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Pick of the Week #107 – Captain Marvel #1

Show Notes

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Running Time: 01:06:45

00:00:36 – We interrupt this show to tell you about Ron’s conversation with The Umbrella Academy’s Gerard Way. Look for it just below this show in the feed!

Pick of the Week:
00:02:39 – Ron is surprised and delighted by Brian Reed and Lee Weeks’ new Captain Marvel #1, a tough Pick of the Week in a jam-packed week.

00:13:54 – Josh is fairly certain that he really liked The New Avengers #36. Ron and Conor had no such qualms.
00:18:12 – Did anyone else see what happened to Spider-Man in Avengers: Initiative this week?.
00:23:05 – X-Factor #24 made Ron even happier about the giant X-Men crossover, “The Messiah Complex.”
00:26:20 – So….World War Hulk is over. But how about those sound effects?!
00:29:17 – Wolverine #59 makes Ron ask why hasn’t Marc Guggenheim been the regular writer on Wolverine all along?
00:30:43 – Ron and Conor are over the moon about Green Arrow and Black Canary #2, and Conor has some bad news for Michael Lark.
00:33:30 – Booster Gold #4 is starting to rub Ron the wrong way just a bit.
00:36:14 – Conor is all hot and bothered by Chuck Dixon’s return to Batman with Batman and the Outsiders #1.
00:37:55 – DC is on a roll, because Teen Titans East also made Conor happy.
00:40:06 – Finally, Conor almost can’t take the great issue of Nightwing #138. It might just be too much good DC this week.
00:41:51 – Fables #67 is still so damned good. How long can they keep it up?
00:44:00 – Brian Reed may have written the Pick of the Week this week, but he also wrote The Circle #1 from Image Comics. It’s a spy book! No superheroes, zombies, or monsters! Josh and Conor are going to keep their eye on this one.
00:46:25 – Killing Girl #4 is officially off the rails.

Trade Talk:
00:49:03 – It’s time for a good, long talk about Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, the long awaited new installment of Scott Pilgrim from Bryan Lee O’Malley. Oh, they do go on.

“War Pigs”

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