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DON’T MISS: Shinku #1 with Ron Marz

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Running Time: 00:21:32

This week, Josh invites Ron Marz to the show to talk about his new creator owned series, Shinku. A modern day vampire-meets-Samurai tale, Marz has teamed with Lee Moder and Image Comics to bring this one to light. While vampires are no doubt en vogue right now, Marz assures us that this story has been kicking around for a long time. We also talk about how the writer keeps coming back to these Japanese Samurai stories in all their forms. Finally, we talk about what it really means to make a creator owned book, especially one that's an ongoing. Always fun, and always candid, Ron Marz lets you know everything you need to know to check out Shinku #1 this Wednesday.

Shinku #1
Story by Ron Marz
Art by Lee Moder
$2.99 – Image Comics

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  1. If only Ron Marz could team up w/ the creators of Scalped to give us Shinku/Shunka!

  2. I picked this up last week and the art is beautiful. We’ve seen vampires killed via sword before but I like the Japanese detail and I’m curious to see where this goes.

  3. Ron told us about this book at Albany Comic con and I promised I would buy the first issue and check it out. I have to say its a great book. Ron is a great writer all the time, but I think this one is close to his heart. I feel good about supporting this book. I actually do want to see where this story leads. I recommend this book to anyone who likes horror, vampires, and a more adult comic book. 

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