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DON’T MISS: The Martian Confederacy Volume 2 with Jason McNamara

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Running Time: 27:29

If you're into sci-fi, with a little bit of romance and comedy, you might want to check out The Martian Confederacy Volume 2: From Mars With Love.  Writer Jason McNamara chats with us about the new book that he co-created with artist Paige Braddock (Jane's World), which combines all the great things about science fiction, romance, comedy and even socio-political issues.  In our conversation, Jason tells you what you need to know to jump on board to the book, the challenges as an indie comic creator, the importance of restraint when writing comics and we even geek out a bit over Chewbacca.  

If you're curious about The Martian Confederacy, we've posted some preview pages below for you to check out.  If you'd like to pick up the book, you can find it for sale at or at Amazon

The Martian Confederacy
Story by Jason McNamara
Art by Paige Braddock

$15.00 – Girl Twirl Comics

Life on Mars
David Bowie



Check out these preview pages from The Martian Confederacy Volume 2: From Mars With Love: (Click to englarge)





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  1. this concept reminds me of a great book called Grease Monkey by: Tim Eldred.
    cant wait to check it out! 

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