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Don’t Miss: X-O Manowar #9 with Robert Venditti

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Aric of Dacia readies to meet the Vine at its very root on the planet Loam. But before taking on Planet Death, this man out of time, must defend a world far removed from his own Visigoth heritage. Aric is the first man to wield the armor of the X-O Manowar, and he’s Earth’s last line of defense against an alien invasion force who desperately want that weapon back. This week we speak to writer Robert Venditti about capturing the voice of a displaced Visigoth and leading Valiant’s vanguard into the modern day.

X-O Manowar #9
Writer Robert Venditti
Art by Trevor Hairsine
32 pages/Color/$3.99

“Primitive Notion”
New Order



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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, thanks to Paul and Robert for taking the time to bring it to us! Any chance of more “Don’t Miss” featuring Valiant creators? I’d kill for a Shadowman entry as that series has really been awesome so far. Or maybe a spotlight or article on the upcoming Zero issues?

  2. The Valiant series are all pretty entertaining. I wish we could see a little more coverage from iFanboy

  3. Xtianhardy (@Xtianhardy) says:

    I thought the Prelude to Planet Death was great but the first issue of Planet Death (X-O #11) fell kind of flat for me.

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