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DON’T MISS: X-Men: Schism #1 with Jason Aaron

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Running Time: 00:19:33

The wait is over as the big (self-contained) summer event for the X-Men kicks off this week with X-Men: Schism #1, written by Jason Aaron with art by Carlos Pacheco. We takl with Jason Aaron to get the lowdown on what X-Men: Schism is, and what we can expect over the 5 issues of this event and how it ties into the bigger picture of the X-books. Aaron tells us about what went into the planning of the book as well as the decision to rotate 5 artists per issue as well as some insight on Aaron's approach to writing Wolverine, Cyclops and the other X-Men.


X-Men: Schism #1
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Carlos Pacheco
$4.99 – Marvel Comics




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  1. THIS is the event book I have been waiting for!

  2. $4.99???!!!

  3. @CAM  it’s a double-sized issue

  4. Well that’s $2.50 an issue!  What a deal!

  5. Either Jason Aaron is typing on a typewriter in the background, or he is loading a gun ala “Forrest Gump”.

  6. seems like a nice chap. The concept of Cyclops vs. Wolverine is tired though, even if this is done in a new way, its still Cyclops vs. Wolverine…again

  7. Yeah, I’m a little tired of the Slim vs. Logan thing, hopefully this will be the big falling out point that will put the whole concept to bed. It seems like Aaron has a great handle, so I’m excited. This Wolverine and the X-Men better not have too much push and pull with my Uncanny X-Force! And hopefully Wolverine will stay self contained. Wonder who Magneto will side with? I’m on the Wolverine side!

  8. This better turn the x-men upside down because it’s been stale as of lately.  I only look forward to X-Force.

  9. Really enjoyed the chat, Jason sounds a lovely chap, Ron. But how on Earth did you manage not to audibly gasp when Jason told you ‘point blank’ that Prelude to Schism has bugger all to do with Schism?

    No wonder no one said what was coming! 

  10. That’s Bullshit the only reason i got prelude to schism is coz i thought i would need to read it to read schism. I wish someone would tell us this when the solicits so i would have known not to pic up a story with no ending

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