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DON’T MISS: Superboy #1 with Jeff Lemire

Show Notes

Running Time: 15:01

Superboy #1
Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Pier Gallo

$2.99 – DC Comics

Conner Kent is just a normal kid living in rural America. Except Conner is also a genetic clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor. He can fly, has super strength, heat vision, can move things with his mind, and also has a super powered alien dog. Other than that, he's just a normal kid with normal problems. Writer Jeff Lemire explores the life of Smallville's new favorite son, and the relationships he has with it's residents in Superboy. In this episode of Don't Miss, Lemire talks about how his previous works including the award winning Essex County from Top Shelf Comics have influenced his take on Smallville, not just as a setting, but as it's own character. Listen in to find out some of the plans he has in store for Conner Kent and the entire cast of DC's newest title. Don't miss Superboy #1.

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  1. sounds like this is going to be a great series, adding it to my pull list for sure.

  2. I was lucky enough to get a preview of this issue. I can tell you 100% for sure that you don’t want to miss this. Jeff is building something rare in comics today. A fun series that is building to big stuff, but is a total blast with fun comic book payoff in each issue.

  3. I’m glad you asked about Krypto! Definitely interested,

  4. Cool, looking forward to this series
  5. I so love these "Don’t Miss" podcasts.  Almost always convinces me to try out the books when I hadn’t already planned on getting them.  Thanks!


    P.S. was that a dog crying/whining throughout the the podcast? There was some high-pitched noise that was comically driving my dog crazy! hehe…

  6. Yeah, we got a new dog last week and he wanted to talk to Jeff… And sit in my lap. He’s also a 60 lb pit bull.

    I turned off my channel when I wasn’t speaking, but you can still hear him anytime I was trying to speak. BAD DOG!!! 😉

  7. So Lori Luthor’s still going to be in there, and she’ll be a possible love interest?

    Uh…Lamire does remember they’re kinda related, right? I mean, I know that this takes place in an American small town, probably closer to the south, but Jeez! 

  8. Yeah, that’s ONE of the issues that Conner brings up.

    But you’re right. It is small town America. 😉

  9. Exactly what incriminating evidence does Lemire has on iFanboy? 

  10. have

  11. @edward: His fantastic body of work is evidence enough.

  12. Really looking forward to this series and this episode has only made me more excited. Great interview, Chris.

  13. Really excited for this book and it sounds like Lemire is going to be on this for some time. Thanks for the great interview.

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