Armor Wars– This is my favorite Iron Man story behind Doomquest and the Stane saga (which aren’t collected in trades I can pick).  It’s a great study into what drives Tony and the epilogue might very well be one of the greatest Marvel issues EVER.

    Bone–  This is the only book I’ve ever started getting misty with.  It’s a great heart-felt tale with comedy, suspense, and good ol’ drama.  Plus, you could probably kill a moose with the collection.

    Ice Haven– While Ghost World is most people’s pick for a Daniel Clowes book, I much prefer Ice Haven mostly because Ghost World doesn’t have the awesome induction of Charles and Carmichael.  The book details the lives of a small town amidst a kidnapping and it’s just really well done.

    Mr. Punch–  This was the book where I realized Neil Gaiman was awesome.  The use of art mixed with photography by McKean in here you just don’t see anywhere else and the story is really well crafted and interesting.

  100. Shit, I don’t even read that many self contained stories.

    I like Frank Miller’s stuff a lot so I guess that would have to be up there. Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, and All Star Batman & Robin The Boy Wonder are all in my top five.  Some say Year One is actually canon, don’t ask me why.

    The Dark Knight Strikes Again is terrible though.  

  101. YEAR ONE was canon until ZERO HOUR wiped it out. It’s still in my continuity, though.

  102. I believe Year Two was wiped away by Zero Hour but Year One remains canon.

  103. @Tork: Nope, Catwoman’s origins completely changed.

  104. wish i had a top five, only one i have and read over and over is Ultimate spiderman vol. 1. i really need to catch up

  105. Awesome episode. Favorite show, period.

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