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Pick of the Week #116 – Fell #9

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:57:40

Pick of the Week:
00:01:17 – Ron had a rough week but his Pick of the Week, Fell #9, made it all better.

00:09:50 – Booster Gold #6 was bittersweet to Ron.
00:14:05 – Hawaiian Dick #2 looked purty.
00:17:11 – ’76 #1 was kickass and throwbacky.
00:21:04 – Josh and Ron had so much fun with Fear Agent #18.
00:24:14 – Conor and Ron were perplexed by 2 Guns #5.
00:30:04 – Steve McNiven is back with a vengeance in The Amazing Spider-Man #547.
00:32:13 – Was The Umbrella Academy #5 on the grassy knoll?
00:34:22 – Ron is hanging on with the Luna Bros’ The Sword #4!
00:35:12 – Answers continue to elude Conor in New X-Men #46.
00:38:03 – Chuck Dixon is back and Robin #170 rocked.
00:40:21 – Checkmate #22 was brutally good.

00:41:55 – Steve M. has a problem with the community.
00:43:35 – Lewis loves Queen & Country.

00:46:00 – John from Brooklyn, NY wants to know if iFanboy is reading Simon Dark.
00:48:29 – Matt from Simi Valley, CA is not happy about Spider-Man.
00:50:31 – And this guy is even more upset.

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